Pepper was hired by the Company to sort out the issues that arise when Mary Lynch was broadcast by the media channels as being involved with the attack on the govt. The Company had been careful to blame the attack on the Resistance but Mary was a clear link between the attack and the Company. Pepper needed to come up with a plan and quickly or the Companies future would be in danger. Pepper devised a plan that would involve labelling Mary Lynch as a Resistance agent that had gone undercover at the Company. Of course this wasn’t true, Mary had never worked for the Resistance. What was key was getting people to believe that she was. The Company hired someone that looked very much like Mary to escape, to cause trouble, and to get in the media. It would show that Mary had gone off the rails - crazy. The Company then hunted down this lookalike and killed her. To the people this looked like the end of Mary Lynch. But the truth was Mary was safe at a Company camp. She would have facial surgery to give her a new appearance. Mary agreed to everything. She really had no choice. It was her mistake for being careless and captured on television.

On the day of the attack on the govt Parliament had arranged a special meeting at the ground of Parliament. The Company were behind organising. They wanted all govt officials to be there. The Company had lost control of the govt and needed to disarm it quickly in order to gain full power. Mary Lynch had broken into the building the night before, laying poison gas into the pipes. When the air condition was turned on in the morning, anyone that entered the building within 24 hours would be poisoned. It wouldn’t kill them straight away. The short term effect was harmless but within a few hours they would be dead. It still gave them time to pass some emergency laws that gave the company power to change laws as a fall back from Parliament. Most of the politions had been bribed into it. They had been offered large checks from the Company, promises that their family would be safe. Footage leaked to the media of Mary caring the gas into the building and setting it up into the air condition. She was known to be working for the Company so the only thing that the Company could do was blame that Mary worked from the Resistance and that the Company had broken all ties with her and were involved with hunting her down. This was all a cover up.

Mary was quite surprised to find that investigators had found DNA that they connected to her amongst the bodies retrieved from the bodies in the fire. Further investigation revealed that the DNA wasn’t from Mary but in fact her Mother - Suz. They had never found Marys Mothers after she went missing one night when Mary was a teenager. The body that was retrieved was found in a hidden room in the Resistance building. It was very decomposed and they had to look at dental records in order to make sure that the body was in fact Suz. It came back as positive. Mary's Father - Patrick had died several years ago. He had links to the Resistance movement and the Company ended up killing him. Mary wanted to know if Patrick had anything to do with her Mothers death. She wished that he was still alive today so that he could ask. Had the Resistance building always belonged to the Resistance. She looked through the buildings recorded and found nothing linking the building to any other groups except for the Resistance. Had the Resistance been the ones that had killed her Mother? She wondered if John had anything to do with her Mothers death. Mary doubted it. John Smith was too young to be involved with the Resistance around the time that Suz died. Mary wanted to talk to John about it anyway. He may have heard something about it. Harris had turned into a horrible man. Had he always been this bad? Mary wanted to check with the university details and see what Harris was up to around the time that Suz went missing. If her gut feeling was true - it was Harris that killed her Mother. Mary had no idea behind the motive. She decided to leave the office and head towards the University where John and Harris both attended. There she might be able to make some inquires behind her Mothers death. She left the Company Camp and got on her scooter and headed toward the university. The grounds of the University were massive but run down. It was not well maintained. The University had found it difficult to operate over the years, even closing it’s doors for a number of years. It was open now. It had enough students to justify being open. But still every year the Company pressured it on shutting down. The worse thing that the Company wanted was strong indepent thinking. That was something that the University produced. After the attack on the govt the Company stopped all public funding to the University. The University had found other means to make money instead of relaying on the govt money. The University would not be happy to see Mary today. She wasn’t there today on a inspection though. She was there to investigate any connection between Harris and her Mothers death. Mary walked up the stone steps leading to the front entrance of the university. Leaves covered the steps. She had parked her scooter at the nearby motorcycle parking lot. Many of the students rode scooters to work so it took her sometime to find a space. There was more scooters in the parking lot than there were cars. The only ones that seemed to drive cars were the professors. Even then many of the professors also drove scooters or took public transport to work. Cars were just too expensive to own. Mary opened the front door to the University and walked in. The door creaked as it opened. It had been sometime since it had been oiled. She walked up to the desk. The woman behind the desk was not happy to see someone at the university with the Companies uniform on. Mary was greeted with a frown. “Hello. How I am help?”, the woman burst out. She realised Mary had the power to shutdown the University and send all the professors to a company camp. She forced away the frown. “Hello. My name is Mary Lynch”, Mary began. The woman behind the counter twitched. She knew Mary was high in the ranks at the Company and that this visit might not be pleasant. Mary ignored the twitch and carried on. “I’m hear on Company business to investigate on of your ex-students. A Mr Harris” Mary asked. The woman began to type onto the computer and stopped. “I’m going to need to see some identification. The University doesn’t hand out student information to just anyone”, the woman said quite nervous. Mary knew this was policy and handed the woman her identity papers. The woman looked over them and handed them back. “Everything seems to be in order. What information are you interested in on Harris?” the woman spoke. “I’d like access to all the information you have on him. From the classes he took, to absent days, to any trouble he got in” Mary asked. The woman nodded and started to type again. The printer started to print the documents off. “It’s going to be some time printing. Could we get you a drink well you wait?”, the woman asked - forcing a smile onto her face. “A coffee would be great”, Mary replied. The woman yelled behind her shoulder for a black coffee. Within minutes a man appeared carrying a coffee. He handed it to Mary and hurried back. “Thank you!”, Mary yelled as he hurried away. Mary took a seat and drank her coffee. It was going to be sometime before the documents were printed.

