'What could be preping for?,' Vanessa wondered. She watches as Antony hands Detective a device. Then the footage stops. 'Damn it', Vanessa curses. Something happens that causes all the eletronic devices in the area to stop working. What they have created is a kill switch, even if they don't relize it. Vanessa stood up from her chair. The camera footage from now is useless. She needs to find out what that substance was and how it brought Detective back to life.

Detective agreed to the tasks that Antony had shown him on the paper. He didn't agree with them - they involved either killing or hurting innocent people - people that had no idea about their effect or generations after them effect on society. Steering at the list of names, dates and times, and event almost brought him to tears. He had to hold back his emotions. If Antony had any idea that he was fully consisious then he would be destoried.

Vanessa had finished researching on the substance that Antony injected into Detectives brain - bringing him back to life. She stood in his surgery room. This was a hidden room in the palact that had a bunch of terminal computers and a table for performing surgerys. There was suspession of something like this - but this was horrific. Humans had been going missing and Vanessa had just worked out what was happening - Antony was capturing them and performing surgery on them. He was using the computers along with the traditinal medical aplications. Vanessa had found evidence that Antony was spicing DNA - mixing alien and human genes together to create monsters like himself.

6b345 and Blitz had been assisting Antony in the lab. 6b345 had been riped to pieces when they spaceship blew up entering the Earth atmosphere. Bliz had died in the accident. Vanessa had set the explosives on their ship to explode when it entered the Earths atmosphere. She hadn't expected it to blow up over the building that she was attempting to smuggle Joey out of - leading to a quick escape. It happened though.

AI Robot originally created to make art and a cat mixed with Antonys human and alien genes. The strangest of lab assistences.

On the wall was a framed painting of Loth'Rak. Vanessa could reconise him. Antony looked very similar to him. Antony had more human features though. Loth'Rak was a full alien, well Antony was only half.

Have they been talking about Vanessa, Antony, and Detective too much with the focus taken away from some other major events.

What happened to Sarah in the NASA testing room. They were preping for the Moon blast. The humans knew it was coming. When Detective was sent back by Antony for the first time in order to attempt to save Antony from being driven out of Mars by Vanessa.

6b345 changes a file that he finds on Mars so that the robot uprising happens. This begins when 6b345 finds a red usb on mars. It contains the system details for the artcontrol AI system that was developed to create art.

The conference that Vanessa attended on Earth was the Open Education Resource 2860. It was organized by robots. They created open education resources every day that were used in teaching of the Humans on Mars. Vanessa shows up and messys everything up with crashing 6b345 and Blitz into the building.

Need to write Blitz version of the story.

Blitz was born on 6 August 3555. The dust on Mars were partickly bad that day. Antony had created Blitz in the lab. He had mixed cat, human, and his own human and alien gene dna systems. It was the same process that Loth'Rak used on a human and his alien genes. Antony had memories from his Father and could access all the skills that Loth'Rak posisted.

Blitz had a speech impediment noticed by Antony shortley after he created him. The experiment created an alien like voice box that became mutated by a virus that contamanted the system. It lead to a bomb being set by Vanessa inside of Blirz, leading to their ship being burnt when entering the Earths atmosphere.

Blitz strided down the road. She enjoying the rain. On Mars it never rained but she had seen photographs and diagrams of how rain works.

The body of Blitz was cat-like but she had two human arms coming out of the bottom of her neck. Along with four cat like legs she was a highly productive, agile, and super creature.

The prototypes of Blitz had failed. Antony had tried to create a mixture of his and a animals genes for years. Each experiment being a fail.

6b345 had been a great assist to the creation of Blitz. Whenever Antony was in the lab he 6b345 was there with him to assist in the experiments. They went through attempts of mixing human and Antonys genes but failed. They were using sick citizens on Mars.

Antony had poisoned the Human race that meant they were unable to use the time shift device The files that are on the red USB active the AI system TechFuncMasters virus. It leads to the death of all the humans on Earth. Humans were sent to Mars in order to presurve mankind

This is a story about a series of events that are attempted to be manipilated by a time traveler. The effects are grave and unexpected where multi timelines cross over.

The story focuses on a red usb that contains a private key. It follows a series of differnt and altenative events around this red usb.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend reading it. It was created for NaNoWriMo 2015.

It was the second attempt to write a novel for NanoWriMo. The account has been active since 2011. Only novels in 2013, 2014, and 2015 were created. In 2014 the novel SpikeInfoSec was started. The total word count was only around 7000 words. It was writen on a raspberry pi computer using a IPython Notebook in Markdown format.

The injection had lead to sores begin to cover Detectives skin. Antony watched as his skin became red and infected. He tried to use substances to counter the effect but every day it just got worse. Detective had been in the coma for 3 years. 3 years of his brain switched off in this time and active in others. When he traveled he would of taken the time split device with him, leading to switch between times as he saw fit.

In 2015 for NaNoWriMo the novel ItWillNotBeMine was created. With a goal of 1666 words per day. On day one and seven over 2900 words were written. The majority of days over 1666 words were written. There were several days when less than 1000 wc, these were disapointing days but motivation to increase the count the following days.

