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This is my novel for November 2015.

The clock had struck midnight. The single light bulb flickered. His fingers clicked the keys. Eyes moving back and forward on the screen. Private returned an error. There was no way he believed this was happening. The private key was broken and meant he wasa unable to connect to the server. Something had happened and the key had became corrupted. Perhaps he needed a break. When crap like this happened the best option was to walk away. He stood up from this chair. Taking a long sigh he walked towards the door. The muscles on his thighs stang. The long was he had taken eariler that day had taken a toll on his body.

He switched the jug on. Tapping his feet. 'I need some music he thought'. Reaching in his pocket he pulled out his Samsung cellphone. It was running a modified version of Debian. Unlocking the phone he tapped the music icon. A list of stations appeared. 'oh the choices', he spoke. 'Who are you talking to hun', a voice came from another room. A woman walked into the room. 'Oh Hi Babe', he spoke. I didn't hear you return - 'how was work?'. Sarah stepped out of her office. The rain poured. 'Joey are you coming?', she yelled over her shoulder. ' one moment, just cleaning up', Joey replied. Joey scrambled down the stairs to catch up with Sarah. She was holding the door open for him. ' Sorry about that, needed to finish off corrupting that private key', he told Sarah. 'Did it work?', she replied as they both stepped into the rain. Joey nodded as they began walking down the street together.

The sky was turning black as they continued to walk down the road together, arms locked together. The streets were deserted. Old cars were burning on the street. Sirens scretched in the you thin thy are coming for us, joey asked sarah. ' There are bigger problems for the police to deal with than us', sarah replied. careful, watch your step, she added. A burning bumper from a vehile lay on the path. The two carefully steped over. Not much further to go, joey said. 'It's just around this corner'. The two walked around the corner and turned into a narrow alleyway. They walked past several abanded building before reaching a door which read: number 6 techfuncmasters.

'This is it', Sarah wispered. She raised her hand and gave two solid knocked on the door. They heard movement inside as someone moved towards the door. 'whos there', a voice spoke. 'Sarah and Joey Macfurson', spoke sarah. The door crecked open. A man in his mid 40 front of them. He was tall - 6 foot 5 with a long brown beard and blue eyes. His head was saved. He wore circal glasses. ' i am Uganka ', he spoke in a eastern european accent. He held his hand out and shook both Joeys, followed by Sarahs hands. 'it is nice to meet you finally ', Joey said as he shook Uganka's hand with a strong grip. 'Please come in out of this rain', Uganka greeted them into the building. The two stepped into the door. 'Please follow me', Uganka spoke as he started to was down the hall way. Saray and Joey followed the man, arms still linked together.

They reached the end of the hall and stopped at a steel door. Uganka stopped. ' Is something wrong? ', Sarah asked. 'This is your last chance to leave', spoke. Uganka. 'ther is no turning back from here'. 'no we wnt to do this', both Joey and Sarah spoke. 'very well', uganka spoke as he unlocked the steel door. They walked into a room that was pitch black. Sarah grabbed Joeys arm in fear. íts ok, joey wispered. The steel door behind them slammed shut and they both jumped. Purple and red lazers starting wizzing around. 'Where is Uganka', asked Joey. The man that had lead them into the room was gone. A wizzing noice started. Growing louder, andd louder. Sarah and Joey let go of each other and held their hands to their ears. Along with the wizzing sound increasing a new sound began - sirens. The two dropped to the ground. Sarah was the first to screem and started moving in a circle motionon the ground. Joey started screaming shortly afterwards. The sound was deafening. Suddently the room flashed with lightning as the noise stoppeed. The room returned to norma lighting, but the room was empty. Both Sarah and Joey had vanished.

The light flicked as Antoney lay back on his comoputer chair. On his left monitor he has the latest epoise of the telvison show 'Linus'. On his central monitor had a web browser open with a IPython Notebook running. The right monitor had test resultsbeing displays. Three terminal windows, all displaying results of his code changes. CCTV monitors hovered above these three monitors. This kept an eye on other rooms in the building along with outside and views from the street. He had tapped into the cities traffic cameras and was getting a realtime feed of the surounding street. Should any trouble head his way - he would know and be able to make a quick exit.

