Sarah, Joey and 6b345 pulled up outside an abanded looking apartiment building. Sarah and Joey wondered why they were here. They wanted to get as far out of this area as they could. 6b345 had insisted that it was important that they were here, that certain events would take place that were crucial for later. They trusted the robot. The three got out of the car and headed towards the front door. The door looked like it had been sealed with a woodern plank but someone had broken it - breaking into the building. The three walked though the door - if someone was in the building they hadn't bothered to lock it behind them. They traveled down a fowyer area and reached a kitchen. The three said nothing. Sarah, Joey and 6b345 walked into the bedroom. They had been alerted to a loud banging sound and wanted to investage it. 'Perhaps it was a cat', Sarah spoke. 'Don't be silly, a cat wouldn't make a sound that loud', replied Joey. They looked around the room for server minutes before leaving again. The room was empty, but there was something strange about the noise.

Detective found a needle in his pocket. Hes could use it inject himself or the unconsious dream version of himself. He decided to inject himself. As the liquid enters his blood system he watches as the unconconsious version of himself fade. Was it him waking up now? He walks out to the kitchen where the three characters are standing. Their faces are still a blur, but are becoming clearer. He stepped out the frontdoor without anyone noticing. Detective decided to head back to the room which he woke up. Perhaps it be better to wait for the womans return? He exited the apartiment building and headed back to where he was eariler. The visions of the two worlds had vanished. Perhaps the injection that he had given himself had fix it. Memories of this world started to return. He remembers capturing the man tied to the chair - Antony. During questioning he was sent back in time, to before the Presidents speech. It is here that he warns the world about the Earth being blown up. They prep 80,000 humans with the metal that Dective brings back with them - this will allow the 80,000 to survive on Mars. Shortly after he is injected with a substance he is brought back to the current time - this happens when he is being chased with the President by the terrorists. The President doesn't survive the crash. The world believes that the attack was on the President, but really it was aimed at Joey - a 12 years old boy that would become important in the future.

ItWillBeMine was waiting for him when he returned back to the building. She told him that he needs to travel back again to the Presidents speech in order to save a 12 year old version of Joey. His first mission of letting the humans know to send the 80,000 humans to Mars was a semi-success but it will fail if Joey is killed. Detective agrees and is sent back again. When Detective is sent back his body melfunctions causing him to be stranded in a limbo of half present, half past.

Sarah awoke. She peaked out the window and all she could see was the red sandy desert that was mars. She had some of the strangest dreams. Looking over she noticed 6b345 still plugged in charging. Looking at her watch - he had 15 minutes of charge left before he became active. She was starving and got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. Food was limited on Mars but there was some sealed frozen meal that she was able to microwave. She placed the plastic free dried meal in the microwave and turned it on for 2 minutes. She admired the view from the large glass window outlooking Mars. Humans had build this facility to be a safehaven. Her thoughts wondered back to Earth and wondering what it would be like there now. The explosion on the Moon would of caused massive deaths to the world. Her thoughts were interupted with the alarm of the microwave going off. She opened up the microwave and pulled out her breakfast. She opened the top draw and got a knife and fork. She sat down at the table and ate her food. It tasted like bacon and eggs. As she ate she heard clanking sounds of 6b345 heading towards her. 'Good morning', Sarah spoke. 'Greetings', 6b345 replied back. 'Did you sleep well', it asked. 'Yes very much so', Sarah replied. 6b345 nodded, sitting down at the table with Sarah. 'So whats the plan for today? Will we make it to the transport ships', asked Sarah. 'That is the plan', replied 6b345. 'We will leave once you are ready'. Sarah finished her food and packed her bag. She was ready to leave. The two walked out the door - into the desert waste of Mars.

Loth'Rak had crash landed on his home planet. He didn't have the energy to travel back - it would be too late. Years would of passed on Earth when he traveled through the blackhole. His home planet was in rubble. Once it had been a beautiful tropical planet inhabited with his race. That all changed when humans fired the missiles through the blackhole - destorying his home planet and killing everyone. Loth'Rak was on a nearby planet when the attack took place. He watched in horror as the missles apeared out of the blackhole and traveled towards towards his planet. He spent years searching the universe for intelligence life like his own. He found it - Humans. He had been on the planet to collect some new minerals that he was going to take back to his planet for his scientists to analyze. He traveled back to his planet with haste but hovered over the planet he knew no life survived. When he discovered Earth thousands of years later he landed on the Moon first to leave the bombs in case it was the humans that had attacked his planet. Once returned to his planet he activates the bombs. Sarah is leaving the moon when this happens. This causes the human race to be wiped out on Earth. Sarah travels to Mars to activate the 80,000 humans. Detective is sent back in time to make sure the 80,000 humans are launched to Mars.

Sarahs ship orbited Earth. She had been gone for 10,000 years. Her crew consisted of 6b345 (whom she meet when she first arrived on Mars), D'Zorge, Shad Ducote, Ostis Bedjouki, and Gasuya Aman. The crew were tasked with returning to Earth in order to understand what had happened 10,000 years ago. Sarah remembered when she was a child. Growing up on Earth. She remembered the day when everything changed. It was the day of the Presidents talk. She had watched the talk on the television with her Mother. As she orbited the Earth she held in her hand the very same teddy bear that she had that that of the Presidents Speech. That day humans sent 80,000 human souls to Mars to preserve humankind, should anything every happen to Earth. And it did. When Sarah was in her 20s she was on a mission to the Moon and as she was leaving the Moon it exploded, causing mayhem on Earth. She traveled to Mars where she actived the 80,000 human souls. There she lead the humans to grow and expand. No one really knew what happened to Earth, about why the Moon was blown up. Sarah and her crew were here to find the answers.

Detective watched from the Earth surface as Sarahs plane landed. He had been stuck on the planet for the past 10,000 years. Alone. During the attack on Earth his body was in another time, so when he came back he was still alive, but everyone else was gone. With the alien metal installed in his brain and the injections his body was able to survive on Earth. Though he was stuck between two times - sometimess seeing visions of the past - if you could call it the past. The ship landed and the crew exited. The world looked completely different to how she had imagined it as a child. No planets were able to grow so everything had turned to desert. Life on Earth was no more. The crew stepped forward. They had testing instruments to test the Earths soil and the air. After testing the Earth they would travel to the Moon which was split into three main fragments - alot of it had moved away.