Fall Of Giants

Ken Follett

Book One of The Century Trilogy

Cast of Characters


Dewar Family

Senator Cameron Drwar Ursula Drwar, his wife Gus Drwar, their son

Vyalov Family

Josef Vylov, businessman Lena Vyalov, his wife Olga Vyalov, their daughter


Rosa Hellman, journalist Chuck Dixon, school friend of Gus's Marga, nightclub singer Nick Forman, thief Ilya, thug Theo, thug Norman Niall, croked accountant Brian Hall, union leader

Real historical characters

English and Scottish

Fitzherbert Family.

Earl Fitzherbert, called Fitz Princess Elizabeta, called Bea, his wife Lady Maud Fitzherbert, his sister Lady Hermia, called Aunt Herm, their poor aunt The Duchess of Sussex, their rich aunt Gelert, Pyreneam mountain dog Grout, Fitz's butler Sanderson, Maud's maid


Mildred Perkins, Ethel William's lodger Bernie Leckwith, secretary of the Aldgate branch of the Interpendent Labour Party Bing Westhampton, Gitz's friend Marquis of Lowther, "Lowthie," rejected suitor of Maud

Albert Solman, Fitz's man of business Dr. Greenward, volunteer at the baby clinic Lord "Johnny" Re

Many view points, leading up to ww1 and after it. Issue - the length of book. too big. Could if been cut in half - could of been 2 books.

Normally key villan in his book. It isnt key villan. no cold blooded killers. Multipy political too much political. woman right to vote,

enjoyed characters care about, Billy coal miner from Wales. Innocent young kid, end as ww1 vetrium, political, WW1. honor the history. why it happened, not biast. everyone view point. well rounded.

Research 20th centry

Killed so many each other. Our centry. Where we come from. 1911 welsh mining time. quit school to work.

where author comes from. Grandfather went down the pit - like Billy.

social divide. money divide. pretend they different. fight, move from classes, fall in love. Class nation divisions. Two familys

Sister of Billy, Ethel Sister of Fitz, Maud

Fight for womans rights. Feel deprived. Even upper class was restricted. Maud photo captured being arrested by a police officer.

1914, woman 21 not allowed to go anywhere alone. Maud.

Role of Woman. Woman fought political battles. Harsh treated by media and police. They won!

men gave in. woman vote over 30, men over 21. lets be pratible. pricible. treat equal. split movement.

Events leading up to ww1. How to tell? Maud fall in love with young german spy. want to get married. Maud and Walter.

Russian - saving to go to America. Fought in ww1 for russia. men of the revolution. One living american dream. One a revalution in Russia. Grigori and Lev.

German invasion of USA. Newspaper. Media quick on haterd on enemys. Wanted to whip up. gone to war no prblem. New weapons. machine guns. made everything more terrible.