alert: inruder in section 31 spoke a voice. Antoney glanced away from the television show to the cctv monitors. 'switch to room 18', he spoke. Thee monitor zoomed in on a camera in room 18. 'hmm, that stange', antoney thought to himself. The room looked normal. 'Maybe Ineed to check it out myself', he rose from his chair and started walking towards the steel door. He unlocked it and walked in. The room was pitch black. 'somethings wrong', he spoke. 'This. can't be happening'. Lights switched on and everything was normal. 'So strange', he spoke. Antoney caucioly walked through the room heading toward room 18. He peaked around the hallway corner. Empty. He started walking down the hallway. Suddenly he heard a womans screem and frooze. 'Who the hell is there', he yelled. Now he knew there was an inruder. He reached for his handgun in his pouch. He was armed and ready. i have a gun', he warneddd. the intruder as he contined walking towards the screem. He reached the door. The letters 18 read on it. im going to enter, he warned. Gun drawn he busted the door open.

A woman lay in the center of the floor. She was naked and covered in blood. 'Who are you, and how did you get in here', Antony asked the woman. He lowered his weapon and creeped lcloser to the woman. At thihs point he had relised she was no harm. Her screaming stopped as she noticedd him. 'i am sarah', she spook. She leapt from the ground and wrapped her body around Anttony. He was a little shocked to have this woman suddenly over him. In his arms she sobs. 'now, now, he spoke, pating him on the back. he gently pushed her off him, moving her to an office seat. 'lets find you a blanket', he said. He spots a rugs that he wraps around you. 'How did you get here', Antony asks Sarah. Still shacking she repied with, 'The last thing I remember is purple and red lights'. 'hmm, interesting', spoke Antony. 'What is todays date?', asks Antony. 'The date..', Sarah pauses. 'It is November 21st 2065'. Antonys draw drops. 'You believe the year is 2065?'. Sarah gives him a confused look. 'Sarah, it's the year 3532'.

Antony switched on the jug and started making him himself a coffee. As he poured the water a voice apeared from behind him.

Joey typed on the keyboard. S.T.A.R.T.S.Y.S.E.M. Return. The machines main led light switched to green. A wirling sound begins as the machine starts up. Joey fixes his glasses as he nervously waits to see if the boot happens. He had tested it and all the tests had passed. The bios had finished loading and the machine was booting the kernal. This was the most progress the machine had done. Scientists had worked for years to develop this machine. The room was airgapped and blocked all radio signals. This was to stop interference from any outside source. Crackers had attempted to modify the machine so it was imported that it was kept secure. The building it was stored in was on the 10th floor of the building, inside another building. Large fenced surrounded each of the builds with turrets to shoot anything that moved. It was not posible for anyone to reach the machine. Even the machine that Joey was controling wasn't the real machine but was instead sending off signals to the real machine. This meant if the fake machine was comporomised then the true machine would still be safe.

The handed on the clock ticked over to three thiry two. LED lights on the panel displayed the year November 21st 2065. Twenty percent of the time the machine got the time collabration correct but from time to time an error accured.

Linus stood in front of the crowd. A grin on his face and a laptop under his arm. The television show 'Linus' had just won awards for the best Drama and Linus had won an award for best actor. He didn't feel much like an actor. He waved as the crowd cheered. Cameras flashed. Linus bowed and posed for the camera. One of his security personal whispered into his ear, 'sir we need to move'. Linus nodded and waved to his fans before entering the steel door. The room inside the steel door was bright. Monitors filled the desks. Wirling sounds rose from the computers. The machine began to speak. 'Command Speak'. Joey steared in amazment. It was miminicing his commands. 'open gimp', he spoke. 'Opening gimp', the machine replied.

ItWillBeMine steered at her computer her eyes flicking left to write. Reading the text on the screen. 'I"M GOING TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND MURDER YOUR WHOLE FAMILY', the message wrote. 'Another death threat', she sighed to herself. She had been getting these increasingly since she became a mod of RedditGetsDrawn.

She had a boring job. Sitting at a desk all day and ringing clients to try to sell them antivirus software. She knew herself that the software was spyware. Clients installing the software on their machines meant that the company was able to use the machine to look at all their data. It was closed source so no one was able to know what the software really did. It didn't protect people it harmed them.

She partically liked to ban developers that attempted to produce artwork. If she a office telemarketer wasnt able to draw she didnt want to let developers draw.

ArtControl had started painting people on RedditGetsDrawn long before ItWillBeMine.

Why did ItWillBeMine take over the subreddit? What could be done instead. Allow all artists. There is no such thing as troll artwork.

