Hi fellow scribes.

We had a big group at the last Writers Den meeting. Welcome to Sachi, Selena and Kaleah. It is fantastic that the Den is gaining in support and reputation as being a breeding ground for emerging writers. A place to hone your skills and hang-out with other cool writers. (if you weren't there, we still missed you!!!)

It is time to close the group to new members again, for now. Time to settle, hunker down and work on the writing craft. I would like to see a return to writing exercises, going back to setting, characterisation, plot etc, especially for the newer members and as a refresher for the long-termers.

Talking about craft, the homework challenge was to write dialogue and this created useful discussion, critique and chortling (the latter due largely to the candid humour of Jeff and Terry).

Mike, from the group, has offered to hold Sunday meetings at his place, but this has yet to be finalised (how, when, where, what, who), so there will be an update to come on this proposal.

William is also developing our own website, so that will be a fantastic way to keep connected, share information, and let the rest of the cyberworld know creative writing is alive and flourishing in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Ielse has kindly offered to take up the communications side of things, emails and updates etc.

I am sure there will be a couple of writers who will be confident in co-ordinating and facilitating meetings after the next session on the 2nd of December.

I have also been in contact with Lisa Pritchard, to let her know what is going on, and I am hoping she will be able to come along to one of the meetings to meet everyone and give us a little knee up to put some of our writing on the Hamilton City Library website.

NEXT MEETING 2ND DECEMBER. 1. Homework challenge: BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Or in literary terms, 'the suspension of disbelief' (Google the term, if you are unsure). Write about 500 words, making the extraordinary seem believable, a tall tale. For example, giving your boss an excuse why you were 'sick'. You can probably think of a better idea, There is usually a series of complications (and then...and then...and then...). Can you please bring along some copies for shared critique, if possible.

  1. Release the creativity. Sachi has kindly volunteered to give us a short exercise on creativity. (We look forward to that, Sachi!)
  2. Jeff Taylor (Master of Flash) has offered to give a brief presentation on entering competition, covering how to present your work, what the judges are looking for.
  3. Work in Progress. If you need feedback or input on a particular area of any work in progress, your peers will give you honest and valuable critique to help you.

Our last meeting for the year will be on the 16th of December. (I will be with you in spirit).

  • If you don't wish to continue receiving these emails, let me know and I will take you off the list.

See you then Kind regards Shona