Let's take a step back. There were areas that were not covered. Specificly when 6b345 finds the red USB on Mars and also when vanessa leaves Earth after finding out about Antony killing Sarah.

Vanessa had loaded Joeys robotic body onto there ship. The robots around here were giving her strange looks. She hurried to get the ship going before authoritive robots showed up. They would arrest her on site. She could hear sirens in the distance, drifting closer. Vanessa moved towards the crews lounge - adjusting the settings for take off. She didn't have long. The ship started to start up and lift off the ground. The sirens were on her now. Vanessa had just made it off the ground before they arrived. The police below stepped out their vehile and watched as Vanessas ship left Earth. The GPS was set to Mars. She had Joey and video evidence onboard to show the people of Mars that Antony was using them and that he was the traitor to mankind, not Sarah. Vanessa tapped keys on the keyboard bringing up the television show 'Linus and Friends', a premars television show that looked into the development of the AI robots created for artwork. This was all ancient history now and Vanessa found it fasanating to learn about premars events - especially technology. This made good inflight entertainment for the flight back to Mars. The show explained how Linus created the AI to help him with his art homework - something that he was rubbish at. He wanted to build a robot that would do artwork for him so that he could spend more time doing things that interested him, such as programming. Linuses project grew, others developed it further. The AI not only was able to create original works but it could mimic artists and styles. The AI developed quickly.

The figure that had been on the top of the dunes had vanished. Antony sat down and relaxed as 6b345 searched the dunes for any trace of the mysterious figure. As 6b345 was searching the dune he saw something sparkle out of the corner of his eye. He bent down and investaged it further. It was a red USB device. He picked it up and exampied it. 'Did the figure drop this?', 6b345 thought. He added it to his storage device. Unsure weither to tell Antony about his discovery he heading back to Antony. 'Find anything', Antony asked. 6b345 shook his head, lying. 'Damn it', Antony cursed. Antony stood up and walked out into the dunes to look further himself. 6b345 was curious about what was on the USB. He headed inside the building to find a terminal computer. 6b345 pushed the green button to open the door to the building. It slided open with a beeping sound. He steped inside, careful that his steel feet don't scratch the lino floor. He had entered a hallway that was completely white. He started walking down the hallway towards the terminal computer room. Halfway down the hallway he stopped. He turned left 45 degrees. Standing in front of him now was a large steel door. He pressed the green button. The door slided open with a beeping sound - similar to the front door. 6b345 walked forward, entering the terminal computer room. Sixteen computers scatted around the room. This was systemcontrol for the Mars. 6b345 scanned the room. No lifeforms found. He headed towards the nearest terminal computer. Sitting down on the chair and switched on the computer. The lights on it turned from red to green. Beep, Beep. It made a wizzing sound on startup. 6b345 reached into his storage case and pulled out the USB. He plugged it into an empty USB port. The computer imediatly reconized it - causing the device to blink with red led lights. Green text appeared on the monitor. 'USB device found', the green text read. 'open usb folder?', the text asked. 6b345 lifted his hands above the keyboard, hitting Y with his left index finger. Green text scrolled through the screen. The folder was being loaded. 'Folder loaded'. 6b345 pressed a key to open the folder contents. Looking out the window 6b345 could see Antony searching the dunes for any evidence the figure may have left behind. 6b345 focused back on the monitor. He needed to get this data looked at before Antony found him. The folder contained AI data for an AI prototype named Joey. that was anchiant. The blueprints were hundrads of years old. 'What use is this', 6b345 thought to himself. He removed the USB from the drive and closed the window. He decided that he will conitnue looking at these files later', it was too risky to attempt it now. Antony will be back in the room at any moment. 6b345 could hear the door to the building open. He quickly placed the USB in his storage compartment and made sure the terminal computer was switched off. Everything was normal. But he needed a reason to be in this room. He heard the door open that lead to the bathroom. Either Antony was using the bathroom or he was looking for 6b345. His guess would be he's looking for 6b345, Antony rarely had a use for the bathroom. 6b345 scanned the room for a reason why and what he was doing there. Battery low flashed on 6b345 screen. Perfect he thought, I am here to charge. He fpound a charging bay in the corner of the room and hurried accross. Plugging himself in the batery levels switched from low to charging. The doors to the computer room opened. Antony stepped in. 'What are you doing here', he asked. Antony then noticed that 6b345 was plugged in and charging. He knew that the robot might not respond to his speech when it was charging. He turned and exited. 6b345 gave a sigh. The 'im charging in here' plan had worked. Antony had moved into the lounge where he switched on the televison set. 6b345 decided it best for him to stay there and charge. He switched his systems off in order to charge quicker. The world faded to black. 6b345s system was fully charged. The system switched from hybernate to full power. This setting allowed him to save his state but still shutdown, allowing for quick startups. He unplugged himself from the charging dock and stood up. He checked his storage device. The usb key was still there. 6b345 headed towards the exit of the computer room. He wanted to check on Antony. The door to the computer room opened and Antony stepped through. He headed down the hallway towards the television room, moving quietly incase Antony was sleeping. He reached the computer room. Antony was asleep on the couch. The television still blasting shows. 6b345 switched off the television and wrapped a blanket around Antony. He had considered moving Antony to the sleeping quarters but he didn't want to wake the sleeping alien.

