Hello fellow writers,

We had a fruitful meeting last Wednesday. Unfortunately it was the last time our president Shona could join in on the Wednesday meetings, since she's starting a new job in Katikati.

As you can see, I will be taking over the communication part of Shona's, so I will send e-mails to you all (from the writers den-mailadres in the future) and keep the Facebookpage up to date among other things.

However, we still need one or more persons to chair our meetings in the future... Are there any volunteers? I think it is important there's just one person who just chairs every meeting loosely the way Shona did and who makes after a group´s discussion the final decision on the topic for next time.

Please think about this for yourself and hopefully we can decide on someone/some persons at the next meeting on Wednesday December 16.

With the upcoming holidays in the back of our mind, the topic for next time is Family Feud. If you feel up to an extra challenge, you could try to write it from the point of view of the opposite sex. So, if you are a man, you can try to write from a woman´s perspective and the other way around. This could be more challenging than it sounds - we had an interesting discussion about it last time...

As always your piece shouldn't exceed 500 words.

Obviously work in progress is welcome too if you need some gentle feedback!

Is there anybody who would like to do a small presentation on a topic of personal interest? Last time Sachi got our creative juices flowing by providing an exercise that needed some out of the box thinking.

Furthermore, Jeff gave a brief presentation on how to enter short story and flash fiction competitions and provided us with some helpful writing tips. You can visit the website to read some flash fiction and get inspired.

So, I think that's it for now. Last but not least a word of thanks to Shona: we will miss you and the way you managed our Den! Thanks for your initiative and your useful comments. We hope to see you back at the Sunday meetings once they are going to start...! Keep in touch!

Kind regards and keep writing!