Vanessa preped the ship for landing. She needed to make sure that the data on Antony and what happened would be released to the humans of Mars in case she was captured and the information not released. She needed to come with a plan to make sure that the information would still be released. Had had access to the old terminal computers on system control on mars. She was able to sync across the data to these systems and it would all be released to the humans on Mars in the next 24 hours. The information would be sent to their mobile phones and home computers. Vanessa planned to announce it to the world before this happened. She created this as a backup plan. It was too dangerous to land and broadcast the announcement so Vanessa decided to broadcast the announcement from Mars atmosphere through the starlight's that were hoovering above the planet. Vanessa started to setup what she would need to broadcast. A camera, a laptop, and a microphone. It wasn't going to fancy but it would have to do. She setup two seat. One for her and another for Joey. She connected the camera to the laptop and booted it up. A desktop appeared on the computer. Vanessa used the touch pad and opened up the open source video recording software. 'Testing One, Two, Three', she spoke into the mic. The laptop was recognizing the mic. She turned on the camera - hit record and giving a wave in front of the camera. She pressed stop and tested that the footage recorded. She watched the footage of her waving in front of the camera. Everything seemed to be setup She just needed to make sure she was able to stream it to all the Humans on Mars. Before leaving Mars Vanessa had left behind a virus in their system that she would active now in order to take over all the devices on Mars and stream her footage. Now was the time to active the virus. She opened a terminal on the laptop and connected into the firewall on Mars. Here she was able to release the virus. It was ready. All she needed to do was go to the supply room and retrieve Joey and sit him down in front of the camera with her. Together they will show what happened on Earth. Vanessa stood up from the laptop and moved into the storage room to retrieve Joey. The door to the storage door opened and Vanessa stepped in. Joey was where she had left him, sitting on standby on the bench. It was too much effort to carry the standby body of Joey into the room, Vanessa decided to active him. He had been heavy enough to carry onto the ship. She active him by pressing the standby button on the side of his head. The led light switched from orange to green. Joey immediately stood up and spoke, 'Orders please'. Vanessa asked him to move to the foyler area and have a seat. Joey walked forward and exited the storage room. Vanessa followed. Joey sat on the left chair in front of the camera, Switched on the camera to stream before she sat down on the right seat. They were broadcasting to the last remaining members of the human race.

Detective was having breakfast with his Mother and Father when the broadcast. His Mother had made his favorite - Eggs Benedict and toast with melting butter. In his left hand Detective held a fork and in his right hand a knife. He was about to cut into his eggs when the television in the lounge switched on. "That's strange", spoke his Father, looking up form his paper. He adjusted his glasses and stood up, heading into the lounge. Detective was enjoying his eggs when his Father yelled from the lounge, 'Guys get in here', Detective dropped his knife and fork and stood up, walking into the lounge. The footage wasn't the usual Mars State News but someone broadcasting from somewhere that looked like an inside of a space ship. Two figures sat in front of camera. Detective recognized one of them as the terrorist Vanessa whom had recently escaped from Mars. She started to speak, 'To my fellow Humans of Mars. My name is Vanessa May. I am here with the AI robot of Joey McFurson'. Detective decided to take a seat in front of the television. His Mother and Father stood close to the television, both steering at it with great interest. 'You have all been lied to from the suppose 'great leader' Antony. The three gasped. 'How dare she insult our great leader', cursed Detective Father. 'Calm now hun', Detective Mother rubbing him on the shoulders. 'Remember you must not get upset or your blood pressure will increase, come, take a seat', She directed him to take a seat on the couch. The broadcast continued on the television. 'What Antony has told you about events on Earth and the Moon. It was not Sarah that destroyed the humans of Earth. It was Antony.' The broadcast switched to footage of Antony killing Sarah taken from the memory of Joey. 'Oh, how horrible, he's a horrible monster', spoke Detectives Mother. 'shh, you must not insult our great leader', responded Detectives Father. Detective just sat on the couch watching the footage. He made no comment. Watching the footage made him uneasy seeing footage of Joey gave him a piecing headache. He dropped to the ground in a fit, then froze. Detectives Mother and Father rushed over to him. It happened so quickly. His Mother reached for the phone and dialed emergency.

