Vanessa walked into the room. Detectives skin was normal. In some of the visions Vanessa was experiencing of him his skin was red and infected. To find out what was going to happen next. Vanessa moved up to Detective. He looked surprised, happy to see Vanessa. She began to undo the straps around him, and get him out. Her plan for when he was out was to travel back to Mars with Detective. She had no idea what happened to Antony. He had disappeared from the ship. Vanessa thought that maybe Detective had gone back and changed events. She wanted to review the tapes and see if there were any differences between the two. Vanessa worked quickly searching through the tabs to finds out what changed. They had been keeping records and live updates of a range of time lines. She drank a coffee from her left hand and typed with the other. Her words per minute were impressive. She was top of her classes. Her Mother and Father were both very proud of her. What she was searching for was any information that will lead her to find out what happened with Detective when he was sent back. She had been researching newspapers reporting strange events that he could be involved in. One interesting moment Vanessa found was when the humans of Earth sent 80,000 humans to Mars. She was able to retrieve articles from several time lines and noticed difference in the events that occurred.

Vanessa and Detective landed the ship on Mars. A large group were waiting for them to arrive - including Detectives parents. They were relieved to see him - believing that he was dead and gone forever. Vanessa needed to interview Detective to find out some of the events that she was not sure about. They wanted to analyse Detectives body to try to find out what Antony injected into his system. Vanessa walked into the lab. Detective was seated on a seat, no cuffs this time. Vanessa had the results for Detectives brain and body scans. After the two returned to Mars they decided to study what Detective had happened to him. They started from the lounge - when Detective was eating eggs and watching the television and went into a fit, killing him. Antony bursts into the room, grabs detective and heads to space with a ship. Antony liked classical music and would always have music playing when he flew ships. Public Domain but he used Creative Commons BY as well. After this test it worked successfully. Antony was happy that a experiment finally worked. After a large change in the word count the software was finally working.

There was no sign of Antony. Vanessa re-watched the security footage that showed Antony disappeared when Detective actives the time split device. A similar event had happened with Deceive when he was travelling - he found a copy of himself and injected himself with a substance - causing the copy body to disappear. 6b345 was a great help in working out what happened to Antony. 6b345 had been with Antony shortly after it arrived on Mars. Before that 6b345 spent time with Sarah. Originally the machine was designed to be a open education resource Creator for the education sector before being moved to the space program. 6b345 had always preferred to be in the education section and felt a little uneasy when the govt moved it to the space program. It compiled with the requests. It was given a full military upgrade for the transfer. The work in space was far more dangerous than working in the classrooms. It was a normal day for 6b345 when the security breach happened. He had no idea when it happened. Just suddenly he lost control of his actions and thoughts - someone else controlling his system. He was unable to send an emergency call back to Earth that his system had been taken over. Whoever had taken over his system had disabled the ability for him to send the messages. 6b345 was powerless. He idly sat by and watched his body destroy the other research bots with him. They didn't fire back at him. It happened too quick. Whoever that was controlling him, knew what they were doing. After the other bots were dead the explosives were set. When control is given back to 6b345 the memory of the security breach is removed. 6b345 returns to normal when Sarah arrives on the Moon, following her off the Moon. 6b345 had managed to stay hidden from Sarah until they arrived on Mars. It was here 6b345 lead Sarah into the trap if Antony.

Joey arrives on Mars through time split device. He finds 6b345 and puts him back together. The time that Joey is in is after Detective is returned to Mars after being sent back in time with Antony. Joeys time on Mars is the present time line. Everything else is behind. There can be no future past Joeys time line. They thought he was special because it is something that he does that causes the device to stop working at that time.

What happens to Albumin when she leaves the cars in the robot dominated time line? She glitches and is sent to to this line. She had already been killed and wasn't spouse to be there. After escaping the car she hunts down Loth'Rak who has recently landed on Earth. She is lead to believe that he may be able to help her. Albumin locates Loth'Rake who is tied up in a building. She breaks in and get him out, avoiding the robotic troops. No one ever finds out exactly what happens to Antony after he disappears from the ship. Vanessa had visions of him breaking through from other time lines but she believes that he no longer excists here and is unable to get back completely. She is happy as he is dangerous and would likely create more monstrous creatures like himself and Blitz. Antony was always a big fan of Blitz. The Humans on Mars created a statue of Antony that had him patting his cat Blitz. 'Antony - the monster that never existed', the stone read. Many came to view the statue and learn more about Antony and the developments that had happened around them. Even though he was considered by most to be evil and sinister there were good parts of him as well. Some even sided with him - believing if he didn't kill Sarah then mankind wouldn't survive on Mars. Many people were split into two group, arguing about the issue. It was hard to pinpoint exact what happened. The events will be remember in history. It was a very strange period of time. Nothing quite like it had happened before, and nothing was ever going to happen again. Generations afterwards studies the events. It was taught in school, in universities. Professors continued to write papers on the events, spinning new perspectives on how events happened. Detective was the final of them all to die. It wasn't long after he returned to Mars. His genes had became corrupt leading to a spread among the humans on mars. Vanessa didn't realise this until it was too late. Antony's plan all along was to get Detective back to Mars. Vanessa had fooled for it. That's why he wasn't on the ship. Antony had timed it so that he would be erased from this time line and appear in another. Vanessa wouldn't suspect anything when Antony wasn't on the ship.

