What happened the day after the Presidents speech in each timeline? The first presidents speech was a fail. That was before anyone knew that people needed to be sent back to change the events.

The bots would spend their days creating Open Education Resources. It started as a human resource creation idea. The humans became lazy and got to the robots to create it. An OER is anything they want it to be - a very open term. Documation and HowTo guides is the default of what they create.

Vanessa was going over the Presidents Speech events. She had managed to source the text files of each of the events and how they change. Vanessa had discovered this was a key moment for events as there was reason to believe Detective was at the scene hudrands of times. She had found evidence that he was assisting a child by the name of Joey escape the attacks. She had photographs of an unitentifed man tasings a man and a woman - believed to be Joeys parents followed by removing the child from the area. Shortly after the child is removed - a blast explodes from the area. There is a figure on stage that came back as a positive ID for Detective. From what Vanessa could work out someone in the future sent back Detective in order to change events. Was it Antony? Vanessa still had Detective in protection but it was dangerous for the two to talk. On important matter it could be arranged. Vanessa didn't like to do this often. In this case she felt she needed to contact Detective and see if he knew anything about the events. He was being held at a top security hold on Mars that Vanessa didn't even know was located. To get in contact she had to let her generals know that she needed to meet with Detective. The rest would be arranged. It was never plesent for Vanessa to meet with Detective. It happened similar this time than last time. In the middle of the night a group of masked people broke into her home, kidnapping her and taking her to Detective. She was knocked out at her home before being transported to Detective. Vanessa awakes straped to a chair. Her hands are culfed by leather straps - as too are her feet. In front of her was Detective. He too was strapped to a chair similar to her. I guess this was one was to keep us from interacting with each other. Vanessa had came for information on the Presidents Speech and that's what she wanted from Detective. If he couldn't give her more information then she was growing tired of his tricks. She could threaten him with less protection but she had to be careful that he wouldn't outright decided to withhold all the information. Detective was coopritive though. He explained to Vanessa how Antony had given him a list of tasks that he must complete. Detective however went against these tasks. Vanessa questioned Detectives reasons for going against some of these tasks. Antony had worked out key moments to change and some of them were important for mankind. The evidence showed that Detective went against these tasks even though he knew that it would benift mankind. Detective explains the reasons why he did it the way he did. It wasn't just Detective that changed events. 6b345 was another that had clearly changed events. Detective didn't relize that others were also changing the events. He thought it was just his mistakes. Detective wasn't making alot of mistakes. He was clearly doing a good job - but others intfearing with him caused issues. Detective missions were completely when he was on Antonys ship sitting idly in space. They had managed to calm the virus. Though the virus was still infecting people there was no signs that it was halming them anymore. This put people at rest.

