Sarah had finished her breakfast and loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. It was almost time for her training. She proceeded ro the training room. Outside the training room was her astronauts suit. She picked and and changed into it. It fitted perfectly. Now that her suit was on she could move into the training area. She pressed the large green button and the sliding doors opened. They closed after her. Another set of doors opened in front of her. She could hear a hissing sound and felt a change in gravity. Her body was lifted from the ground. The gravity simulator of the moon had started. Sarah had experienced these gravity sims before but this one felt so much real. She floated forward towards the open door - using the hand grips on the wall to boost herself forward. She made and to the open door and pushed her way through. Once inside this door it closed behind her. The scene had changed. No longer was she inside but now outside - on the Moon. She looked around to get a sense of direction. The soil was gray. She gave it a kick and dust blew up. In the distance she could see her transport pod. She started to head towards it.

Joey jumped to the left as the ray gun blast barely missed him. The alien creature below had opened fire on him. It was definitely not human. It had pale blue skin completion. It had four arm, two which was wielding the ray gun. It's face, torso and legs looked quite human. 'Perhaps it was mix', thought Joey. Another blast sounded and Joey turned around and started to run. He wasn't sure if he would be so lucky at dodging these blasts next time. The alien creature started running towards him at great speed. The alien turned around and yelled at the figure standing behind him. It shrieked in a language that Joey had never heard, it sounded like nothing of the languages of Earth. The figure behind the alien creature looked completely different. It was a humanoid figure and mechanical. It took large strides as it ran to catch up with the alien. It's legs clanked together as it ran. Joey looked back as he was running. The alien creature was gaining on him. Joey tripped and started to tumble down the sandy dune. He continued to roll. The alien would almost be at the top of the dune by now and would have a clear shot of Joey. Just as the alien reached the peak of the dune - Joey blacks out, his body fading away.

Joey awoke in a pitch black room. He was lying down on his back. He moved his head to the left and right. His arms moved. He reached into his pocket. The red USB was gone that contained the corrupt private key. As Joey sat up the single light flickered on. 'Motion detection lighting', Joey spoke to himself. He recognized the room. It was the same room he had been in with Sarah. Uganka had lead the two into this room and then he had blacked out. 'Where had he been?', he thought to himself. His thoughts were cloudy. He could remember coming into the room and the red and purple lasers, the shrieking sounds that almost burst his hearing. He was alone. Sarah and Uganka were not in the room. 'Where could Sarah be', he thought. He stood up. Standing he had a flash of a vision. It was of a red sandy planet. It was hazily but he could picture some figures. He couldn't recognize them though. The visions faded - bringing him back to the room. They didn't fade completely - there was a transparency in the room. Like two worlds combined. He kicked the ground. Sand flew up. It was like he was stuck between two worlds. The single light bulb stick flickered but the room seemed brighter from the red sun shining. He started to walk towards the exit door. He remembered entering here with Sarah. Uganka didn't enter - he stayed outside. Joey stood in front of the large metal door. Bringing his arm up he started to turn the handle. A loud shrieking sound from the other side of the door caused him to let go of the handle and jump back. 'Was someone on the other side', he thought to himself. 'Perhaps it is just these visions of another world'. Not only was he getting visions of this red planet - but he was hearing sounds from it also. He reached for the handle again - turning it slowly and opening the door slightly - it was dark but nobody was there. Joey opened the door further and stepped through. The lights flicked on. It was a long hallway. He started to make his way forward - towards the exit of the building. The sound of a ray gun blast hurt his ears. He brought his arms up and covered his ears moving forward. He wanted to get out of the building. He wanted the sounds and visions to stop. Joey burst through the doors. Outside on the street the visions finally stopped. He was relieved. Finally some peace. He prayed that they wouldn't come back. Whatever happened to him, he wanted to find out. Outside it was dark and raining. Was it still the same night that he had arrived here with Sarah? It felt like he had been gone a long time. He looked around for a newspaper that might have today's date. A bin. He spotted it and walked towards it. Reaching inside he pulled out the paper. It was todays date, it was still the same day that himself and Sarah had entered the room. Joey decided to retrace his steps from earlier that evening. He can remember well walking to this building from another. He started walking down the road. As he was about to reach the corner a cat-like creature sprinted across the road. Frightened Joey jumped back. The cat-creature didn't seem to notice him. Was it the visions again? He crept closer. The creature had stopped running and was licking some food waste from the ground. Joey approached it vocationally. The creature spotted Joey and let out a hiss which sounds very similar to the shrieking sound behind the door from earlier.

ArtControl machines swept the world. They were in every school, workplace and home across the world. They were tasked with making the lives of humans better. The machines were originally developed by the company TechFuncMasters but the blueprints and source code was open source, so other companies jumped in and created their own machines. The machines were originally developed to mimic artists, but they were developed to so much more. They were made to develop with their human hosts. What their human hosts experienced - they also experienced.

The humans got greedy though. They learn of a race more supiour than theirs. They wanted to use the alien tech against the aliens. The Humans had found a ray gun weapon that was developed into a larger weapon.