Antony rushed down the secret entry of the building. As he made his way he could hear a voice booming out the front of the building. The voice was distorted but it sounded like a females voice. It must be Vanessa, Antony thought to himself. A grin came over his face. She will have no idea what I'm about to do. He reached the end of the corodoor. To get to the next area he needed to set off the dynomite that was strapped to the wall. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He procided to light the dynomite. Antony took serveral steps back. The blast exposed a civilians lounge. Three figures were in the room. Two male and one female. The female collabsed in shock. One of the males got down on his hands and knees and started to worship Antony. The usual treatment he got. The third was on the ground - looking quite lifeless. Antony stepped forward, towards the man on the floor. With two of his arms Antony picked the man up and headed towards the kitchen. Once in the kitchen he was able to activate a button that opened up a staircase below. He made his way down. He moved quickly but carefully, holding the body as he took steps. He reached the bottom of the steps. In front of him lay a ship. Antony pressed the green button and the ramp came down along with the door sliding open. He made his way up the ramp and into the ship, closing the door after him. The ship was dim. Antony switched on the lights and procided towards the crew desk. He dumped the body onto a chair. He needed to take off now. He started the ships engines up. The protesters and Vanessa would hear him taking off, but it's too late. Using the controller he lifted the ship up off the ground. It hovered for a moment before being thrust forward. He took off leaving Mars. Looking out the window below he could see the mob group of people watching him take off from the surface. Antony wasn't sure what to do. He decided to just drift in space for now. Once he was far away from Mars that Vanessa wouldn't be able to find him, he switched off the ships engines. Antony drifted through empty space. He was not happy with the result. Could he change any of the events that took place? He did not approve of Vanessa and Joey releasing the footage, he wanted to chage that. Antony had the time split device. He decided that he would use the person that he captured and send him back to change effects. The body was still lifeless. He needed to bring it back to life. He lifted the body up from the chair and took it into the medical surgery room. Antony would need to perform open brain surgery on the person, injecting in some of Antonys dna into the brain. This would interlink the two and create a super human. He placed the body on the table and reached for the skelpel on the table. He had never performed open brain surgery so Antony was quite nervous. Antony started to cut into the forehead. Blood squarted out at Antony. He wiped it from his face. 'Perhaps a mask might help', he thought, searching through the cubard for a surgery mask. There was one. It was a dusty but he wiped it off and placed it on his face. He moved back to the body of the table. The splatter wouldn't get on his face now, instead on the mask. Antony continued to cut into forehead around into the side and back. He was able to pull off the area now and access the brain. He took a needle and injected the brain with his DNA. The substance traveled from the brain and into the rest of the body. Antony started to sew the brain back together. Just as he finished the sewing the persons eyes opened. Antony jumped back. 'Hi there', the person spoke. Antony was shocked that the substance worked so quickly. 'Hi, Im Antony', he spoke, holding out his hand. The person held their hand out and shook Antonys hand. 'I'm Detective, nice to meet you', shacking Antonys hand. Clearly Detective was delisional, he had no idea who Antony was. Open brain surgery might do this to someone. At least he seems to know who he is. Antony continued to question him. 'So what was the last thing you remember', Antony asked Detective. 'I remember eating breakfast with my Mother and Father. Mother had made me eggs', Detective explained. 'And what date was this?', Antony questioned. Detecive continued, giving Antony the date that they had left Mars. It seemed like he couldn't remember the television broadcast. This was good, Antony didn't want Detective remembering the television broadcast and the riots. Antony started with his lie. 'Detective I have some terrible news for you, Im afraid to say that you and me are the only two remainding lifeforms left from Mars. Shortly after you had breakfast there was an attack on the Human population, you blacked out', Antony told him. Detective listened in horror at the story. 'I'm afraid you and me were the only two to escape. As I was evactaling the palace I came accross you and loaded you onto the ship', Antony finished his story. 'And then you woke up here'. Detective didn't know what to say. They only two remaining lifeforms. 'Do you have a plan?', Detecitve asked Antony. 'As a matter of fact I do', replied Antony. He had thought for sometime on the plan for Detective. Kidnaping him when he left Mars had worked out well. 'I am going to send you back in time with this', Antony announced, holding up the time split device to Detective. Antony held up the time split device. Detective reached out to grab it. 'Careful now', Antony said as he pulled it back from Detectives grasp. 'This is a dangerous device if used incorrectly'. Detective steered at the device, captavated by it. 'What we need is a plan for when you go back, I've written you up a list of tasks', Antony explained. He pulled out a list and handed to Antony. 'You want me to killed these people', Detective asked. 'That is correct', Antony said with a smile. 'If you are sucessful, all this will change, you will be reunited with your family. Detective nodded. 'Fantastic!', Antony stood up. 'We should get started with the prep straight away'.

Vanessa had driven Antony from Mars. She wasn't happy though. She felt uneasy that he had a ship and was out in space, free. A monster so corupt should never be free. Vanessa watched the ship disapear from view. Her first plan was to talk to the family of Detective who was on the ship with Antony. They had done a head count of all humans on Mars, Detective was the only human missing. Vanessa stepped into the apartment building. The police had taken Detectives parents and they were being held for questioning on what happened. Vanessa was at the families apartment building. She wanted to get a sense on what happened here before talking to Detectives Mother and Father. She walked down the hallway. It lead to the lounge. The lounge was a mess. The whole wall had been burst in. From the looks of it dinomite was used to destory the wall. Vanessa peaked through the hole. The tunnel looked like it lead to palace. That must of been how he escaped the palace. Vanessa headed down the passage way and it came out at the palace. She headed back to the apartment. Vanessa walked into the kitchen. There was a staircase opened in the center of the room. Vanessa followed the steps down. It lead to a ships hanger. This was where Antony must of kept the ship.

Antony started to prep Detective for the travel. He used leather straps and straped his arms and legs to the chair. 'Will this hurt', asked Detective 'You won't feel a thing', Antony lied. The fact was the trip could be painful and there were unexpected consquiences. Antony had tested the device before on himself. He had changed past events before and had experienced visions of multipy worlds. The same consqiences could happen to Decective when he goes back. Antony gave Detective an injection. 'Are you ready?', Antony asked. Detective nodded. Antony handed Detective the time split device. Antony had preprogrammed to take Detective back to a certain moment. 'Just hit the green button when you are ready', Antony told Detective. He pressed down on the greenbutton. His body frozen in time before he coulf take it off. Antony stood there with his mouth open, he hadn't finished he was just speaking. The ship frozen in space and the area around the ship froze. Within a few minutes the ship started to move again as did Antony. Detective stayed frozen, experiencing the past. Antony looked around the ship. To the left and right. 'Had it worked?', he thought to himself. He steered at Detective. He was still frozen. His body looked like it had life unlike before when Antony had picked Detectives lifeless body off the kitchen floor. Would his parents relize he was alive? When Antony had grabed him from the lounge floor Detective was dead. The injection he had given the brain had brought him back to life. Antony thought it was strange that Detective remembered eating eggs but didn't remember the television broadcast. 'Were you lying to me?', Antony asked the frozen body of Detective. Of course there was no responce - only silence. Antony thought about what Dectective might be doing right now. Whatever he was doing, it was going to change the present. The lightbulb flickered as Antony sat there. Waiting for Detective to wake up.