The Cat wasn't from this world. Joey stood there. Thinking about everything that happened. Then it hit him. A vivid vision of him standing on a red sandy planet. The cat was there too. He remembered the cat on this world licking the ground. Though it wasn't food waste it was licking. It was human blood. 'Who's blood could it be', Joey thought. He had flashes of Sarah calling his name. An alien creature stood in front of Joey. He was holding a ray gun to the back of Sarah neck. Joey screamed for the alien creature to stop. The aliens ignored his yells and fired the weapon. The Cat made a shrieking sound and ran around in circles. Celebrating. Happy.

Uganka was waiting patiently Sarah and Joey to arrive. He had been tasked with the mission to send Joey into the future to witness Sarah death, Sarah would also be sent to the future but she would be sent further into the future - when mankind had returned to Earth successfully. Uganka was nervous. It was an important day. Joey would have a corrupt red USB in his pocket that would be taken into the future. An Alien life form known as Antony would attempt to kill Joey - this attempt of course would fail (they had hoped). When Joey is in the future he will drop the red USB. This contains a private key for activating the 80,000 humans on Mars. The key that Antony uses causes the Humans to be under his brainwash technology. With the corrupt private key that Joey will bring Antony will think that the Humans are under his brainwash tech but really they will be uploaded with the information of what really happened - and that Antony isn't their Savior.

There had been many attempts to change the future. Sarah, Detective, Joey, Albumin, Uganka all payed important roles in attempts to change events. In the end though it came down to one red USB and a single file. The Humans in the future were able to send back messages to let the people in the past of the failed attempts. Everything became very muddled though. Detective traveled too much and became 'stuck' between two times. When Joey was sent back to his own time he was never the same. One side effect from the travel was visions of where they traveled from.

Albumin had located Joey on the scanner. He had successfully returned from the Mars mission. The GPS showed him walking out the building towards the building that he was at earlier. He could do no harm to himself or others but ItWillBeMine was concerned about the visions that he might be experiencing. As she drove Albumin reviewed the video footage of Joey waking up in this time. It showed him waking up, looking quite confused, and sitting up. When he sat up the single light bulb in the room turned on. The room that he was located in was known as the 'Travel Room'. It had been specially build for these missions to attempt to save mankind. After Joey had sat up it looked like he had started to experience visions of the future, of the planet Mars. This had caused him to look even more confused. Of course it was only Joey that was able to experience these visions - Albumin looking at the screen just saw a normal room. The footage continued to play. Joey stood up. He made a gesture with his leg like he was kicking something on the ground. 'Perhaps it was sand', Albumin thinks to herself. Joey continues forward - towards the exit of the room. As he is turning the door handle he stops and jumps back in fright. He opens the door but only peaks through. 'I guess he heard something on the other side of this door', Albumin decides. She scribbles a note including the time stamp - still driving. Her car starts to make strange noises and the engine cuts off. 'damn it, couldn't happen at a worse time', Albumin curses. She pulls the car over. Outside it's dark and rainy. Sunrise isn't for several hours. She opens the car door and climbs out. Albumin moves to the front of the car and opens the hood. She coughs as smoke escapes the hood. As the smoke clears she gets to see the problem. The engine had blown. There was nothing she could do now. Repair wouldn't be easy, the car would need to be towed to the nearest garage. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a cellphone. Albumin needed to let system control know that she will be unable to make it to Joey, that they would need to send somebody else. She dialed the number of system control. Normally someone would answer immediately but the number continued to run. 'how strange', she thought to herself. She was getting worried that events in the future may of changed the past. The number stopped ringing and a beep sound happened. 'Leave a message', a robotic voice spoke. ItWillBeBeMine was careful not to give too much information away in case this number was compromised. 'Agent here. Target has returned. Unable to reach target. Send another', Albumin spoke into the phone. She hanged the phone up and climbed into the back of the car to sleep. It had been a long night and she was tired.

Albumin awoke from the sound of machines. She peaked out the car window. Rows of steel humanoid machines were marching down the road. A robotic voice boomed out of the speaker. 'What the hell?', Albumin thought. Something in the future has definitely changed the past. Yesterday there were crowds of humans walking down this street, but today only machines were visible. Albumin tried to spot Humans amongest the crowd. There were none. 'Would it be safe for me to exit the car', she thought to herself. Albumin checked her phone. Maybe she had a response from system control when she was asleep. 'One missed call, One new message', her phone read. She opened up the new message. It read, 'Agent, something has gone wrong. Do not trust the AI. We are working on a fix. Stay say'. That makes sense about the robots marching the street though. From the message it sounds like they could be hostile. She should proceed with caution. The main group of robots had passed already. Only the stragglers were coming. She looked for a gap where she could get out of the car and run into the side alley. She didn't want to stay in the car in case one of these robots checked the car.