Vanessas ship hovered over mars. Joey was still switched off. Before landing Vanessa decided it might be best if she started him up. She had no idea the reaction that the robot will give her. She switched off the monitor that was still playing 'Linus and Friends'. She stood up from the chair, stretching her back. It clicked as she leaned back. Vanessa headed out the room, towards the storage room where Joey was being kept. His body lay on the bench. Switched off and lifeless. She needed to undo the screws in the back of his back and open an area where she could reset the system. Vanessa flipped Joey over and located the area where the reset button is. Using a screwdriver she opened the area up. Wires and cables flung out. She needed to be careful not to damage the machine. Moving the wires out of the way she found a button that she needed. She reached in and pressed the button. The red led light switched to green and the machine started to boot up. Vanessa covered up the area by poking the wires back in and screwed the lid on. She flipped the body over. 'He should be starting up any moment now', she thought. His two metal eyes were wide open. The leds in the eyes had switched to green and the body was making a whirling sound. Joeys mouth starting to move, announcing the startup process and the recent changes that Vanessa had modified in his system. He was finally booted. Joey imedically sat up and looked to the left, then to the right. He steered Vanessa in the eyes. 'Greetings, I am Joey McFurson. Prototype 8g567 of the ArtControl robotic systems', Joey announced. 'Who are you?', he asked Vanessa. She held out her hand to Joey. "I'm Vanessa", shacking Joeys hand. His steel hand felt cold against her skin. 'Where are we? My GPS seems to be disabled', Joey asked. 'We are nearing Mars, I wanted to activate you before we land', Vanessa explained to Joey. 'Mars!', Joey spoke, very excited. "I have heard much about Mars, but have never left Earth. I bet I am in for a treat', he continued, still very excited. "We are here to save mankind, many years ago the human version of yourself witnessed a murder that lead to mankind being enslaved by an evil alien', Vanessa explained to Joey. Joey started to whizz and beep as he accessed this information. The noice quietened and he started to speak. 'Yes the information is here, it had been encrupted and hidden. Recent changes to my system has lead to the data to be unencrupted and visable. Was this your doing Vanessa?', Joey asked. 'Yes that was me, I reprogrammed you at the conference to backup the data incase you didn't make it. I have both you and the data though', explained Sarah as she held up a red USB drive. 'All the information is on this USB to save mankind. We may not be able to stop Earth from getting wiped out, but we can save these humans on Mars', Vanessa said proudly. 'We are going to land on Mars and show the people that Sarah was not a traitor to mankind, that it was Antony that destored mankind.