The doors to the room started to be unlocked and opened. 'quick take this', whispered Detective, he held his arm out to Loth'Raks. Detective slipped him a device. Loth'Raks took the device and put it into his pocket. 'What is it?', he asked. Detective didn't get time to answer. The doors slammed open and in walked the 5 guards. They grabbed Loth'Raks and took him out of the room. Back in the hallway, the group moved down the hallway towards another door. The guards unlocked this room and pushed Loth'Raks inside. This room was better lit than the room they were holding Detective in. The room that Loth'Raks was in was a viewing room. It gave him a view of the room that Detective is being held in. No changes had happened in the room since Loth'Raks had been removed. Detective was still tied up on the chair, his face a blur. 'With his face a blur do the robots know who he is', Loth'Raks thought to himself. There was a terminal computer on the bench that was running. Loth'Raks moved towards it and took a seat. It had security footage of everything that happened in the room. 'Interested, why would the robots give me such access?' Loth'Raks questioned. He started to click some buttons on the keyboard, rewinding the footage. He rewound footage of himself exiting the room and the conversation that Detective and himself had. The footage before Loth'Raks entered the room will be most interesting. It showed Detective still tied. Then the most interesting footage - Detective being brought into the room by a human and someone that looked similar to Loth'Raks. 'Could this be Antony', Loth'Raks gasped. In this time line Loth'Raks never created Antony but the crossover of time lines was causing crazy results - one of them being characters being moved across time lines. Loth'Raks needed to talk to Detective again, to find out about who brought him here. It wasn't the Robots, it was a human and a half-alien/half-human He stood up from the keyboard and moved towards the door. 'Let me out', he yelled, banging on the door. No response. He banged on the window to get attention of Detective but he didn't notice. Sound proof glass. Loth'Raks reached for his pocket. He had the device that Detective had slipped him. Perhaps he could use it to get out of here. It had two buttons on it. Stop. Start. He hit the start button. A whirling sound began. Quiet at first but it grew louder. And louder. Loth'Raks held his ears. The pain was dreadful. He collapsed to the ground. Red and Purple lazers appeared around the room. Loth'Rak rocked back and forward on the lino floor. It finally ended with him blacking out. His body frozen on the floor.

Sarah and Antony carried Detectives body. Rain fell as they hurried down the street. They didn't have long. They needed to get the body setup before the robots returned. Sarah carried Detectives head and Antony was holding his legs. Detective was unconscious but could wake at any moment. It was important he didn't see him else it could change everything. Antony was excited for the possibility that he would meet his Father. Antony had became stuck in this time line when the other time line collapsed when certain events happened - most notable 6b345 finding the red USB on Mars. When 6b3456 found the USB it created this other time line. A time line where Antony was never created. His time line started to not exist. The very woman that was helping him now he had killed in the other time line, she didn't know this though. If she knew this, she might not be so keen on helping him. 'Almost there', Antony spoke. He spoke perfect human English. 'Lets just move quicker', Sarah grunted. The rain splashed down as they rushed though the dark and empty streets. They finally reached the building. The sign out the front read TechFuncMasters number 6. Antony knocked. 'Whats the point in that, no one is going to answer', Sarah snapped. She tried to open the door, it was unlocked and swing open. A white hallway greeted them. They' moved quickly down the hallway with Detectives body. The lights detected the movement - switching on. They reached another room and with one hand Antony opened it. They carried Detectives body into the room. It was a small room with two chairs and a desk. They placed Detectives body on one of the chairs and tied him up. Before exiting Antony put a device into Detectives pocket and whispered into his ear, 'Give this to Loth'Raks, my Father'. And with that Sarah and Antony walked out of the room, locking the door after them. They hurried down the hallway, relieved to not be car ring the body anymore. They could hear sirens in the distance. Sarah stopped. 'Lets go', Antony yelled, opening up the front door. Sarah listened and walked forward out of the door. The two made it outside. Rain was pouring. They needed to find somewhere safe to hide, the robots would be on their way. A car pulled up and tooted. It was Joey. Sarah and Antony climbed into the back of the car and the three drove off - away from the sirens.

Loth'Raks awoke. His head hurt. Looking around he could recognize where he was. He was on his own ship. Looking out the window he could tell that he was in space. There was no sign of planets. He slowly pulled himself up from the ground. Moving towards his ship computer. He needed to know where he was and what year it was. The GPS showed that he was just outside of Earths Galaxy, and the year - to his surprise was 4,500. It was over 1000 years since he arrived on Earth. He decided the best option was to travel to Earth and investigate further there. Allot would of happened in 1000 years. He wanted to make sure that his own race was still safe. He switched the cords of his ship to Earth and took off and light speed. He observed the Earths surface. It had changed since he last viewed it. Very little land was left, it was mostly covered in water. Loth'Raks aimed the ship to land on an area that was above ground. The ship took off - entering the Earths surface. It was a rough entry but he made it. There was no welcome party for him this time. The Earth was empty. 'What happened here', Loth'Raks spoke as he exited his ship. It looked like another war had erupted. To his shock he found bodies of his own race on the planet. Their bodies were not made to break down like humans were. Destroyed robot parts were scatted among the bodies of his own people. 'How did this happen', Loth'Raks was in shock. 'Was this me? Whatever I do, my race always dies'. Loth'Raks realized that whatever he did, his race would die. The more changes and time line changes that he makes, the more others are killed in the process. His only option was to go back and destroy his race himself. That would save the humans, and not lead to the uprising of the machines. 'How would I get back that far', Loth'Raks thought to himself. He searched the Earth for the answers, spending years, but with no luck he decided to head back to his own planet. He took off in his ship and went through the black hole, coming out at his own planet. Like Earth, his planet was deserted. 'Was he the only one left?', he wondered. On his own planet he was able to modify the time switch device to send him back to before the events that lead to both the Human and his own race being destroyed. He could use the ray gun and destroy his race himself. He went back in time to when he was exploring the moon. The weapon was aboard his ship. He fired it, killing all life forms. The current version of himself watched in horror from the distant planet at his planet come under attack. As he fired the future version of Loth'Raks could feel events fading. His own body faded away. The ship dissolved into time. The future was unpredicted.

Sarah and Antony had successfully left Detective tied up in the building. They were heading down the wet road. Antony felt sad that they had to leave before he had a chance to meet his Father. 'What will they be doing right now?', Antony asked Sarah. She was driving and focused on the road. She gave him a quick glance. 'Loth'Rak and Detective will be talking. Detective will slip Loth'Rak the device', Sarah explained. She knew what was going to happen. She had seen it all happen before, dozens of times. Each time it failed. They had to get it right this time. Only Loth'Rak could fix the past. She knew that Antony was spose to kill her. She accepted that. It was the best thing for mankind. He would kill her on Mars and take control of the Humans on Mars. He may seem sinister controlling these humans but in fact it is the most humain option. The sirens had stopped in the distance. The robots must of reached the building with Loth'Rak and taken him in to see Detective. Sarah and Antony had modified Detective so that the robots and Loth'Rak wouldn't be able to reconise him. They had found Detective when he was sent back from the other timeline to rescure a 12 year old boy from the attack on Presidents Speech. It was fortold that saving 12 year old Joey would lead to successfully sending the 80,000 humans to Mars. Without saving him, the 80,000 humans never make it to Mars. They were still unsure excactly how he becomes to have so much power, but only time will tell.