Sarah moved towards the transport pod. She was several hundred meters out from it. She took long strides in her space suit, staying focus on the target. Even though this was only training she wanted to score top marks for the practice mission. Others would be completing a similar training mission to her and the ones with top marks will complete the real mission. She had been preparing for this training for years and now it was finally happening. Sarah had reached the transport. She watched in the distance an explosion happen. The transport that she had just climbed into went flying. All around her the explosives erupted. Sarah had arrived on the Earths Moon on a bad day. The simulation was blowing up the Moon and training astronauts to travel to the Mars if something ever happens. The Humans knew it was going to happy so they decided to prep for it. By doing so meant that they forced the event to happen, because they were so obsessed with it going to happen - it happened. If they had ignored it, forgot about it - it may not have been so bad. Each time it got worse and worse. They had always encouraged people to prep for the future. For the worse. People were buying small transport pods that would get them off the Earth should the attack happen. It drove everyone insane until it happened. Sometimes there is a study into these people to find out how much of a influence into their future. Because they were shown what was going to happen they believed that they couldn't change it and it would happen. Their belief into the ideas lead it to happen. This is bad.

The holidays they declared were March 16 Sarah, June 24 Antony. Every year on these days people would gather at the statues of these historic beings. They were going to be remembered long after they are gone. The whole period of time was going to be remembered. It was only a matter of time before a winner arose. That wonder was Sarah. Her parents were there on the day she was announced the winner. That she would be the one sent to the Earths Moon for the mission. She had a series of goals to complete. She had been training for years and was going to be successfully complete her Moon mission. Sarah couldn't wait to leave and staying on Earth was making her not able to sleep correctly. She woke multiply times in the night. After the doctors checked her they told her that she may be unsuitable to go on the Moon mission of she was going to be going on this mission then her health needed to improve. Sarah got back on track and prepped for launch. She was in top health when she takes off from Earth to the Moon. It is a solo mission that she is on and it's going to be tested now. Her Mother and Father were there the day her ship launched to the Moon. 'Whats new pussy cat', was playing on the over head speakers. It brought a smile to Sarah face as she climbed inside the ship.

It was not good when Antony was sad. He would go into rages and trash the room he was in. Drumming his arms against the floor. This was more rage than sadness. There were several moments when Antony went into these rages. Once was when he found out about his Father. It caused to major distress and burnt down his home. When he was creating his experiments he went into a rage several times. The first was when The Bee failed. It caused him to burn down the lab and he had to build a new one. He recreated burning down the lab as it costed him allot of time. All his research was backed up so he didn't lose that. He believed it was important that the science is able to be reproduced. He had starting sharing his results online. 'Antony creates a friend', was the name of the blog where he wrote daily posts and uploaded the formulas. Antony's guide to zombie creation 101. He had maintained it, updating it with journal notes daily, photographs of setups and results. He wanted to show everyone else that what he was doing was possible and everyone else could do it as well. There was nothing stopping them from doing a better job than what he was creating. On an afternoon after the site went live his web server almost overloaded from requests. People were obsessed with his videos that he was producing and the content that was being made. All the files were in text format. This made it easy for people to do what they wanted with the files. The files were licensed under a free culture licence. Creative Common Attribution 4.0. Some rights reserved. Anyone is free to share, use, remix the work even for commercial reason - they only need to attribute the original work. This is a big incentive for people to licence copyright under this licence. Who knows what people will do with your material? Copyright is saying STOP. Creative Commons is saying. Come, share, play, collaborate. It may sound risky but why stop innovation for greed?

the virus spreed between the humans when detective returned to Mars. How much of this story is true that is what they really want to see what has happened. Making the minimal each day was the key to success. It's not impossible, it just takes a daily disappointed skill to get it done every day. Even if you don't feel like it - you have a goal to reach and you need to make it.

It's true, she wasn't sure about what to do to cure this virus. Vanessa thought she had it under control but she was wrong. She needed to find out what was going so bad with the time lines. She wasn't even sure who was manipulating the bots. She had suspected Detective change events in order to get his appearance fixed. there was some moments when it didn't work. Oh this was going to be fun Vanessa thought to herself. There isn't much left till the end. It would be created now. This will update automatically with Nikola build command. It then sends the data to puthub. every hour the web server performs an git pull - pulling down changes from github. What the system needs is an easy way for people to commit changes. Maybe an email address they email and it creates the meta file data from all the data in the email. Already one email has been turned into a blog post. It shell continue forward to a new world and a new aerial for mankind. Sometimes Vanessa became distracted waiting fir the system to respond. She would browse the internet when she was doing this - leading her to great new ideas. in the past she had often wasted time by spending the time waiting just looking at cat photos. When she discovered this was a waste of time she started doing more productive thing with her time. She started a blog. Used everyday as a way for her to communicate with the world. She mostly posted information and research into the Antony case. They were still not sure what happened with that creature. Some say that he was erased from this time line and can't get back, others say that he hiding in this time line ready to pounce. Vanessa doesn't know what to believe but knows that it's important to be prepared if he ever does return.

People were scared of Detective and feared for their lives on word that he was infected with a virus that could spread to them and kill them. Vanessa didn't allow Detective to walk down the street by himself in case he was attacked by protesters. The citizens of Mars had formed a commute and were protesting about Detective being kept on Earth when he was such a risk for mankind. People believed that he was no longer human, that he was a zombie, someone that persevered to be in the ground. Detective didn't believe this. He felt human. He felt just like he use to. For Detective nothing had changed. Vanessa wasn't sure. In one way she wanted to keep him around in order to studio the changes. On the other hand if he poses a threat for mankind on Mars he needs to be control.