Detective was one of the 80,000 people launched to Mars. He was a baby and has no memory of what Earth was like. He got sent back to Earth before an alien that was currently living on Mars. Antony's real Father is a dying Alien who comes to Earth and creates a half alien, half human. An AI military machine. Leaves with Family - Sarah and Joey. President dies, 15 more years later Moon explodes. Humans discover a metal on the Moon that can be recreated for space craft travel and time displaced, Humans get wiped out when Moon explodes. They send people back in order to fix certain mistakes. For example: Sarah gets sent into the future to when Antony is an adult and is on Mars. Detective gets thrown around allot. Presidents Speech 3 copies. Save President. Save Joey. Baby Detective. Joey. Adopts Antony. Memory saved on a robot version of himself on Earth. Everyone left behind their mind in their file. After the 80,00 people are launched to Mars everyone remaining on Earth gets an AI version of themselves made that will continue to live their lives after the world is destroyed. The AIs were developed to be the same as the day when the attack on Earth happens.

Sarah stepped forward. She wasn't allowed to take her teddy bear in with her to the machine that would scan her - to create the copy of herself. This copy will be interlinked with her - it will have all the memories that she has and will continue to grow with what Sarah does till the attack happens. She wasn't the only one getting scanned - it was a worldwide effect to scan everyone so that their memory could live on after everyone on Earth dies. The scanning technology had been made possible through an alien Metal that had been brought back from the future by a man named Detective. He was the savior of mankind. In the future Detective hadn't gone back to with the alien metal and it had lead to just a full scale attack on mankind - with no one surviving. People had been sent back to try to stop the attack but each time failed. The attack had to take place, but the humans couldn't prep for the attack. The Humans in the future later work out that they needed to send someone back to help save mankind. Detective is the one that does this. The machine had finished scanning Sarah body. An AI robot would now be created from the scan. Sarah fingers tingled as the red and purple lasers scanned her body. They told her that it was important for her to stay still during the scan. She obeyed but didn't like it. Everyone in the world were having to go to these areas where they will be scanned. There is a cutoff date and if you don't get scanned by then the police will hunt you down, arrest you and then force you to be scanned. No one got to see their AI robot. It would become active after they are killed in the attack.

Sarah walked into the NASA building. It was her first day on a two week training plan for a mission to the Moon. Details were scarce but there were rumored that NASA had lost control of one of their AI robots that were on the Moon. She was told that she will be trained in a isolated area - with just the voice of 'system control' giving her instructions. She will have no interaction during training with any other humans or robots. Sarah made her way down the hallway. The large building was empty, it was only her here. For the next two weeks she will follow instructions from the speaker or 'system control' for the training. She wasn't allowed to bring anything with her and everything would be supplied to her. The walls were white and there were no windows. She made her way down the hallway and got to the end. This was her bedroom for the next two weeks. She had just taken a 12 hours plane trip to the middle of no where - she didn't even know where she was. She had been blindfolded before leaving her home - taken in a car to an airfield, boarded a plane, and flew. Once in the air her blindfold was taken off but it was added again shortly before landing. The plane had dropped her outside this building. She was told to enter the building. The doors locked after she entered and she would not be able to exit. Any attempt to leave the building would lead to mission failure. After arriving she was given 10 hours to rest and get a sense of her surroundings before her training began. She was tired so headed straight to her bed room. The room was plain. She changed out of her lab clothes and into her PJ's, climbing into bed. She fell straight off to sleep. She awoke to an alarm. She had slept for 8 hours and had two hours to get ready for the training. Still sleepy, she dragged herself from the bed and into the shower. The plane trip had given her jet lag. As she was in the shower a voice played over the speaker, 'Good Morning Sarah, how are you feeling?', it spoke. 'I am OK, feeling a bit jet lagged', she replied. 'Do you want to delay the training?', the voice asked. 'No I am ready', she replied. 'Very well', it spoke. Sarah turned off the water and climbed out of the shower. She dried herself and put on her clothes. She walked out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen. Here she put the jug on and started to make herself a coffee. She opened the fridge. It was a smart fridge and would automatically order more food as she ate it. It was fully loaded. She reached for the milk and placed it on the bench. She opened the cubard and pulled out the cereal and a plate. From the top draw in the kitchen she got a spoon. She poured the cereal into the bowl and milk over that. She sat at the table and ate the cereal and drank her cup of tea.

Antony sat in his chair hunched over his laptop. The monitor flickered with green text. The background was black. Two of his arms typed well the other two patted his cat - Blitz. He had located a set of NASA robots on the moon and was attempting to hijack one - 6b345. He had modified the kernel of the machine that allowed him to remotely control. He just needed to add a air-gap so that NASA isn't able to find it once he takes full control.

6b345 and the other robots were walking through a crater on the Moon. The team of robots had been assigned the task of checking for soul information on the Moon and were in the middle of their mission. 6b345 was carrying a bag of soil and heading towards the transport to take the soil to the main base. As it approached the transport Antony successfully added the air-gap to the machine and was able to remotely control 6b345 without NASA being able to reconnect or detect who was doing it. It would just look like 6b345 disappeared off the grid. Antony picked up the controller. He had a video link with 6b345 which showed the first person view of 6b345. Antony could see the transport just ahead. He tapped buttons on the controller is 6b345 dropped the soil sample. The other Robots noticed this and turned to high alert. Antony pressed keys on his keyboard, 'battle mode', was active. He aimed 6b345 weapons at the other robots and fired. One, Two, Three. They were all gone. Now that they were destroyed he needed to plant the explosives on the Moon. Using the controller he controlled 6b345 to arm the explosives. Now that they were set it they just needed to wait for Sarah to arrive on the Moon and 6b345 would board her ship. Antony went to sleep but set an alarm so that if there was any movement on the Moon he would be woken. He stood up from his computer chair and walked out the room. Blitz followed him out of the room. Blitz would follow him everywhere he went. It was a loyal creature. Antony opened his office door and walked outside. He was now in the foylor area. This was a large open area. A large table with chairs scatted about. A kitchen, fridge, gas stove and oven, and a large long bench. Behind the kitchen was the hallway that lead to his bedroom. He walked towards the kitchen and down the hallway. He was tired and it had been a long day but the attempts to take control of 6b345 had been a success. Down the hallway he reached his bedroom door. He turned the door handle and walked in. His bedroom was plain and clean. A double bed was in the far side of the room, with a dressing table beside it. Set of draws where he kept his clothes. Antony was tired and flopped into bed, falling asleep. Several hours pass and an alarm sounds, waking Antony up. Movement on Mars. Antony drags himself out of bed and moves into the office. He still has control of 6b345. He controls 6b345 to look around and spots of woman who has arrived on the Moon. Sarah. Antony is hungry so moves to the kitchen to make himself a snack. Noodles seems like a good choice. He boils the jug. Opens the freeze dried noodles and removes them from the plastic. He places the noodles in a plate and pours the boiled water over them. He places a plate on top of the noodles and waits for them to cook. Once they are cooked he drains the water and eats the noodles with a fork.