This was a massive journey for many of the characters. Detective was one of the main characters. He started off just as a character that Albumin that interacts with Vanessa when she is arrested at school. Ended up using the name Detective for a range of events - developing into a full character. I hope the place goes like a winner. If this is going to be the end then he needed to make the most of it.

Antony knew that Vanessa would be on the way. She would of reviewed the security tapes and be attempting to locate with the gps. That was the only way she would do it. She would come alone with Joey back at the station as support for the mission. It was highly likely that she wouldn't drive her ship near out of fear that Antony would spot it. Antony knew of booster packs that Vanessa might be using on the mission. After all she was a smart cookie, being able to track him down. Antony had a plan to make it so that when Vanessa showed up at the ship to get him, she wasn't going to be able to find him. Antony had found a way to hop between multiply time lines. He had gained much skill at it. By focusing he was able to move himself from one time line to another. He had one problem though he had planned to return to the other time line but was having problems with attempting to do so. It seemed that one of the character - Joey posed an ability to hamper Antony's power useless. He was unable to cross the time line and get back. Antony had attempted to warn himself - his past self about the dangers that were about to unfold with his plan. It had all been unsuccessful. Everything he did couldn't change the past. It annoyed him so much. He went into a rage and tore apart the world. His anger destroyed the planet.

As Antony's ship drifted through Space he blasted classical music and danced around the ship. Detective was tied to the chair when his is happening. The scene switched to Antony dancing around the ship by himself and to another scene of Antony and Vanessa dancing around a hallway. Everyone is human. Antony still has his his human form.

Fascinated by this scene of still having human form Antony dreamed for this future. What he had was a future where he would become stuck in his Alien form forever. Antony had many reasons to change the past one of them being this other time line of him in human form. He dreamed of an alternative world where he still had his Alien form. Antony would do anything to get the form back. There comes a point when Antony gets his form back. Becomes very powerful. Has form when he is a child on Earth. Loses form when he travels to Mars. Sarah and 6b345 are the first to see Antony once he has left Mars. The tests on Detective had came back very strange. It seemed like much of the substance that was injected into his system was removed when he used the time split device. It seemed when Detective was in the past that someone - likely humans found out about what was inside and extracted some of the substance. That explains the time line changes to the future - one event changed the future for humans so that their technology grew much quicker - it was thanks to sending Detective back. If he isn't sent back they discover the alien technology much later in their existence - leading to an early death of the species. One of the original people to be sent back and attempt to fix these events failed. They had to train a special group in order to complete the tasks successfully.

People had no idea that it was happening around them. Their whole world was collapsing and they just lived their lives like nothing was happening. It didn't make sense for some people. They just wanted to live out their lives without focusing on the day they all die. It will happen when it happens. People on the street wielded signs that read 'The End is Soon'. They yelled about research into a virus that has started to spread. They are the people of Mars and they are the last of mankind and now they have a virus on Mars that was likely created by the one that actives them. The people of mars now know that Detective was sent back to the past in order to attempt to stop Antony from activating the Humans. They needed to get Detective or Sarah to do it. Anyone else would corrupt the process. The Human of Mars experienced visions of what would happen if it was Sarah that had actives them on Mars. It showed them all healthy and well in the present time - instead of being sick and weak like this time line. They like Antony longed for that time line. Vanessa became under attack from the People of Mars to release the time split device so others could go back and attempt to change these events. Vanessa had to improve her security as the majority of Mars turned against her. It was becoming unsafe for her to stay on Mars. Two protesters from opposite sides had gotten into a fist fight. One of them believing that the world was coming to an end - the other believing that the world is safe. They end up restoring each other. A police officer jumps in the break it up. The protesters end up turning on the police officer - beating him to death, before switching back to each other. It's a fight to the death. Groups of people stand around and watch as these two men kill each other. A puddle of blood is left on the floor after one of them is declared the winner. The body of the other is dragged off and burnt. Ever since the virus it was illegal to bury dead bodies. All bodies had to be burnt to make sure they didn't come back to life. The virus had mutated with Antony's substance that he used to bring humans back to life. The virus had caused them to be terrible monstrous creatures. Detective and Vanessa were put in protection. They couldn't be allowed to be in public as it was too dangerous for them. The two wondered if this was Antony's doing. Wither he knew that the virus would mutate to how it did. Maybe it was just the next evolution in humans. Their bodies covered in red sores. Itching till they burst. People called for a cure. It was really the only thing that was keeping Detective and Vanessa alive - was the thought that they might be able to come up with a cure. It was Detective that first introduced the substance to the humans if Mars. Once it was here it spread and mixed with the virus. Hospitals were over run with reported cases. It closed the schools and work places. Public spaces were not safe places - unless you were immune. Some of the human of mars were immune to the mutation. Vanessa worked with some of these people to find out what makes them immune - what makes them special. Research is still happening into this but Vanessa has made great progress in the steps. Once she has solid research she will start clinical tests of attempting to cure the infection and making a vaccine for the virus. Vanessa preferred Jass music and had old 1920s till 40s Jass playing on the over head speaker as she conducted the experiment to mix the immune genes with infected. She wasn't one hydras percent sure of what the results would be. She just prayed that it wouldn't backfire on her. Vanessa didn't have much time left. The virus was smart and had started mutating to infect other humans that were previously immune to it. This brought more panic to the people. A similar event was happening on Mars to them as it did the people before them on Earth. This time it is killing everyone more slowly, previously on Earth everyone had died at the same time. How does it all end? It's getting close to the end now and everything needs to be wield down. What areas do they leave open? Vanessa had found a cure and vaccine for the virus. They had finally stopped it. Antony was gone. Erased. They tore down the statue of him and his cat. Humans started to migrate back to Earth. Who knew the future now? The time split device is missing. The last person seen holding it was Detective. When he came out of the travel the device was gone from his hands. Some believe Antony has the device and is still travelling between times attempting to fix things. There has been no evidence of this though. Detective lived happily ever after, as did Vanessa. A library was created to remember this strange period of time. It was an important moment for mankind. Never will an event like this take place again. Once the vaccine was release the protesters stopped. They realised that Vanessa was right in the cure. The people of Mars were happy with her and she was elected only the council to run Mars. No longer was it just one person ruling - but now a group of people. If the word count gets enough before the library opens people get a fine wiped off their cards. It's to encourage people to be more productive in the morning. Many people viewed the library that they created to remember this time. It had lifelike statues of all the characters involved - albumin, joey, Sarah, Vanessa, loth'rak, Antony, ubanka, Micheal and Detective. Some of the characters were minor and not mentioned often. One example being Micheal. He is the husband of Albumin and Father of Vanessa. Antony starts messing with Vanessa's life to attempt to stop her completing her goals in the future. This doesn't work and Vanessa works around Antony's attempts to make her fail.

