Antony was running low of the substance. He had just enough to give Detective an injection when he awoke. once there live a man who lived in a big house hr had everything he wanted in that house. To tell you the truth that house was in fact not a house but it was a spaceship.

Vanessa had located Antony's ship. She didn't want to get too close to hi ship or he might notice her. She decided to exit her spaceship and travel through space towards his ship - getting a good inside - and maybe even entering the ship. She had left her ship out of the radar of his ship. If he was scanning then her ship would be detected. Vanessa stepped into the suit. It had been specially designed to have boosters elements so that she is able to travel in the space quickly for a short period of time. The booster wasn't able to be detected from the ships radar and Vanessa was able to grab onto Antony's ship and view through the windows on what was happening. Vanessa peaked through the window. She could see Detective strapped to a chair. His arms and legs were tied down with leather straps. Detective was sitting in a seat across from him - drinking a cup of coffee. From what Sarah could see Detective looked alive. He was sleeping but he had life in him. 'What did Antony do to bring him back to life?' Sarah wondered, scratching her head. She needed to get inside the ship. She needed to wake Detective and capture Antony. She was going to need to find a way to break into the ship without being detected. The emergency hatches were all alarmed so unless she was able to get in there without setting the alarms off that was out of the question. Cutting through the ship or finding an insecure entry was the only way.

Sarah had with her a communication device with her that allowed 6b345 to scan events and give suggestions on the next course of step. '6b345 do you come in', Sarah spoke into the microphone. 'This is 6b345 responding. You are coming in clear Sarah,' the voice of 6b345 replied. 'Can you get a scan done on that ship, I need to know how I can get in without setting off the alarms,' Sarah asked. 'Scan Complete. Solution Found. I have sent the location and instructions for entry to the ship to your suits computer'. New data recided the led lights blinked. Vanessa had received the information on how to get into the ship without being noticed. She loaded the data up on her suits monitor. The plan looked safe and easy enough. She was worried about time and would have to move quickly to get these steps completed. Vanessa was confident in her ability to complete the tasks. She boosted forward keeping an eye out for a particle entry latch. She circled the ship several times before she finally spotted it. She moved closer, reaching into her

Blah blah blah said Antony. Waiting for Detective to wake up felt like a lifetime. He brewed him many cups of coffee and played endless video games well waiting. There was nothing to do except to wait. Antony often wondered what Detective would be doing at that point. He had no idea where Detective would be or what time. There was a chance that he could experience milt time lines on his travels.

His head hurt. The pain shot through his left side of the brain. He wanted to move, to get up. Stand up. Move. He was strapped down. The leather straps covering his wrists and angles. Looking around he reconsider the enviorment. It was a prewar space ship. They didn't make them like this anymore. Everything about it was vintage. From the colour choices to the style of the screws used to put the ship others. He tried to lift his right arm. It was strapped down with a leather wrist. 'Help', Detective calls out. There is no response. Alone on a ship and strapped to a chair. The ship didn't sound like it was on. The engines were silent. Looking over and out the window all he could see was darkness. Detective knew something had changed. Antony was here before and now he's gone. The future changed when Detective went back. Now he was stuck here strapped to a chair with nobody on board. He tried to think about the last time line he had experienced. Detective had grown in control of the visions now, he was able to control them by stepping back and forward from the various lines. Sometimes he finds it easier to experience one line over another, it all depend though. He could see a reflection of himself in the ships window. His head was scabbed and bleeding. He had grown red sores all over his body which pusses with ooze. Detective couldn't bear it. He clenched closed his eyes. The vision was still there though, another line where his face is normal, where there are no scars. This is the future he wants. It's what he deserves. Detective has saved everyone.

Detective found and captured Antony at a technology conference. It is the same conference Joey and Vanessa meet in. When Detective gets sent back from the spaceship he travels to a range of different times and chances many events. One events being the conference that captures Antony at. Antony then actives the time switch on himself and is sent to another time. Detective and Antony are chasing each other. The story tells all the events and different time line and how various characters. Events are changed, changing the future that backfires.

