The first KiwiPyCon I attended was back in 2013. The location was the AUT campus in Centeral Auckland This year it is in Christchurch. I have been typing python code since 2011 so it took me 'several years to discover the conference. In 2013 I was living in Levin and took the night bus from Levin to Auckland on Friday night. I arrived at KiwiPyCon early on Saturday morning. I had paid for a student/unwaged ticket. I didn't attend the dinner on Saturday night. I had my dell laptop with me and can remember typing python code with IPython Notebook. I didn't attend KiwiPyCon last year in Wellington. Bit silly of me really - but I did watch the talks on YouTube. This year I applied for finacial assistence and they were very generious - my ticket was paid for along with $100.00 towards my travel. I am going to be staying at a friends of a friends place in chch. It's a caravan so unlikely to be anything special. I'm not worried though - as long as I have a roof over my head and a shower I will be fine. The caravan is located at a park where there are showers and such.

This year is the first year that the conference is 3 full days. In the past its been just the Saturday and Sunday. Though I believe in the past they have had tuturials on the friday.

I've taken a look at the talks. I need to decide on what track to go to - 1 or 2. Things I'll mostly be interested in hearing about: Web Development. API, static blogs, design. robotics. Raspberry Pi. Education.

I am less interested in database and cloud related topics. Things like Openstack.

I am planning to work on Nikola on the Friday. In the afternoon there are beginner tuturials, and sprints.

There was a call on the mailing list for people to give a interest of any topics to sprint on. There was mention of pip, and my Nikola. The creator of Nikola Roberia even expressed interest to me on Twitter that he may be advable for hours/day if it goes ahead. I'd like to see it happen. I will be working on it and encourage others to join me.

I'm not sure what types of people I would get. Some may be experts with static blogs. Others may never of heard of them. I'll be willing to help people in getting started with Nikola, but the best thing to do is read the site and use it before the spring.

Ideas for spring - Excel doc. Lists all issues.

In November there is the NaNoWrite. Write 50,000 word novel. 2014 was the first year I attempted this. I'd like to write a self biologey. Or maybe a autobiography on someone. My best friend Peter could be interesting to write 50,000 words about. It might be better to take his character and write it into a fiction character

Currently sitting in Auckland airport. I have my boarding pass and just waiting to board. It's an overcast day, but it's not raining suprisinly. When I first arrived I had a panic attack and went through the security without getting my boarding pass. As soon as I was through security I relized my mistake and went back to collect my boarding pass.

Currently I am on flight to christchurch. The takeoff was smooth and I have an excellent window view of New Zealand. Just experienced a little turtalence but it was minor. The flight is only going to take an hour. We are above the clouds and looking down all I can see is ocean and some coastline. I was sitting at the wrong gate - I thought it was gate 30, but but turns out it was gate 21. I noticed when someone else was asking about Jetstar and they were redirected. I quickly packed my Pi up and headed to the correct gate. I was one of the last thoough the gate but I wasn't late. There is no free food or drink on this flight. I have a bottle of water and two sandwhichs. They are in my bag though which is in the overhead lockers. Once I land in Chch I will put on warm clothes, eat my food. I then need The food and drink service has just closed - we have almost arrived in chch.

In Python related news the third and final keynote has been announced - Alison ? who works for Dropbox. This means that there is three female keynote speakers at KiwiPyCon. This has to be a first. It's great there is such a large number but I do hope they are not keyspeakers just because they are female.

Katie comes from a education background so the talk will likely not be very techniqaual. Lets hope it's not wishy washly.

Once they announce trays up I'm going to switch off the pi and pack it into my laptop bag.

The flight is almost over. It was a smooth flight but my stomach is a bit sore.

The mountains have snow on them. It is very mountionous. This has to be the south island.

Sadly I left my camera at home. I guess it's one thing I won't lose.

The plane is almost completely full - I'm at the back row (30) and there is no one in the five seats beside me. '

Time to shutdown. Till we arrive.

testing the pi!

Tonight I went to CatalystIT and heled cutting volcous items. First was

Rules for hackathons: If you get asked to volunteer you must. AV is preference but you must be involved early.

Build website for each hackathon.

Build static site for hackaton.

Cooking sms app. Testing file one two. Three.

Topics of interest. Static Blogs. Nikola. Debian. Fedora. CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, TAILS, Red Hat,