My Physics Romance. An alternative historic fiction novel. It follows events leading up, during, and after the attempt hijacking of aircraft, and crashing the planes into the world trade centre.

One of the planes was hijacked and shot down by drones in the area before it reached the target. Passengers were able to jump from the plane before it was fired upon. One of the hijackers and all of the Passengers on board decided to jump to safely. Police and military swooped upon the crowd and detained everyone for investigation. Anyone on the plane could have been the hijacker and could attempt another attack if they let them free.

Every September 11 the World Trade Centre displays digital paintings of the attacks that would of taken place. Images of people watching it it jumping to their death.

A force feed surrounded the towers. Any unauthorised objects would hit the force - becoming stuck. They had tested sending drone air planes into the towers with scale aircraft. Everything was prepped when the day finally happened. The world was prepared for the hijacking. All the worlds cameras were on the towers, airports, planes, hotels, taxi, cars that would be involved with the failed attempt.

The large billboard walked slowly down the road. It's long metal legs carried a flashing sign that displays images and text. It circled through digital paintings of the attacks on the world trade centre. Behind the sign stood the north trade centre building. People that wanted to were able to still go to work that morning - if they choose. They were in danger of being killed if the attacks were successful or if something else happened. Only a few choose to stay home - the majority of the workers and visitors still went up the tower that morning. No plane made it near the world trade centre. One plane was hijacked but it was intercepted and blown up, the only people that died were 4 out of the 5 hijackers. The 5Th hijacker decided to jump to the ground with Passengers. American forces would pickup the jumpers. The parachute that every jumper released was an American flag. Everybody landed successfully and American forces took them in for questioning. There were chances hijackers amongst the Passengers that didn't show themselves. There was one confirmed hijacker captured, the other four were said to be on board the plane when it was shot down. The jumpers landed in the Hudson river. It was safer than landing on land. Police boats were in the area to pick people out of the water when they landed. Albumene was near to take jumpers to the hospital. The hijackers had attempted to take over the plane, but had failed.

It was a lovely morning. A New York September morning. The weather was no different to other days, but today really was different. Every year they had celebrated this day on the observation deck. Everyone stood with a glass of champagne and took a shot when the time passed that all four planes would of crashed. The buildings had an open day that day. In each floor displayed images and paintings of the attacks - including what that floor would look like and those killed. Everyone that were displayed killed on the screen was working around the office. People are busy working on their computers. In the break off rooms speakers are giving talks with a slide show displaying information assists them. Around the room stand and sit people, listening and partaking in the talk. Interview rooms were full - 3 or 4 people sat in each room with two computers between them, interviewing new employees. They are never told what project to work on something. Do what you like. Often individuals join teams that already have a project - lending them skills and learning new ones. Sometimes new projects are created. Teams might merge - or split. Teams manage themselves. There is no job title. It is what they want it to be. And for them, it can be anything. Often the cards display name followed by a quirky line.

The new VR Sept 11 was released. People could step into part of the attacks - on the plane, in the trade centre, on the street of New York. Across the river, setup to draw and paint capture the attacks as they happen. Telltale had released a video game that was an add on for this - it offered a detailed story and choose your own adventure style game.

It was a cold autumn day. A frost still covered areas of the land where the sun had yet to reach. Waiting, waiting, that's all they were doing. Waiting for something to happen. When it never happened they continued to wait. They waited till security came and took them away. They were not allowed to sit on the road and film the buildings. It was considered suspicious. Now cameras around the world watch the towers at this moment. Both times passed and nothing happened. The towers stood there - untouched. For the past fifteen years they had been securing the towers for the attack. The effects had payed off - no attack happened. It was so so cold. The ice was slippery as the group traded carefully.

The only thing the world had to show the attacks were several digital paintings. In the past these paintings have been censored and banned. They are common knowledge nowadays and it is impossible for govt to hide the fact that the paintings exist. The towers were copied. Duplicated over and over again. Building into the clouds was easier than building over the green forests surrounding the area. The Hudson river flowed through the city. Black ash swept down the river. The colour of the river was a dark brown. Fire still boomed from the building. Several attackers had blown up key areas in the building. It lead to those inside unable to escape the building. Since there is no way out people begin panicking - fights break out and people begin to become hurt or killed. The agencies involved in stopping the attacks from happening were the first to blame. If they hadn't advertised it or the flaws then it may of not happened. qwerty.

