Sarah could hear the jug had boiled. The bathroom door seprated her from the kitchen. She had showered, rinsing the blood. The clothes that she wore had been given to her by Antony. They had belonged to his ex-wife. Antony's wife had been in a terrible accident and passed away. Antony had never remarried but instead focused on his work. Shortly after his wife's death he was hired to develop software to develop code for to get the computer to paint lines. Antony was a specialist in writing code for graphics. Antony never meet the man who contracted him. All the code was uploaded to a server. He was given a private key to connect to. When the code was uploaded to the server it is moved off the server and original content deleted.

Antony opened the pantry cabinet. He was hungry but wasn't quite sure what to make. Noodles seemed like a good choice.

Sarah opened the steel door and steeped into the room. Antony was standing in front of the cubard. He seemed to be deciding on something to cook. 'Take a seat', he spoke. 'Thank you', Sarah replied, moving towards the table and chairs. 'You must be starving, is there anything in particle you feel like?', asked Antony. 'Yes I am hungry, whatever is fine', Sarah replied. 'Fried noodles it is then', Antony reached for the Japanese style noodles. 'Cut two onion', he spoke. A metal mechanical arm with a knife attached to the end on the bench started to cut up two onions. 'auto fried noodles'. 'fried noodles started', replied the machine. Antony moved towards the table where Sarah was sitting. 'I will let the machine take care of dinner so we can talk', Antony remarked as he took a seat opposite Sarah. 'I will like you to explain all events you can remember from the past twenty four hours', Antony asked Sarah. He took out a pad and pen. 'Where to begin', Sarah replied.

Sarah looked back at the Earth from the capsule. She was being sent to the moon on a mission to recover prototype 6b345 ArtControl. System control had lost contact with it during a recent mission. It had been with 5 other prototype ArtControl machines exploring craters of the moon before its radio-signal failed. It was suspected that its system had been taken over by a hacker and it was being remotely controlled by someone on Earth. This was dangerous as this particle machine was designed with nuclear capabilities. Sarah closes her eyes as she exited the Earth atmosphere. The ship she was traveling over was running the AI ArtControl system headless. This allowed for ArtControl to control the ships functions so that the crew were able to relax. This cut down the risk of mistakes as ArtControl was designed to not make a mistake. Once on the moon Sarah would carry a Raspberry Pi computer hooked to her life support that would assist her on the mission to retrieve prototype 6b345. The Pi was running the AI Artcontrol. Sarah stepped out of the pod. The her suit had been modified to allow her to walk on the moon with similar gravity to that of Earth. 20 meters in front of her she spotted the moon buggy. This was going to be used to get to the crater where system control last had contact with 6b345. The buggy was equipped with GPS that would be controlled by ArtControl to take her to the crater. She started moving towards the buggy. 'Sarah, this is system control', came a voice on her headset. 'confirm, This is Sarah', she replied. 'We notice you have arrived and exited the pod, status update' the voice asked. 'Everything is fine, moving toward the transport'. 'Roger that, ArtControl will take over once you reach the transport, system control out'. The transmission ended. Sarah continued moving towards the transport. After finally reaching the transport she climbed into the seat. It was a single pod that had been designed to move over the toughest conditions - perfect for the rocky texture of the moon. Sarah reached for the Raspberry Pi from her belt and connected it to the transport. The Pi switched on with the power given to it from the transport. The monitor in front of Sarah switched on. Bios loaded, and the kernel booted. Once the operating system was loaded the transport began moving forward. Sarah strapped herself in as it began to speed up.

In a distance the prototype 6b345 ArtControl watched the transport zip across the moons surface. 6b345 stood still, knowing the humans would not be able to find it.

3km till destination the monitor display. Estimated time of arrive: 45 seconds. Sarah could see the crater now that they gotten closer. The transport started to slow down. It stopped just before reaching the crater. Destination reached the monitor displayed. Sarah unbuckled her belt and climbed out of the transport. She moved into the crater. The place was a mess. Scraps of metal were lying around. She reached for the camera in her belt and started to document the evidence. Something had happened her and it was her job to figure it out. She moved deeper into the crater. What is this metal? She thought to herself, it was nothing like they had on Earth. It must of been some sort of alien technology. Sarah bent over and gathered some of the metal depree into a evidence bag. Scientists back on Earth will analyze this. It may shred some light on what happened to 6b345.

6b345 watched as the human gathered evidence from the site. It had activated its camo that rendered it invisible to the human eye. It watched as the human placed an object into a bag. 'Sarah, this is system control', a voice blasted. 'We are getting some crazy radio signals from your position, status update please'. The human lifted her arm towards her ear. 'Sarah', 6b345 thought to itself. It loaded its database of human personal. 'Sarah Clarkson, 27 years old, American', The database showed. 'More detail', 6b345 loaded more detailed information. 'Born New York December 15th 2021 at 5:32am to Danny and Mary Clarkson. Attended New York State School from ages 5 till 17, studied computer science in New York University for 4 years. Currently working for NASA as a AI developer.' 6b345 shutdown the report.

A sharp bass notice blasted in Sarah ear. 'System Control, was that you', asked Sarah over her mic. 'Sarah, This is mission control. We did not transmit, is there a problem?', replied system control. 'hmm strange, it was a bass sound happening in my headset', Sarah remarked. "I'm done here, heading back to the pod". Sarah turned around and headed towards the transport. She needed to head back to the pod and return to Earth with the evidence she had gathered. She reached the transport that would return her to the pod. The process was the same as before - she took the Raspberry Pi from her belt and attached it to the transport. The monitor booted up and transport turned around - heading towards the pods location.

6b345 held on to the transport as it started to move towards the pod. They were planning on traveling on the ship with Sarah. The camo was running out of power though so it may need to hide in the pod during the return trip to Earth. This could cause issues if Sarah noticed him on board. There was enough power to get on the pod and take off, which is the important.

Sarah pulled up at the pod. She dispatched the Raspberry Pi from the transport and unstopped herself. She was still getting a strange bass sound from her headset. She moved towards the pod and took off.

As she was exiting the moon there was a large explosion. She looked down in horror to see that the moon had split, creating several parts of the moon. The parts were attached only just, but this couldn't be good for Earth. The effects this would have on Earth would be devastating. Maybe she wouldn't be able to return to Earth. Mars was an option - Humans had set up a base on the planet in case something ever happened. It was mainly run by ArtControl machines but several hundred humans were preserved there as a backup for humankind.

6b345 had curled into a small cube to fit inside the pod. They had made their way into the supply and inventory area where hopefully they wouldn't be noticed. To preserve power they switched off the camo and would switch it on if someone entered the area or once they landed back on earth.