The is a journal through space and time following a series of characters in various evolution series of the human race. An AI system is developed that clashes with an dying Alien life form developing part-alien, part-human child. This carries on with mixing cat with the part-alien, part-human DNA. The Human race is wiped out therefore people are sent back to attempt to change events that lead. Sara's Moon Training, Sarah Moon Trip, Presidents Speech, Loth'Rak bringing Antony to Earth, Antony leaving Earth for mars, Antony killing Sarah, Sarah and Joey Time Splat room, robotic takeover - saves Loth'Rak race. Antony is never created. Antony starts showing up in the time line through the device. No more characters. There is already enough characters. There are some characters I'd like to merge into one or at least get new names. Structure could really be looked at but that's something for the editing stages. For now just get down enough words to be a winner.

The figure walked down the road. Behind it the building was alight. Rich red flames burst from the ceiling. Mid gray smoke billowed out above being blow to nearby houses with the strong wind. The CEO had just been informed that the building was burning. The govt had been using it for top secret NSA and NASA missions. They had trained Sarah there to carry out the Moon and Mars missions. As time distance increased they lost control of how much they could trace and realized that some of the AI bots had lost communication with mission control. Sarah must find out what happened to the bots. She investigates the scene on the Moon where a weapon battle took place between what looked like govt AI bots turning on each other. Govt denies claim to any of these. Govt in meantime is scrambling to find out what happened to a selection of their bots on the Moon that mysterious go offline and are not responding to connection attempts. Cameras and all on board security features were disabled. Antony takes control of one of the bots - known as 6b345. He uses it to destroy Earth and brings Sarah back to Mars with 6b345. Once on Mars Antony kills Sarah and takes full control of 6b345. Vanessa later takes control of 6b345 when Antony escapes Mars kidnapping Detective on his escape. Vanessa tracks down Antony's ship, boarding it and killing Antony. She uses the time switch device to go back and find Detective. He awakes to find nobody there. Vanessa arrives to rescue him. Detective was woken by a noise inside the ship. One of the ships doors had opened. Someone had entered the ship. Detective panicked. Who would be in the ship? He dreaded that it would be Antony. His goals in the past were to stop Antony from completing his goals. Deductive thought it was a success when he awoke and Antony wasn't here. Detective was relieved when a woman stood in front of him, not Antony. 'I'm here to get you out of here', the woman told Antony. He was released to hear those voices. He checked his face in the ships window reflection. It was normal. His face was normal. He had successfully saved his appearance. Vanessa introduced herself to him, untying the leather straps that held his arms and legs. Detective was released to be free. For too long he had been tied to that chair. He is happy to be free and jumps into the air with joy. Vanessa hurries Detective along they must get out of here and back to Mars. Vanessa takes control of Antony's ship and drives it back to Mars with Vanessa's ship following behind on autopilot. She traveled back to Mars with Detective in Antonys ship with her ship following behind on autopiolet.

The Bee was the first live being that Antony had attempted to perform. He stunned the bee and injected his DNA into the system, boosting the bee back to life. The Bee grew large and aggressive. Antony had to shoot the creation with the ray gun.

Detective gets his hands on a ray gun and kills Ugnanka and attempts to kill Joey and Sarah. In one time line he isn't there, on the other he is. Crossing over happens all over the story. For example Detective find himself collapsed in another time lines and drags the body into the cupboard so when Sarah and Joey look they don't see him. They find it strange though.

The Presidents Speech is important. It is told from many different perspectives and time lines. Detective has different roles and goals each version of him there. He gives a speech after the president. Detective saves Joey who is in the crowd and would be killed by the attack. Sarah is a girl watching the speech from television with her Mother. Detective uses a stun gun on Joeys parents in order to get him out of there safely. Police notice the weird occurrences of Detectives skills and start to investigate into him. Detective is spouse kill Joey at the conference but knows he's not spouse to. Antony shows up at conference to do it himself and Detective captures Antony. Then Antony actives the time split device and caused the two to travel to another time.

The Humans on Earth developed an AI system by using alien technology that is sent back in time in order to change events. The technology sent back was Detective. They studied him and learn how to beat his species, to save themselves. The Humans believed that Loth'Rak and his son - Antony are behind the attack on Earth which wipes out mankind. People are sent back to change this - making sure that events take place in order to secure 80,000 humans are taken to Mars to be preserved. Story followed events to active these humans on Mars and the events following it. Basically it's about man kinds fight for survival over Earth is destroyed and various conflicts.

Antony tried to talk to Loth'Rak about something but he should shot him down. This made Antony sad.

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