Ok servers are back up and running. There was an attempted hijacking in the news. It wasn't expected to happen, but it did. The effects were major. Afterr 10 years of running the memioral of the event the founder had decided to retire. This brought great sadness to the land but the founder felt the need to pass the ropes down to someone younger.

The education resources were cheap and low risk. Since they were licenced under a creative commons cc-by licence teachers and students were able to build upon the resources, and add to the ever growing commons. Whenever the script activates it first saves the documents. It looks at the increase in wordcount and rewards. save data of changes - date and time, increase by how much, content added. At no point should word count decrease or words deleted. The purpose of these is to write a complete first draft novel. Editing can come later. Spelling is important and it is understandable to correct mistakes the dampan the flow of the story.

Fifteen years had passed since September 11 and the World Trade Centre still stood there. New York was planning a special celbration of the day that the buildings were destined to be destoryed. Not being connected to the network sure makes you type the more productive tasks - exporting png images of gimp paintings, and naming them.

Writing reflective text on the piece. Publishing blog posts. It is a simple, yet complex, series of steps that allows for creation of artwork and writing of text. Everything else is automated. Don't need to bother if it is going to look good or anything. It's using a bootstrap3 theme, it's built for mobile. The API could be improved, or just download the source of the site. It's all in markdown files with meta data attached. The meta data is importrant. This contains the blog posts title, slug, publish date, time, author and so on. The program that opens the file currently being edited, displaying the name of the file, the last word and the wordcount. This is helpful as it stops the file from being saved and a command typed to run the script.

Everything is recorded as a json object and saved to the database. This allows the program to check to see how fast the person is typing. If they are typing fast, they are rewarded. It is important that they typed correctly if they didn't do thos then they mayhavebeen in for a chance to be arrested and may even face prison time. No one wanted that especially if they were innocent. It was posible for him to survive on bare minimin.

Lets create some open writing exercises.

Writing sprints. Amongst a group develop a list of words and then spent a certain amount of time writing those words into a novel.

Distrubite the result as a mobi/epub/text file and make it advable for others to give feedback.

Remix 2 or more other writers pieces. What elements would you take away? Own twist on the two!

Edit and publish someone elses novel. Create cover art or turn it into a graphic novel. Rewrite it as a play or screenplay.

Inspired by a novel. Write being inspired by a recent novel you have read. Or choose a common storyline and retell the story.

Write with prompts such as romance, music, mystery, banned, nature or focusing on certain writing areas such as character development or plot twists.

Write a pirce of software that helps the productivity of a writer? Writers are oftem obsessed for word count! List software features that would help the productivity of a writer.

Planning on building addon for gedit that opens up the last file you had open. The word count for this file should be increasing. It it isn't something is teriibly wrong.

How to write a novel in a month.

Set a daily word count

Attend regular meetups.

Edit a chapter of a book - maybe turning it into flash fiction?

Do more talks. Going to test the one two three. One two three. It's not over till the month is over. And if the wordcount is not achieved then it is game over. Are they even able to read what they use to have. Going to write more words so they don't be punished. Master can be cruel oersonn sometimes. especialaly when he is in a bad mood. When he hasn't gotten his way. When someone upset him.

Open Trade Center. Education resources. Floors of individials that collabrate to create Open Education Resources. They had turned many of the floors in the center into community rooms. Filled with computers people were welcome in 24 hours a day to use the facelty. It was open and free. All the computers were using gnu/linux. Build new and improved software. What the. The song just suddenly stopped and a new song started. The new song is ok but i have heard it so much before i would rather not hear it. Clean. It's funny when a cover album is better than the original album. Strange but true.

What are open education resources that would be helpful to teach creative writing.


A REMIX APPROCH TO CREATIVE WRITING Open Resources. The word count in this file is getting large. That is wonderful. It has been a slow month writing really. More open art. It's going to be an early start and it is going to be cold. It would be nice if the bus was an hour and a half later and not 4.5 hours later. I guess i could of been late but oh well. Off they go in in the morning on the cold bus to the windy city that is Wellington. Once a vertain wordcount is reached they are free to leave and is paid. The bosss makes a 90% markup of the workers outcome. Each worker makes the company alot of money but is not apreachied as much. The ones on Wall Street are the ones you must watch for. They may try to rip