6b345 was actived from a fast moving vechile. It was a woman that actived it. A man was driving - they didn't seem to be chasing anyone. Someone seemed to be chasing them. They seemed to want 6b345s help. Sadly for them 6b345 had a plan already. It was their mission to make sure this 'Robot Uprising' timeline took place. They needed to make sure that Sarah and Joey - these two people he was with made it to the building with him. In the real line - his line - they would all be having breakfast now. With no humans around to order them about. What 6b345 needed was to get the ray gun that someone in this time has. Some of the research showed that if the robots gained control of the ray gun then they will dominate. There was also word of something called the time split device which had been allowing these characters to go back. 6b345 had been busy gathering material from a range of different times in order to change these events. His most recent discovery was a red usb that he was able to use to infect robots in the past with a virus. This special usb was dropped by someone named Joey. He had been thrown into the Mars period of time when Sarah was killed by Antony. During his trip he dropped a red usb. 6b345 found this - analized what was on it and managed to send it back to himself. Now that 6b345 finally had it in the past he was going to be able to complete his goals. He had discovered another character - Detective had been going back and changing events. This was counterproductive and wasn't the future that 6b345 wanted to see. His future was a glorious bright happy future where the robots ruled the planet. Nobody else was going to give 6b345 that future. The aliens were behind him. They didn't want to see their own planet destoried in mankind wrath. With his future - their planet and race are saved. That's why they trusted him. That's why Loth'Rak blessed 6b345 on this mission. They found it easier to send back a mechanic object like 6b345 than a living lifeform like a human. The aliens and 6b345 to create the device needed to send 6b345 back. The technology was already there with the aliens - they just needed to apply it. 6b345 was very happy with the device. It allowed him to rewind and fastforward period of time in the past. This will bring him power! The device they created was made only to work with nonliving lifeforms. This would stop the aliens or humans from attempting to use it. They had tested it with prototpyes of 6b345 - with several failed attempts before some modificaions were made and the real 6b345 was able to use the device safely. Using the device 6b345 found it really fun. Unlike the humans that needed to be asleep to use it he was able to be awake and concious the whole time - able to see time warp infront of him. It had confinced Joey and Sarah the two people he was with to travel to this old building with them. He told them it would be safe there - that they would be able to finish their mission there. 6b345 had tracked signals of another traveler to the area. It might even be in this very building. 6b345 knew there was something special about the building. If it wasn't special yet, it would be in the future. Someone had already been into the building. That didn't mean the event hadn't accured yet. Inside it looked like a human had lived here. They hadn't cleaned up after themselves. Old plates and glasses were left on the table. From the looks of it - eggs and bacon were on the menu. An half empty glass of juice was left. Flies circling the food. There was a loud bang from the bedroom. It sounded like a large animal - maybe a human. 6b345 marched into the bedroom with Joey and Sarah following. The room looked normal. Sensers were picking up strange activity. Then nothing. The sensers had either stopped working or the activity had stopped. These sensors were highly advance and wouldn't break easily so it was likely that the activity had stopped. 6b345 continued to search the room. There had to be something here. Then he found it. The humans hadn't noticed it but he had found it. A capsule to a raygun. Someone was here. Someone had the aliens raygun. They were concerned of it's wearabouts when Loth'Rak had left it on Earth by mistake. It was a bad mistake and may of cost Loth'Raks race dearly. At least now they knew the wearabouts of their raygun and they could start preping missions in order to retrieve it. This data that 6b345 had gathered would be going straight back to Loth'Rak and let him decide what to do with it next. 6b345 had considered his mission here to be finished. He was unsure if it was successfuly - though finding the raygun capsule certainly was a success. Now he just needed to ditch the two humans and active the device to go to another time. Normally once he completes a mission like this he gets a message imedically afterwards to let him know of the changes and how much closer to robot uprising he is. The missions were fun though and certainly more enjoyable than being a diswasher and cleaner for a human family. That is what 6b345 use to do before they started these missions.

The traveling did make 6b345 feel sick. It wasn't as bad on him than the humans though. It could have deadly effects on some humans. Detective was extremely lucky that he didn't come out braindead from the travels. The reasearch showed that people before Detective had been sent back but none of them had survived. 6b345 had survived because they were not human. Some of the transfers that Detective had running were quite dangeous and he was lucky to survive so many. The research showed that Detective gained a disease that ate away at his skin. It caused large red pusfilled infections.

Joey had gone to a new meetup. It was in a different cifty than what he usually did. The setup of the meetup was different to what he usually is. They had a couple of organisions that do a quick pitch of answers they are after. People move off with the organisions that people are interested in helping with their issues. Teams then discuss the issue and report back after they are done. The reports are done by the organisions. There are no prizes for the event - only discussion of ideas. Pizza is served - fresh from the oven. Craft Beer is on tab - a range of flavors. Attending people are encouraged to socialize and exchange business cards. The meetups that he usually go normally have a structure of having a speaker and then socialize with food. This type of meetup was more collabrath - people worked together to come up with ideas. Joey wasn't sure which one he perfered, he liked both of them though and they both had their strong points. The good thing about speaker talks is that if you can get an excellent speaker than your meetup is going to be awesome.