ArtControl had been partically annoying for her. They had developed a script to create a new account for every piece of artwork they created - submitted. They did alot of artwork - sometimes up to 30 pieces a day. That is up to 30 accounts her and other mods needed to find everyday and ban. The script caused the artwork to be sent via message to the original poster, along a with mod mail. The art was uploaded to several different places - but all redirect to artcontrol. This meant when they tried to ban a certain domain the artwork had been uploaded

ArtControl developed the machine to create and submit artwork to RedditGetsDrawn. They had grown tired of painting everyday but still wanted to create art for the people of RedditGetsDrawn. The machine would look at all the reference images uploaded to GetDrawn via the api. It then choice the best reference to draw. The machine painted the same way as ArtControl painted - it started the a white landscape document and added a line layer, followed by grayscale and finally colour. The AI of the machine was able to match up the reference with the history of ArtControls paintings, creating a unique pience of artwork in the same style as ArtControl.

It was a hot summer day on in Florida. St Andrews High School had just finished morning tea and the students were taking their streets. Sirens approched the school. Swat team burst into classroom 14. 'Get on the ground', yelled an officer. The students and tutor scremed and dropped to the ground. 'Which one is Vanessa May?', an officer asked the teacher. 9 officers cicled the students. They didn't seem interested in the teacher. 'I am Vanessa', a quiet voice raised from the back. Offices moved to the back. Four officers stood over the girl, who was trembling. 'Vanessa, you are under arrest', the lead officer said as another officer culfed the girl. 'Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attnery, if you cant afford one then one will be apointed for you,' Do you understand', the lead officer told her. Vanessa nodded.

The officers escorted Vanessa out of the school building. The class stared at her as she exited the room.

'Class is dismissed', announced the computer. 'Be sure to have the reports ready for the next class on ArtControl: The Machine of Art'. The robatic student stood up imediatly and walked out of the room in single file. 'Confiumed Master. Goodbye', the students spoke as they exited the room.

Where you are going there are no roads.

ItWillBeMine was at home when she heard her private number ring. She had just banned 5 accounts of ArtControl. They had hired a programmer to write a script that searched for art submissions that used ArtContols common colour. They wanted to match his style but it was becoming difficut. She really wanted to find the machine that he was using to create these paintings. If she could get her hands on the machine she will be able to stop him from posting once and for all.

He had been posting on RedditGetsDrawn for over 30 years. He was famous and loved on the subreddit except for her. She considered his work troll art. Artcontrol had devoited his life to creating software and hardware to create artwork. They started small - creating small scripts to building a fully automated machine that would mimic his painting style.

ItWillBeMine slowly climbed out of her seat. She had grown fat over the years from a poor diet and spending too much time sitting down. She never walked, and rarely went outside. Her exhusband would pick her up for work daily. Her husband - Micheal grown tired of her laziness and bad attatute and left her for another woman. He was much happier, but still saw her during the week when she picked her up for work and dropped her off at home afterwards.

They split custoly of their daughter - she would 7 days at her monthers, followed by 7 days at her fathers. At the start of the sepration Micheal got the majority of the time. She only spent every second weekend at her Mothers as the court decided she was unfit for a split cusoley.

ItWillBeMine picked the phone up before the final ring. It had been setup to disconet the call if the phone was answered at the wrong time. 'Hello', she spoke into the speaker. 'ItWillBeMine', a males voice replied. 'Yes, Who is this?', asked ItWillBeMine. 'This is dective Hans Lonery, I'm afaird to enforme you that we have your daughter. We need you to come down to the station'.

Art hold secret symbolism for a secret cult.

The artwork produced by the Machine was in being used to encrupt documents from the goverment. It allowed private keys to be created out of artwork. The holder of public keys were able to recreate the artwork with their own ArtControl machine that was a copy of the original. The hashes were matched to make sure none

Have something change, one mistake changes the future.

ArtControls light switched from red to green as it started to power up. It loaded the bios from the memory card. In its old system the bios caused a mafanction which meant the kernal failed to load. The new bios had been original developed by Joey and Sarah. The system was open source and has recieved contrubitions from thousands of people. The system was originally developed to create artwork in the style of an artist. After the artist passed away they named the system after him. The machine still creates artwork in the style of the artist but its system had been developed much further to do other tasks. They were being created and trained in schools to in order to create a better future today.

Humans had started using ArtControl machines in space in order to explore areas that were too dangerous for humans. They were equipted with a camera that took high res images - 160000 by 8000 pixels. The machines were able to paint scenes that could not be photographed. NASA had order 1.3 million units that were to be sent to different areas.