Detectives eyes opened. 'Where am I', he though. Standing over him was a strange looking part-human, part-alien creature. Something had changed. He knew something was terriblely wrong. Straps were holding his arms and legs. He was unable to move. The lightbulb light flickered. The creature stood over him with a wicked grin. He seld two skelpes in 2 of his hands. The other two arms holding other equipment. Detective splatted 'hello' from his mouth. The creature mutted some words at Detective which he understood barely. He gets asked about his most recent breakfast. He sees visions of eggs on breakfast, watching the broadcast on the television and the protesters outside. Then darkness. His next memories were waking up here with Antony standing over him, cutting his head open. Antony had injected something into his system. His body felt different, and it wasn't just the open brain surgery. Antony questioned him, pretending to be nice. Detective lied his way through the questions.

The event that just took place was onboard a ship traveling through unknown space with its engines switched off. It involved two main characters of the story. Everything is one big cycle. Whatever happens, happens. If you attempt to change it, it will fail. Detective is sent back to where he wakes to a world inhabited by humans. The humans find the alien dna in his brain leading to extraction and development of ai systems. It is here where he begins to experience multipy timelines. At some point there was a hickup with the timelines, causing characters to experience multi timelines.

There are two major different timelines. The first - when humans kill Loth'Raks planet, leading to Antony killing human race. The 2nd - when robots kill the human race, stops the attack on Loth'Raks planet and Loth'Rak ends up destoring his own planet. What ever they attempt to do they are unable to save Earth. The novel takes place over a long period of time. The characters consiste of generations and robots that live forever. When Antony sent the first person back with the time slipt device - Detective humans find him and extract the metal out of his brain and duplaict the metal.

It's a ever lasting circle. When will it stop?

Vanessa had tracked Antonys ship to just outside of Mars atomsphere. From the footage she was watching of the ship it had switched off it's engines and was drifting through space. She was able to access the CCTV onboard the ship. The achieve of the ships footage was all there. She was able to view all the ships footage of when Antony had boarded the ship on Mars, taken off, and now floating through space. Vanessa started the footage from the start, from when Antony board the ship. The camera she was viewing was inside the ship, pointing towards the entry to the ship. Vanessa watched the footage of the door to the ship opened. Antony stepped into the ship with the body of Detective. She switched cameras - allowing her to see him dump the body onto a chair and strap it in. Antony rushed quickly to the ships controls - starting the engine up and taking off. Camera footage showed Antony at the wheel of the ship steering the ship. Once he has left Mars he switches off the ship and gets up off the control seat. The footage shows him moving towards the body he has on the ship and perform brain surgery on the body - injecting the body with some sort of substance. Vanessa needed to find out what this was. She continued to watch the footage of the brain surgery taking place, despite being discusted by the footage. It showed Detectives forehead being cut into, and around the side/back. Antony removes the scalp and using a needle - pokes it into the brain injected some substance. Antony sews the scalp back up. The footage shows detectives eyes open when he has completed this. Vanessa studies the footage carefully. 'Does that make him a zombie?,' she considers. Detective was a dead corpse. Injecting him with this substance gave him life. Maybe he's not the same person he was when he died? But then again - maybe he will be the same. What happened next was the strangest thing. The footage shows Antony and Detective chatting. Antony is seen scrampling around the room - organising something. He looks like hes in a rush.