Johns arm had now fully recovered. He was allowed to roam the Company Camp by himself. He walked down the plain hallways looking for Mary. He hadn’t seen her for sometime and wanted to ask what the next action was to find Harris. Everyone that he passed in the hallway ignored him. He sometimes nodded at them and tried to say hello. But they were like mindless zombies. Just walking from room to room doing the Companies bidding. John was worried that he would turn into something like that. Would he become a slave to the Company. He had only agreed to help them because he wanted revenge on Harris for betraying him. He could never fully trust the Company though. They were large and evil. They had tried to kill him many times in the past and they would of killed him already but they needed his help with Harris. He wasn’t even sure what he was going to do to help. John walked for what seemed to be hours. This Company Camp was massive. Hallways and rooms connected thorough out the building. Many of the doors were locked but John could see inside them through the glass windows. Most of the rooms looked like science labs. Flasks and chemicals covered the desks. There were cages that held something. John couldn’t see what was in it. He tried to focus and look closer. His face was against the window. There was a tap on his shoulder. He was Mary. “You shouldn’t be in this area”, she spoke. Mary lead John back to his quarters and into the office they had setup for him. On the way John had many questions about the room he had seen. He knew the company was involved in many areas but he didn’t know they were so heavily involved in science. Mary dismissed his questions saying that it minor and there was nothing to worry about. John thought otherwise and wanted to know more about the room and what the Company were up to. Whenever he would ask Mary about the room she would change the subject and get him to focus on Harris. It was always about Harris. That’s all that the Company seemed to be interested in. Mary showed John the information that she had collected about Harris going back to his childhood and their time through University. John wasn’t quite sure why she was looking so far back into Harris past. The Company knew lots about him already - he worked for them for a long time. John finally convinced Mary to tell him the truth. The evidence that she had gathered that showed that Harris may of been involved with Mary's Mothers death. It was strong evidence. On the day that Suz Lynch went missing Harris had missed his classes at the University. John remembers the day. Harris had told him and his professors that he was sick. He even presented a doctors cert to show that he was in fact sick.

Harris climbed the Company Camp building. It was dangerous. If he was caught by the Company his plan would be over. It had taken him sometime but he had managed to find the area that John had been held. He watched as he talked to Mary. Harris had worked with Mary in the past. She was a good person but too loyal to the Company. Harris had to wait until John was alone. If Mary or anyone from the Company were there they would likely shoot him before he had time to explain what was happening with John. Just as he thought about giving up and returning later she finally left John. Harris held up a sign that read: ‘Open the window, don’t yell, You are in danger’. Harris tapped twice on the window. This caused John to look up and notice. John opened the window and let Harris in. They had been best friends so John let Harris explain the issues and why Harris had let the events happen as they did. John agreed to lead Harris to the room where he was earlier. Harris had gained information from the Judge and Lawyers about that very room. As John and Harris walked the corridors side by side many of the Companies employees walked past ignoring the two of them. The only one they seemed to be careful to avoid was Mary. The two finally reached the room. The Judge had given Harris the information of how to get into the room and what was inside the room. It was still a mystery to John. The information that the Judge had given Harris was a success and he was able to unlock the door. Together Harris and John walked into the room.