Ideas for Hamilton Computer Club

The theme for the site needs to be bootstrap. No side bar, only top.

Logo on the top left. Currently the banner on the top of the screen is a photography of a motherboard. Hamilton Computer Club is in large white typography. Exchange information and share skills, is below. Slightly smaller. A clip art image of a computer is on the right.

Hamilton Computer Club logo. Displays the words and a illustration. Something Hamilton and Computer related.

The tabs currently are


Event Calendar

Blog Posts

Knowledge Links



This should be update to:


Remove Event Calendar. It's currently not being used and is a Google calendar.

Blog Posts. Maybe this should be changes to News or Blog.


This can be updated with related news from the club. This is a feed of updates from Hamilton Computer Club. Feed of whatever Hamilton Computer Club emails to members/public.


A community of blog posts. Content is created by members of Computer Club. Currently this isn't working on the clubs website. Nobody wants to put their hand up and contribute.

Knowledge Links.

Remove this tab and merge into Blog. Posts can be made about Knowledge Links.


Important. Would join be a better term? Look at processing payments options.


Contact is usually the term. Maybe change to contact and redirect contacts to contact.

Bars I suggest,



MEMBERSHIP - JOIN - COMMUTE - MEMBERS BIOGRAPHY, all in one page linking to individual member page.


Introduction is below this top tab. Currently it reads

The Hamilton Computer Club (also known as the Hamilton PC Club) is a group of individual personal computer users who help each other learn more about their personal computers and their wide variety of applications.

The club meets on the second Thursday of each month - Visitors welcome, supper provided, gold coin donation appreciated

Time for a rewrite.

Hamilton Computer Club a collective who help and learn each other with Computers.

more about their

Individuals supporting an interest in Computers

The club meets on the second Thursday of each month - Visitors welcome, supper provided, gold coin donation appreciated

Meeting on the second Thursday of the month, Members and guests attend an evening speaker based meeting.

The following Saturday a day workshop is held. Members and guests collaborate together, troubleshooting solving computer issues and offering advice.