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Reduce the legal restrictions on copyright, trademark, and radio frequency. These laws choke creativity. Expand creative works available for others to build upon and share legally. Currently can’t do to the Disney Corporation what Walt Disney did to the Brothers Grimm. This model of control made sense in the analogue age. Copyright was trigged on production of a copy. The copies are an exception. Not in the digital world. When culture is used or accessed a copy is produced. Law regulates copies.

The economy of influence. Money is inherent and tied to decisions. It affects what goes into bills. A dependency similar to cocaine addiction. Seventy percent is spent feeding the habit. The influence of money on political corruption. Unless this is solved, nothing else will be. Donald Trump was the biggest gift to reform since the Supreme Court gave us Citizens United. He fixed issues and retired back to life as an entertainment figure.

Capitalism is based on the creation of scarcity to yield profits. An alternative path is economics of abundance. Shared property, individual and community-level self-reliance, and decision-making. Supports life as art, social equity, and sustainability. Distrust of government and big business. No outside force imposes prices or manipulates supply and demand. Eliminate the mortgage tax deduction. End the tax deduction companies get for providing health-care to employees. Eliminate the corporate income tax. Eliminate all income and payroll taxes. Tax carbon emissions. Do what is best for country.

The office of President Lawrence Lessig.