Vanessa had landed on Earth. She had been sent here to investigate what happened before humans colonized Mars. The leader of the Mars colony Master Antony was the one that active the 80,000 human souls - saving the human race. Him, along with his Robot 6b345 and his cat Blitz lead the humans in their expansion of Mars. Antony advised against any humans returning to Earth, saying that the world had become toxic and humans would never be able to survive on the planet. He had told them the story of the human traitor - Sarah whom was the one that had destroyed the Earth and almost destroyed the 80,000 humans that were being preserved on Mars. Antony and 6b345 thankfully stopped her. Vanessa never trusted Antony and suspected something fishy about him. She had fled Mars and landed on Earth in order to find out more information on what might have happened. She had also heard stories of a man named Detective whom in the future is sent back to the past to warn the human race about their appending doom. They had records of an alternative time-line where humans didn't launch the 80,000 human souls - causing the human race to be wiped from existence. Antony announced to the world that it was him that sent back Detective to the past in order to save man kind.

Antony looked out over the Mars landscape from his palace. The 80,000 humans moved about in their lives below him. The majority of them bowed down to him but he was concerned for a small group calling themselves the 'Human Revolt League' that were leading a fight against him. They struggled with the fact that he lead the humans. Vanessa May was their leader. She had recently escaped from Mars and Antony and his Generals believe she may have returned to Earth. He had sent a hunting party out to find and destroy her. If she discovers what really happened in the past, everything that Antony worked for could be destroyed.

Antony had stayed behind on Mars but had sent Blitz and 6b345 (his Generals) to Earth in order to find her. As he watched the City he had build he heard the door open behind him. It was one of his Human servants. 'Master, the Generals are ready to leave', the Human spoke. Antony nodded. He turned around and headed towards the door. He would head to the ship launch pad to watch his Generals leave Mars for Earth. With his alien technology, technology had grown dramatically compared to that of old Human tech on Earth. The ship would land on Earth within a couple of hours.

Blitz had developed since Antony first created her on Mars. She had gained the ability to speck English. Blitz and 6b345 were about to board the transport ship to Earth when Antony entered the area. 'I just wanted to wish you the best for the trip', Antony spoke. 'You will find Vanessa and any other rebels and kill them'. Blitz nodded, and boarded the ship with 6b345. Antony watched as the ship took off, leaving Mars for Earth. Antony had been attempted to develop a fix for his body. Since he had escaped to Mars he had lost his full human form and was forced to stay in his half-alien half-human form. The ship that carried Blitz and 6b345 zipped across space. As it entered the Earths atmosphere it burnt up - killing Blitz and restoring 6b345

On Earth Vanessa discovered a building that was hosting a conference. The conference was ran by robots and all the attenders were robots. She managed to sneak in as a delegate. Here she was able to meet the robot version of Joey. The human version of Joey had programmed the robot version of himself to reveal the information about what had happened on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Joey was the one that witnessed Sarah being killed by Antony and 6b345 on Mars. Joey was hunted down and killed by Detective (sent by Antony). Before Joey was killed he programmed the robot version of himself with the memory of the murder and the robot Joey was able to reveal this to Vanessa. The conference ended when debree of Blitz and 6b345's ship hits the building. Vanessa manages to escape and travels back to Mars with the robot version of Joey in order to reveal to the Humans of Mars that it was in fact Antony that killed Sarah, that Sarah wasn't a traitor. With Blitz and 6b345 dead and destroyed as they entered Earth.

During the keynote Vanessa looks around to find Joey. There were many robots here and he was hard to find. She might need to wait till morning tea to find him. Vanessa spots Joey on the balcony during the morning tea. She approaches him and talks to him normally. She needs to get him alone and reset his system in order to reprogram the machine to tell her what happened.

