Antony walked over to Bliz and patted her. He had had the cat for 6 yeasrs. She pured as he stroked her. He had started mixing his genes with that of animals, to see the effects that it would cause. No one would ever have as much alien gene as Antony for he was half alien and human. Blitz had been created with a mixture of Antonys Alien/Human genes and mixed it a a third - cat gene. This caused some interesting effects in the creature. Antony had focused on the cat gene in so the cat had a cat like body and legs. It was coloured blue - something it inherited from his alien genes, the cats face was human like, with human looking eyes. It's puples were cat like. It had a flat human nose. It's mouth was human - and had wiskles coming out the side. Antony had hoped that Blitz would be able to speak, but so far it could only meow and make sounds that sounded like the alien native language. Antony had been on Mars for the past 14 years. He had escaped Earth when his identity was discovered. His Father - Loth'Rak had setup a base for him incase he ever needed to leave there. He needed to stay in his half form and had since lost the ability to switch back to full human. He was loney alone on Mars so therefore had created Blitz in order to keep him company. The lack of convosation was annoying.

Sarah and 6b345 made their way through the deserts of Mars. Up ahead they spotted a small base came. The two moved towards it with caucion. A cat like creature was walking around outside. Sarah and 6b345 had never seen anything quite like it before. 'Is it a mutation', Sarah asked 6b345. The database system part of 6b345 analized the creature. 'its returned three different dna types - cat, human and an unknown alien dna.

The Cat spotted the two sneaking up to the hutt. It rushed inside in fear. Sarah moved towards the front door. She felt at gun in the back of the neck. The voice spoke, 'Dont move or I will shoot'. She started to move her arms. A blast sound blasted. Sarah dropped to the ground. 'Shouldn't have moved', the voice spoke. It was Antony. 6b345 rushed over to Sarahs body. 'What have you done', 6b345 yelled at Antony. 'She moved', replied Antony. 'We needed her to finish the mission', explained 6b345. 'No we dont, we can do this ourselves. Help me move the body'.

Antony and 6b456 moved Sarahs body. Antony picked up a shovel and threw it at 6b345. 'dig', he ordered. 6b345 started to dig the whole to bury Sarahs body.

Detective was crushed under the vevhile that had rolled on him. Up ahead he watched as the presidents car flipped. He used his strength to move the car from ontop of him. His body would need several minutes to recover. Detective lay there and breathed slowely. His body was in pain, but it was recovering quickly. He stood up and started heading down towards the Presidents flipped car. From a distance it looked too late - the car was in flames.

As he walked, he heard another explosion behind him. It was aimed at the crowd of people whom had been watching the Presidents speech. The president was his piriority. The car was on fire and tipped upside down. he opened the backdoor and pulled the President from the car. He was too late. The President was dead.

BREAKING NEWS. The President is dead but NASA will continue with the mission to launch 80,000 human souls to Mars is still a goahead. A new President is currently being swarn in and has given his blessing to the mission. The people will be forzen and transported to Mars. Should there come a need in the future to active them - we will do so. The President is expected to give a briefinng in two hours.

Vanessa didn't know anyone at the conference. Knowing noone wasn't such a bad thing though, it allowed you to meet new people easily and not hangout in usual groups.

She drank her cup of coffee well standing in among a group of people. They were talking about a new security bug found in a web app. She sipped her coffee as she listened to the convosation. People started to move into the main area for the keynote speaker. Vanessa followed the group into the room and found a seat to watch the keynote.

Joey awoke. He was surrounded by a red sandy wasteland. He doesn't reconise it. It doesn't look like Earth. He can see a base in the distance. He walks towards it. Inside is a alien creature and their alien cat. He witnesses the alien creature killing Sarah. Alien creature tries to hunt him down. He escapes and is brought back to his own time.

Once back in his own time he can't remember correctly what happened, but puts the pieces together - making sure that humans will find out if they ever return to Earth.

'I like the idea of blowing up the moon. Enough explosives to blow it up. It's science fiction. I can do whatever I want', spoke Antony. 'It was the humans that killed my race' Antony had tracked a group of artcontrol robots that were expoloring the Earths moon.

Everyone seems to be escaping to Mars.

All characters have to die by ray guns.

Revenge for Antony since he is the last remaining part-alien of his race

Once humans are settled on Mars they want to go back to Earth in order to discover what happens. Sarah was to do it but she ended up

Vanessa is the one that goes back to Earth in order to discover what happened to Earth.

Antony and 6b345 active the 80,000 humans They become the rulers of the human race on Mars - the humans not relizing they in fact have sinister plans. Vanessa discovers that Sarah is killed by Antony. Detective is first sent back to save Joey but he is later sent back in order kill Joey. It is Joey that lets Vanessa know in the future that Sarah is killed by Antony and that it was Antony that blew up the Moon in order to destory the Earth.

Vanessa finds out about Antony being evil and goes back to Mars and kills him.

On Mars they build a statue of Sarah holding her teddybeer in order to remember her.

Artcontrol is walking down the street with a Raspberry Pi doing digital painting in GIMP. He admires the statue and carries on walking.