All over Mars humans were watching the footage. Antony sat in his tower furious that the footage was being shown. 'How could this happen', he yelled. 'Guards, Get in here', he demanded. The guards didn't respond. Antony stood up from his seat and headed towards the door. 'Where are my guards', he spoke. He swung open the doors. The guards were gone. 'What is happening to this place', Antony angrily heading towards the door. His palace was empty. Outside a revolution was beginning. People were protesting with signs, even Antony's own police had joined the protesters. Antony watched them from the window. He couldn't stay here anymore he realized. He needed to leave the planet. There was a secret passageway that would lead to a ship that he could use to get off the planet. The protesters would enter his palace soon and he didn't want to be around for that to happen. He turned away from the window and headed towards his storage room. There was an essential tool that he needed to get before leaving - something that may help him change these events. Antony entered the code on the storage case. 6. 4. 2. 6. It opened. Inside was a small rectangle device - the time shift device. This device allowed Antony to manipulate time. He slashed it in his pocket and headed towards the secret exit.

Detectives Mother and Father stood over Detectives body. They had dialed emergency but there was no response. Outside people were rioting over the televising broadcast. Detective had stopped breathing and his Mother was lying over him in tears. His Father was sitting on the couch in disbelief. As the two sobbed the wall of their lounge burst in. Antony stood in their lounge. He had just burst down their lounge wall. Detectives Mother fainted and his Father confused and in shock got on his hands and knees and bowed down to Antony. Looking back and forward Antony picked up the body of Detective and made his way to the kitchen. He tapped the ground with his foot - opening up a secret switch. Pressing this switch opened up stairs down to where the skip was kept. Antony carried Detective and made his way down to the ship. Detectives Father was still on his hands and knees worshiping Antony, and his Mother passed out on the lounge floor. Antony loaded Detectives body onto the ship and climbed aboard. He needed to get off the planet before Vanessa or any of the protesters found him. Antony entered the control room and started the ship up. He had wonderful memories of this ship. It was the ship that he had fled Earth on. He decided to go where no one would dream of looking for him - Earth.

Vanessa and Joey had finished their broadcast. It was time to land the ship and check on the status of the Humans on Mars. Finding Antony would be a proratey also. The ship entered the landing dock where it had taken off. Both Vanessa and Joey exited the ship. Down below on the streets the two could see riots happening on the street. It's what Vanessa had expected to happen. Her job now was to find Antony. He was likely hiding out in his palace so she started heading towards the giant palace building overlooking the city. As she entered the crowds silence grew around her. Crowds gathered and followed her march to Antony's. The crowd reached the entry of the palace. Vanessa took a microphone speaker from one of the proests and began to speak into the microphone speaker, 'Antony. This is Vanessa May. You are under arrest for murder. Come out with your arms up', The sound boomed the area. If Antony was inside the building he would of heard it. Vanessa waited a few moments. She repeated the message. Still no response. Vanessa wasn't the type of person to do things three times. 'burst in the door', she asked the protesters. Quite happily a group of protested used a large piece of steel and burst open the door. Vanessa marched in followed by the mob of protesters. She checked his office first. It was empty. 'Spread out and find him', she ordered the group. The protesters split off into small groups and started to search the palace. As they searched the heard a engine start up outside and start to take off. It was the sound of a ship. Vanessa rushed outside with the protesters following. The group watched as the ship took off. 'Can we confiorm who was on that ship', asked Sarah. Joey scanned the ship and spoke out the results. 'Scanning shows the ship contains two lifeforms, one being Antony and another registered to citizen Detective'. Joey switched off the scanner. 'Two lifeforms? Who is this Detective person, Antony I can expect but why leave with another?', Sarah asked.