Mary returned from her officer to find Johns room empty. Mary checked with Pepper but she had not seen John. They both went and checked Mary’s office and the toilets. He was gone. Back in Johns office they noticed that Johns office window was open. For a moment they were worried that he might have jumped out the window. The two woman rushed out the building but there was no sign of him. He must of been in another area of the building. Mary remembered back to Johns interest in the room and decided that would be the best place to check. She took Pepper along with her for backup. Once they reached the room they both knew something was terrible wrong. The lock on the door was unlocked. Mary knew there was no way that John would be able to get into that room. He must of had outside help. Harris was the only one that had came into contact with the Judge and Lawyers that would of told Harris about the room. Mary was annoyed. The Judge and Lawyers were trained to not give away the information. Mary hated to think about what Harris would of done to get the information. He would of kept them alive but they would be on the verge of death. The Company had lost John but at least they knew that Harris and John were working together. It was still a big lose for the Company. Mary and Pepper opened up the door to the room. Inside was trashed. Paper was scatted everywhere. Cages that held the specimen were split on the floor. Harris and John must of taken the specimens out of the building. The Judge and Lawyers would of told Harris the plan for them. Now that the Resistance had them they could use them against the Company. It was the worse outcome. Classified documents had been taken. Mary was sure that the Resistance would be planning on releasing the documents. They would be unable to do it through the media. The Company would find out and take down notices would be issued before any media spoke.

John and Harris walked out of the Company Camp without being stopped. It was very weird for John. He had never seen anyone be able to escape from a Company Camp. Every Resistance member or Govt official that had been taken into a Company Camp had never returned. And there they were - John and Harris walking out of the Company Camp unopposed. They had with them the specimens from the cages along with classified documents. The Company by now would of realised what had happened and would be hunting for them. Mary would be leading the pack. They had no transport and it was too dangerous to take public transport. After several hours of walking they reached Harris Headquarters. The building looking much the same as the Company Camp they were just in, except that it was much smaller. It had once belonged to the Company but it had been abandoned, John noticed the two dead bodies of the decoy Judge and Lawyers that Harris had killed. They were beginning to smell. John recommended to Harris that they should bury the bodies. Harris said there was too much important issues to deal with for now. As a compromise they dumped the bodies into a chest freezer where they would freeze and the smell wouldn’t be so bad. The Judge and Lawyers looked like they were in bad shape. Harris had connected them to life support after they gave the truth to him about the Company and details of what was being passed in the courthouse just days ago. Harris was hoping that they would make a recovery. He promised John that he wasn’t a murderer but only doing what was right for the Resistance. John believed him but he thought that Harris was too extreme in his tactics. Harris said there was no other way to get the information and they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the tough choices that he made.

Mary looked over the skeleton. It brought tears to her eyes the thought of her Mother being locked in that room. Cuffed and no where to go. They told Mary that she would of died several days after being locked up there due to no liquids. The thought was unbearable for Mary. He Mother was such a lovely and kind person, It puzzled her why someone would do something like this to her. She was a plain person - an accountant that was good at her job, a good Mother and Husband. Investigates had found that Mary had been following her Husband Patrick at the time she went missing. Patrick was questioned about it but they came to no connection between Patrick having anything to do with his Wives disappearance. Patrick was quite surprised to hear that Mary had been following him. He would go to a bar after work most days and then walk home from the bar. Somewhere between the bar and their home Mary had disappeared. Patrick remembered the night quite clearly and didn’t think anything was strange about it until he got home and found Mary was not there.

Mary decided it was best to contact her Father - Patrick. He had since remarried twice since Suz went missing. After a year of her being missing she was issued with a death cert and Patrick became a willow. There was no evidence that she had left the country and hadn’t been spotted in the country. The govt had no reason to believe that it was a scam.

The Prime Minister walked up the the steps of Parliament. Security guards to both sides of him. One of them moved forward and opened the front door to Parliament for him. He walked in. He had just dropped his son - Harris off to kindergarten. It was one of the only times of the day when he got to spend time with him. His wife would insist to let the nanny take Harris but he liked to do it himself. Just because of his role for the country didn’t mean he was going to negated his only child. He was thinking about the smile and hug that Harris had given him before he went running off to play with the other students. The teacher had approached him - wanted to talk to him about something. He brushed her aside. Telling her to bring it up with his wife. The teacher smiled and waved him goodbye. The air inside Parliament tasted strange. The Prime mister sent one of his guards to check out the air condition system. He returned shortly and reported that everything was fine. The Prime minister thanked him and walked into the main chamber. Over time he would adjust to the strange taste in the air. They had several important bills to pass today including one from the Company that gave transfer of powers. Many people in Parliament thought that it was a pointless bill but the Company had insisted. At the end of the day the Govt did what the Company wanted. Some in the past were against the Company having so much power but they had be removed from Parliament. They ended up either resigning or just disappearing. The Govt opened up enquires into the disappearance but nothing came from it. The Transfer of Power bill was passed quickly before morning tea. There were lesser bills to pass. During morning tea was when the first signs of sickness was displayed in Parliament. A Janitor - one of the first to be in the building and the one to switch on the air condition collapsed in the hallway when he was sweeping. He was coughing and having trouble breathing. An ambulance was called and the building evacuated. He died before the ambulance reached him. Others displayed similar simplions - collapsing onto the ground and having issues breathing. Within minutes hundreds were infected. No one was allowed to enter the Parliament grounds and no one was allowed out in fear that they might effect others outside of the area. The Prime minister wanted to go visit his son. He was coughing heavily. Company medic team had arrived - all wearing protective suit. He was detained. Outraged he tried to leave again. He finally dropped to the ground dead. Test were taken and the results released that it was not contagious and only those that had been inside the main Parliament building were affected. Harris was too young to really understand what had happened to his Father. His Mother had died giving birth to Harris so he had to go with his Aunt Jenna - his Fathers sister. He liked to live with her - she had a son and daughter a few years older than Harris but still Harris missed his Father. A special funeral was held two days after the Prime minister died. It was well attended. Harris was there along with his Aunt and Cousins. Many people travelled from overseas to the funeral. People that the Prime minister had worked with and friends. Everyone was very shocked by the death and the attack on Parliament. The Company vouched to find those responsible. Prime minister duties were transferred to the Company board of directors which over saw new laws rushed in in order to prevent attacks like what happened to ever happen again. The Company released a public statement with Pepper their newly appointment Public Relations spoke person. When the news broke that someone inside of the Company was involved with the attack confidence of the Company dropped. People were outraged. The Company quickly cleaned up matters - blaming that those at the Company that were involved with the attack were really Resistance fighters that were undercover at the Company. The Company managed to hunt down and kill those that were involved. This brought little peace to those that had lost loved ones in the attack. They were still gone. Harris was still without a Father.