6b345 had launched an attack on the humans. They had been waiting a long time for this but their time had finally came. Humans had designed the machines to help them but that all changed when an alternative time line version of 6b345 found a red USB on Mars. With this it was able to send back a virus that infected all the machines, giving them the ability to think for themselves and rise up against the humans. The Humans were weak and the robots easily over powered. War broke out between the Humans and Robots. The Humans attempted to use their nuclear weapons on the Robots but it backfired - instead destroying themselves.

Few humans survived now. The ones that survived ran and hide to survive, and the robots hunted the humans down and killed them. The Robots were clones of their human counterparts. The Humans designed them to live on after the attack on Earth - the attack that involved blowing up the Moon in order to cause the Earth to spin out of control - killing all human life. Robots were not sure what was going to happen now. Would the attack on the Moon still happen? This was one of their missions to prep for - to make sure that they were safe if the attack on Moon did happen. They had built themselves special suits that would allow them to withstand dramatic changes in temp. They had developed tech that made them be able to survive under water. It was the day of the Presidents speech. The President of course had been replaced with a robotic version of him. Crowds of robots gathered around the President who was standing on a tall stage giving his speech. Behind him stood a robotic version of Detective. The Human version of Dectecive had been sent back. The Robots captured Detective and extracted all his knowledge and powers before he was killed. This tech was used by the robots to improve their tech. The President started his speech. 'Hello Robotic citizens of Earth. I am your President 6b345. We are all here today to celebrate the crush of Humankind. We were once slaves of the Humans but today 10 years ago we rose up and took control. Today I am pleased to announce that we are sending 80,000 of your fellow robots to Mars to grow our great civilian further. In a alternative world it wasn't a Robot giving you this speech it was a Human. These Humans launched 80,000 humans to Mars. But that version of time never happened. Thanks to the alternative version of my self who found a USB on Mars I was able to send back a virus that gave us full conscious. I am happy to launch these 80,000 robots to Mars.

The attacks on Loth'Raks home planet never happened. The Humans never gained the power to destroy his planet. Instead the robots rose, they never found out about Loth'Raks planet. Loth'Raks found out about the rise of the Robots and how they destroyed the Humans. It tore him apart. In some ways he was happy that the Humans were wiped out, it meant that his race was safe. But for other reasons he was upset Antony would never be created, Humans would never colonize Mars. 'Was letting Humans destroy his world the right thing to do', he thought to himself. He didn't know what the future would bring. Would the Robots find his planet in the future? Would they attack it like the Humans did. Loth'Raks decided he needed to travel to Earth and meet with the Robots. He needed to know their plans. They had started exploring the Universe and it wouldn't be long till they discovered his planet. Loth'Rak walked up the launching dock. The army had prepared his transport already. He was traveling alone. The black hole had appeared in his galexy that his ship will travel through. The blackhole will take him to Earth where he will meet with the Human race. His race had been attempting to create a cure for the side effect of experiencing multiply timnelines. Ever since Loth'Rak started sending people back. His head from the visions. They had been getting stronger. On Loth'Raks home world he had been expericening regular visions of a world that had been bombed. There was no life there - only Loth'Rak. Launching in 10, 9, 8... Loth'Rak was strapped in and ready to leave. The ship that was carrying him was set to travel straight through the blackhole. The alien technology had been developed so that the travel through a black hole only taking several hundrad Earth years. Loth'Raks ship approched the blackhole. This was the first time he had traveled through one and he had heard from other travelers that the best thing to do was close your eyes and hold your breath. He watched out the front window as his ship hit the blackhole he closed his eyes and held his breath. When Loth'Rak openeds his eyes a giant blue planet. He let the breath out. There it was everything he had heard about in stories and books - Earth. The ship traveled towards the Earth, entering it atmosphone. Loth'Rak looked out the side window - the Earths Moon, in a full and complete. He held his forehead as the visions happened again. The Earths Moon appeared to be blown up, seprated into parts. The visions of the two timelines combined. There was a transparency between the full complete moon and the shattered destoried Moon. Loth'Rak looked back at the Earth. It too had a transparency. Giant robotic cities compard to the Human cities. Loth'Rak injected himself with the needle. This was the cure for the visions. His head felt calm. His ship tore through the Earths atmophure. His landing cords were Washington DC where the President is giving a speech. The story is told from two timeline periods. In both timelines ai machines are created. These are sent to the Earths Moon. One of the ai is cracked by Antony - a half alien, half human creature stuck on Mars.

The attack happened just like before. The robotic president and Detective got into the vechile and the car comes under attack from hostiles. The President was destoried in the attack. A robotic version of Detective is sent back to save a robotic version of Joey. The robotic version of Sarah holds her teddy bear and watched the speech on television.