Vanessa had taken a flight out of the area as the protesters were getting worse. Well she was on the plane she had her laptop. The plane had it's own router that she was able to connect her devices. This enabled her to control the plane and where it was heading. The GPS data was pinpoint to where she wanted to go. The ship could go between Earth and Mars quickly. Joey walked out and asked Vanessa if there was anything the she needed.

6b345 was burnt out when entering Earth. A clitch had happened in the ships system and the ship was on fire and spinning out of control. Blitz and 6b345 had lost control of the ships controls. Blitz was on the ships wheel attempting to gain control. The creature switched acrross to the terminal computer. Keys taped on the keyboard. Blitz could see that someone had modified their ships system and controlling it remotely. Blitz was unable to kick them out. They had already locked Blitz out so they were not able to control the system. After a test of Blitz thought they might have discovered who had control of the system. As a last moment of despration Blitz saved a file to a remote system. Blitz knew they were going to die here, but there was a chance that someone would find the file and be able to change the events.

Joey sat on the computer. He had recived an email from unknown sender. It contained strange information that he couldn't understand. No body could understand the files data as the alien tech hadn't been discovered yet. It would take several years for Detective to travel back in time and bring the tech to them. This file was one of the key events to happen. The first part of the book with Joey and Sarah is when they are attempting to corrupt the file that Blitz sends back. Joey also drops it on the surface of the mars. 6b345 find this and sends it back causing the timeline of robotic uprising to be created. In all the timelines similar events play out and characters are similar. This doesn't explore all the types of events that happen. That would be far too much. It is a selection of events that are closely explored to see how things could be done differently. They wouldn't call it a happy story. But tell me. Of course I am interested in hearing if you take this first draft and edit it. Publish it.

What changed to enable Detective to kill Uganka? The scene is told to different ways - but with many different perspectives. Scene also gets altenative timeline characters interfearing with the scene. It goes rather crazy. In one of the timelines Detective knows to be there to kill Uganka - on the other he doesn't. The main reason why Detective killed Uganka is because he is attempting to kill Joey and Sarah. He's worked out that killing them would be a solution for the virus. On one hand the reasons Detective had for the kills were much more sane then Antony.

Joey and Sarah had already experienced the time split device when they meet Detective after he shoot Uganka. All Ugnanka was a guard. He was hired to look after the building. Failed terribly when he was shot in the head by Detective. The room is used for the time split because it can be controled and observed via the watching room. The building is split into three area. testing one two three! The entry to the building is a large metal door. It has the text inprinted into it TechFuncMasters. Inside the door is a hallways. Breaking off this hallway is the interagration room and hidden viewing room. Inside the viewing room is a terminal computer that can be used to rewind events via the time split device. Everything is done via the intergatation room or the viewing room. This is recreated on the ship with Antony and Detective.

They still have no idea how this ends. This is a story about a series of events. These events are told via a range of different circustances and character perspectives. Oh well lets see how this goes.

Joey was preping for his talk. His hands sweated. These were his best slides yet. He was running late for the meeting. The bus driver didn't stop at the closer stop. At the next stop the bus stopped and Joey rushed off. He carried the time split device. Joey had found a copy of the device when they were searching Antonys palace. They had found this device and now Joey was going to be doing a talk about it. He had created 32 slides explaining the events and how they happened. Throughout the slides he had text and images. It started with the title slide - Mars Writers Den. Time Split Device. November 5365. Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence. It Will Not Be Mine. By wcmckee. The people of Mars are looking forward to seeing the results from releasing the novel under this open licence. They notice many humans on Earth create picences of art and don't licence it under a free licence. This makes the people of Mars angry and they stomp the ground. Their houses and building get damaged in the stomp.