It was during afternoon tea that the debree hit the building. It caused a power failure. It was Vanessa's last chance to get the information from the robot. She grabbed him, hit the shutdown button and carried him into one of the side rooms. The building was falling apart from the debree so she needed to move quickly. The building was building evacuated.. She lay Joey down on the table. Flipping him over on the back he had a casing that she used a screwdriver to open up. a terminal window opened up. It was here that she would be able to extract the information out of Joey. She plugged in a USB disk. She typed some keys and the data transferred from Joey to the USB. Transfer complete the terminal showed. She unplugged the USB, screwed up the cover again and reset the machine. Hopefully he would reset with full information remembered. Joey started up, announcing that he was in a special mode. This meant that Vanessa was able to take him back to Mars, and along with the USB of data show the Humans of Mars what really happened to Sarah. She didn't have time to view the data. The building was falling apart. She needed to get out of there. Joey was confused after the reboot and all the new data that he was able to access. Vanessa lifted him up and carried him out of the room. The hallway was empty, all the Robots had evacuated the building. She made a rush for the escalator, and out of front door. Just as she made it out the front door the building behind her exploded. It sent her and Joey forward, but she managed to roll and was uninjured. Robots were standing around steering at her in confusion. She better get out of here quickly before anyone suspects anything. She is a human on a planet controlled only by robots. She picked up Joey who was making 'Danger, Danger' noises. She carried Joey towards her ship. It was a small ship but she was able to fit herself and Joey in it. The groups of robots had forgotten about her, going back to talking among themselves. She started the ship up and left Earth. Her mission on Earth was complete, she just needed to return to Mars and show the Humans of Mars the true intentions of Antony. She looked down at the Earth as she left, wondering what it would of been like all those years ago when Humans lived there. The majority of Earth now was a barren wasteland with several Robot cities setup. Now that she was back on the ship she was able to take off the breathing device she had been using to breath the Earths air. It allowed her to breath the air on Earth for a short time. The ship was auto drive mode now - heading towards Mars. Looking out the other window she steered at Earths Moon. It was in fragments. Was it Antony that had blown up the Moon? He had always told them that it was Sarah that had blew up the Moon. 6b345 had attempted to stop her but failed. 6b345 was captured by Sarah and held hostage as she fled to Mars. The view of the Earths Moon fragments turned faded into darkness. Vanessa moved from the area into where Joey was being kept. Maybe he will be able to answer some of her questions now. He was layed down on the table, powered down. Vanessa hit the reboot button on the back of him. He booted up. 'Access recent memories', She spoke. A list of his recent memories appeared on the terminal. She scrolled through them. It was all events that had happened on Earth - events she wasn't interested in. What she was looking for was events on the Moon and Mars. Then she found it. A strange statues code that had been hidden - and only revealed now that she had reprogrammed. A video started playing. It was a recording in first person view. It showed Joey - the human version, waking up on Mars. The City looked small - almost a just a hut. She recognize the area though. This is where it all happened. It showed Joey watching two figures - they must be Sarah and 6b345. Vanessa had never seen a photo of Sarah but she knew it was her. The two figures are heading towards The City. Blitz is outside the doors, pacing back and forward. Blitz spots the two figures and hurries inside. Antony appears behind Sarah with a Ray Gun. He is in his half-alien half-human form. Vanessa wonders when Antony lost his full-human form. The footage shows Antony pointing the Ray Gun at the back of Sarah head and firing. 'YES', says Vanessa excited. She had it. She had the evidence that showed Antony was the traitor - that he lied to the 80,000 humans about the events that took place. She carried on watching the footage. It shows Antony and 6b345 burning the body of Sarah. Would the body have decomposed by now or would there be a chance to recover the body? Thought Vanessa. 6b345 was the one that dug the hole well Antony watched. Vanessa understood now that 6b345 was with Sarah when she arrived on Mars. 6b345 betrayed Sarah. It was being controlled by Antony all along. It was Antony that had taken control of 6b345 when it was on it's mission on Moon. He must of remotely accessed the robot from Mars. He used 6b345 to lay the explosives on the moon that would then detonate when 6b345 left the Moon. ``