The novel was writen on a HP Chromebook with ChromeOS. It was typed in a Debian Linux chroot on the Chromebook. It was also typed on a Raspberry Pi computer with a tft screen. On both of these devices, terminal was used with the text editor nano. For some of the days a Windows 7 computer was used and software Notepad++.

In the end a novel was created. It was 50,000 words, science fiction, a rough draft. I published it to the Writers Den Hamilton site as I wrote it. It's licenced under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence.

Thank you to NaNoWriMo for the event, Waikato NaNoWriMo, Writers Den Hamilton, Hamilton Computer Club, Creative Commons New Zealand and my family and friends for support and ideas.

The novel is reaching 40,000 words and decisions need to be made for the final days.

No point worring about the structure. Work on cleaning up plots and altenative perspectives on events.

Once the word count is reached the machine gets to sleep. They have a certain word count to make a day. How do they measure editing?

The robots just type files and the computer builds the site and uploads the changes to the webserver. Billions of words a day are created. The robots are not told what to write but instead just choose on what to write by analizing data. This leads to more happy and productive robots.

When they were building the robots they relized that if you made them sad they were less productive. Telling them what to do was the main thing that made them sad the data showed. They fixed this by no longer telling the robots what to do but instead let them sprint freely.

Joey loved to sprint. His robot of course loved it as well. The robot would show up at the conference enter at 8am sharp, 7 days a week. They would then sprint for the day - creating mostly Open Education Resources. They were free to create whatever they wanted though.

This novel is licenced under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence. I like this licence as it is free culture. Many seem to obsessed with putting work under a NC licence. Take a giant leap and don't licence under NC.

Can only see people doing great stuff with anything created. It's exciting see what people might do.

Need to go through some of the older works and find events and plots that need a cleanup.

Write down the character and all the events, times and suitrations that the character is involved with - from start to finish.

Make it epic and make it now. Let's get this finished. The last few days should be a good mofivater to get it finished. I will likely have a burst to 50,000. Once I hit that I will be done. I would like to start editing. Maybe remixing each chapter as a new blog post.

Taking posts on nzcommons and reusing them on WrtiersDenHamilton. Remixing them. Great pratice to edit work. This is going to get my over the wordcount!

Vanessa had taken a small ship from storage and attempt to locate Antonys ship. From her calcalations she has a rough idea where the ship could be She was able access GPS days from the ships camera before the footage stopped. Vanessa marched up the ramp. She had decided to bring Joey on the trip with her. Vanessa was impressed with how much of a hand it was once she actived it. Joey could be a help if she locates Antonys ship. The ship took off with Vanessa on it leaving Mars atmophere.

Antonys head hurt. The visions of multi time lines were apearing again. He was running low on the substance to opress them. Detecive was still straped to the chair. His body full of life but his mind in another time. Antony reached for the supply cubbard and pulled out a capsure of the substance. He needed the injection, the visions were becoming too unbearable. He placed the capsure into a clean needled and injected it into his arm. The visions imedicatly stopped.

Blitz was licking Sarahs blood off the ground on Mars when she was shot in the head by Antony. The causes a glitch in the timelines. When Sarah was shot in the head it causes Blitz to be warped to another timeline where Joey notices him as he is walking down.

Joey and Sarah walked down the dark and gloomy road. They arms were interlocked. In the distance they could see a shape that looked like a cat. The two headed closer towards the shape. It was unusal for there to be other lifeforms out in public. As they got closer to the figure they knew something was wrong. The cat had mutated or something. Out the side of it's next were two long human arms. Sarah vomited. The creature skretched and ran off. 'What the hell has happened here,' Sarah asked Joey, spiting the vomit from her mouth. 'I think that man Dectective is changing the events', Joey said. 'Uganka was spose to let us and we would use the time split device,' he continued to expain. 'I have no idea what we do now, we may be able to still active the time split device. Just because we didn't activate it then doesn't mean it won't,' Joey paused to let Sarah finish coughing, 'Are you OK?,' he asked, concerned for the coughing fit that Sarah had gotten herself into. The creature had stopped skretching and ran off into the dark. Joey moved up to where it was standing, licking something on the ground. He debed his finger into the substance. It was a rich red. Human blood. 'What would human blood be doing here?' Joey wondered. 'This is most unusal', he thought. Sarah had finished her coughing fit. 'What do we have here', She asked Joey. 'It seems to be human blood,' Joey explained, moving a sample of the blood into a container for analize back at the lab. 'Human blood!', Sarahs jaw dropped. She bend down and had a close look at the puddle on the ground. 'And this cat creature was drinking this? Why?', Sarah asked. 'I have no idea but there is something crazy happening here', Joey replied.

Blitz siped the blood that had been left on the floor when Antony shot Sarah. She looked around. Everything had changed. She relized that he was no longer on Mars. From what it looked like - she was on what looked Earth. Blitz had never been to Earth. She had been created in Antonys lab on Mars. Antony had shown her images of Earth. Blitz was part human and cat felling a strong connection to Earth. Blitz froze when she saw two figure approch. Who were these people? she thought.