The attack had the Presidents speech took place. As it was happening the world became distracted by the arrival of Loth'Rak. BREAKING NEWS: Alien Spacecraft spotted over Earth. Billions of robots around the world sat in their lounges and watched the events unfold on this important day. Three explosions happened on the day of Presidents Speech - the first was aimed at the president, then the crowd, then the President againt. Reports of the Alien spotting happened after the 2nd explosion. The Robots paniced, they thought that it was the Aliens causing these attacks. They were wrong though, it was in fact the Robots themselves causing the attack. The two timeline worlds had crossed over. The Robots had launched an attack on The Humans in the altenative Human dominated timeline. Loth'Raks ship arrived on Earth. The Robots were waiting when he arrived. 6b345 was among the welcome party for the Alien creature. It had recieved a new body as it's previous body was servely damaged in the attacks at Presidents speech. Loth'Rak had boomed sound from his ship announcing that he came in piece. The Robots didn't want to take any chances and had a strong militery presence. The doors to Loth'Raks ship opened. Smoke belowed out. The Robots pointed their ray guns at the door. The Ray Guns were alien technology. Inside the ship Loth'Rak was observing the live footage that was being captured. He zoomed in on the weapons that they were pointing at his ship. He reconized them, they were weapons that his race had developed. 'How did they get his weapons if the Robots and aliens had never meet?', Loth'Rak wondered. He had read text of an aktenative timeline when Humans on Earth get hold of his races weapons and end up destorying Loth'Raks race. Could a similar event be happening again? The Robots outside were growing tired of waiting for Loth'Rak to exit the ship. They announced that he had 2 minutes to exit the ship or they would open fire. Loth'Rak stood up from his computer chair. He thought he better get out there - he knew how dangerous the ray guns that they weilded. Loth'Rak walked off the ship with all four of his arms held up. Guards surronded him and got him to get on the ground where they then cuffed him and covered his eyes with a bandana. Loth'Rak could feel the bumps of the road. He still had the cloth over his eyes. He could feel the Earths sun heat on his body. He adjusted his breathing tube on his nose. The tube allowed him to breath the Earths oxygen. It filtered the oxygen and turned it into material that Loth'Rak could breath. It would last serveral days on Earth before needing a recharge on Loth'Raks ship. The car came to a stop. The Robots ordered Loth'Rak to step out of the car. Loth'Rak ducked his head and climbed out of the open door. He felt water on his forehead. It was the first time he had felt rain. On his home planet it never rained. Loth'Rak had read about rain. Clear liquid falling from the sky. Quite magical really. Loth'Rak wasn't here about the rain though. He was here to make sure that his race survived in the future. The robots lead him from the car. He could feel their cold steel hands griping two of his wrists. The walking stopped. Loth'Rak could hear one of the robots banging on a door. It opened and they entered. Inside, out of the rain. Loth'Rak could feel the lino under his feet. It must of been a hallway. The cloth was removed from his eyes. Loth'Rak could see his surrondering. It was a hallway. Completely white, no windows. He looked over shoulder - 3 guards were behind him. Two lead him on either side, griping two of Loth'Raks wrists. He was lead down the hallway, ntil they reached another door. This door is a large steel door. Onw of the guards behind Loth'Rak steps forward and unlocks the door. It opens and the group walk in. The room is small and unlit. A single light bulb flickers on with the movement. The guards uncuff Loth'Rak and all exit the room. Loth'Rak shacks his hands. It felt good to be free of those cuffs. Someone else was in the room with Loth'Rak. A body was tied to a chair. Loth'Rak moved closer to the figure. It looked human. It's face was a blur. It was defentily human, but Loth'Rak couldn't identify the human. 'Hello', the figure spoke. Loth'Rak jumped back. It spoke. 'Hi', replied Loth'Rak, caucianly moving around the room. 'My name is Detective', the figure had a name. 'Hello Detective, I am Loth'Rak', he replied. Moving closers. This human was tied up, why should Loth'Rak fear? 'I know all about you Loth'Rak, we have in fact meet before in another timeline from this. You after all are the reason why I am in this timeline. I am not spose to be in this timeline, but I am here. I am spose to be dead, killed by these robotic monsters. You are spose to be dead, along with your race. The only remaining member of your race should be Antony - your son. The half alien, half human. But he was never created. You never came to Earth to attempt to save your race. These robots ended up taking over - killing all the humans', Detective spoke. 'I had no choice, I needed to save my race', replied Loth'Rak. 'I am sad for the Humans, but the are the ones that killed my race. These Robots haven't and won't hurt my race', argued Loth'Rak. 'Are you sure about that Loth'Rak', replied Detective. Loth'Rak looked puzzled. He had came here in order to make sure that his race was saved. Would the robots attempt to kill his race?