House Elf Tower

Happy inside the house elf hadn't left their tower for months. Though they didn't miss the outside world. Being in the tower meant they were able to care for master. But poor master hadn't moved in weeks and the house elf was running out of food. Rations were created in order to preserve the little food that was left. Concern was rising about Master not moving. A regular sleeper for a long time but never slept this long without waking. The elf was beginning to think there was something wrong with Master. 'sir wake up', the elf spoke shaking Master. He did not stir. Something must be done and the Elf attempted to pull Master from his armchair ad towards the bathroom. There he turned on the shower. Freezing cold water erupted from the nozzle. The With more force than before the Elf began shaking Master in order to wake him up. It was no use. He wasn't waking up.

This is a novel that follows the lives of several generations of house elf. Though simple, funny, dedicated creatures they are often minor characters and I wanted to explore house elf. Inspiration would be taken from Harry Potter series, though it ignore all characters (house elf included), and events. Character interests will be taken into complete.

Research into the families. Family tree of multiply families. Five generations.

A magical creature. Immensely devoted and loyal to their master. Serve witches and wizard. Usually employed by old wizarding families. Residence in elaborate establishments, like mansions.

There were those that fought for the rights of house elves. Unpopular amongst house elves for encouraging the elves to free themselves.

The following events occur in real time. Viewer dicuression is advised.

The Family Hoe had stood vacant for several years. House Elves still ocubied the home and had kept it clean awaiting any family returning.

Unless they are freed they must follow orders from their masters.

Great Grandparents

The first characters that are introduced.




The FOSS House Elf. A childrens adventure/fantasy novel by William McKee.

Simple illustrations will be included.