Antony, Detective, Sarah, Vanessa, Loth'Rak, Joey. These were the names on the document. Each name had a section that contained information on that name. The document had been put together by Vanessa. It contained all the information she could find in her research. The name of the document was: It Will Not Be Mine. It was named after a mod on a popular Redditsubreddit. It was also refered to the fact that the time split device wasn't able to be kept by anyone. They couldn't work out what happened to the device in the end. There are areas on the report that were not complete. Were the machines created to create artwork or were they made to be militery units? The details on the reasons is sketchy. Reports show they were used for a range of reason - one of them being details from Sarahs folder. There was evidence to show that the machines had been used in some sort of education area and even developed further to create open resources. This may of not been the primary reason but it was good enough.

Loth'Rak lived on a planet with the rest of his race. One day he was on one of the nearby planets and several large blasts killed everyone on his planet. Loth'Rak was alone. After he found Earth he created Antony - a half-alien, half-human using genes from him and human genes. Loth'Rak was dying and wanted to make sure his race lived on after he died - through Antony. This is the original timeline. Other timelines tend to differ here in events. For example in the robot dominace timeline Loth'Rak comes to Earth much later - and for a different reason. The reason why he comes back on the other timeline is because he knew his planet was spose to be destoried - it had happened before for him but not for his planet and people. Loth'Rak discovers that no matter what he does the best outcome for anyone is that his race is killed. He doesn't like this but he relizes that its the best outcome for everyone. When the humans don't end up getting the tech to destory Loth'Raks planet then he ends up destoring the planet himself. It's painful for him to do this but he has no choice. The timelines are stuck in a loop until the event happens to progress then on.

GNU Image Manimipaltion Program. This was the open source software that the robots were trained with. They would use a wacom tablet with a raspberry pi for the painting. It would be completed quickly and to a high standard. It was easier to get the bots to paint digital piceces over traditinal works. Tradicial works usually made lots of mess and cost more. The digital work was cheaper to produce and the standard was just as high. GIMP was often critisised as to not being very powerful compard to proparety software such as Photoshop. The bots couldn't use Photoshop well. People had attempted to get them to run it but it was slow and laggy. The bots were connected to the ipython kernal running on the raspberry pi. This allowed them to control the mouse with their brain waves. They were able to send api calls through python and into gimp. Turtle was a popular tool that the bots started with untill they moved into more complex tasks. As the bots got better they learnt to connect to the api hundrads of times - similar to having 100s of brushes on a canvas. This is how they got so quick at creating the pieces of artwork.

Some of the character meet. Not everyone does though. Some of the timelines characters don't exsist - such as in the robot dominated line Antony is never created. Loth'Rak never had a reason to create him. Antony ends up in the line - dragged accross from another line. It is unclear if Antony choose to enter the timeline but since entering the timeline he has caused great harm to the line. Events took place that were completely out of character. It's as he corrupted the line. The research again pointed back to Antony and Detective as the two that went back and changed events. Detective would of been on Antonys ship when he went back. There is no evidence in the documents to show that he went back at any other point. Events change for certain characters and the relize it. This can be bad for everyone. It's almost over and this is going to be the last few mooments. They hopes you enjoyed the stories. It's not over quite yet. It's always someone that jumps out and announces that something else must happen before the story can end. It's over now.

What happens if Sarah isn't killed on Mars. She arrives on Mars after escaping the Earths Moon attack. When she arrived on Mars she found 6b345 amongest her ship. They set off to active the 80,000 humans that were sent to Mars. Sarah and 6b345 travel to the site and active the humans. Every one lives happily ever after on Mars. Antony isn't there. Humans later go back to Earth to discover what happened. Events play through again this time causing more issues. The deeper the timelines wolve between each other the worse the effects. It starts small but grows. Getting larger and larger till the area is infected. Once it's infected it could burst. When it bursts the virus is unleased into the air. This infected anyone that doesn't have the virus. It was known for turning lifeforms into living monsters after they had died. Something died with them when they died. When they were brought back they were never the same. The living monsters were agressive and unable to be controlled. Detective waws an example that went successfully. He was able to be controlled. They managed to make it so it was completely hidden within Detective. When Vanessa brought him back to Mars no one even relised what they were bringing back. Ever since Detective died in his lounge he hadn't been human. He lived his life out in these virtual timelines. One after another. It was an addiction. One of the side effects included addiction to the time split device. That's one of the reasons why it's so dangerous. It's an addiction. Often the travelers didn't feel like they were addicted to it. They treated it just like a normal day to day activity, not relizing the harm it was causing them. Vanessa wondered if Detective knew he was addicted to the device. All the travelers were addicted to it - it was just a matter of if they relized it or not. If they relized the addiction they were able to deal with it bettter. This enables them to have greater control over the events and how they are handled. People became worried about the virus when people started dying of it. THey had been infected with it long before they started to die. Detective was the one that had caused the corruption.

Antony looked out over the waterfront. The wind howled outside but he was safe inside the building. Large windows overlooked the view. This was his favorite spot to sit and watch. He knew that everything here was gone. It couldn't recovered but he liked the idea that he could go back and view what it use to be like. Before the attacks. Antony never had a chance to meet his father - Loth'Rak. He had been in the same room as him in less than an hour apart. Maybe that's why he became so angry. After being driven from Earth Antony lost everything. He was alone on a strange planet. He started to create his creatures. They didn't work out for him though. He always regreated creating Blitz. Would of his Father regreated in creating him? What would he say to him? Call him a monster and abo. Antony had seen images of his Father through the It Will Not Be Mine research file. He could see the similarities in himself. They had a similar blue tint in their skin. Unlike humans they both had four arms. Antony had the image of his father on his bedroom door. It servered as a reminder to who he really was. The photograph had been framed. A silver frame helped focus the viewer onto the image. Antony smiled as he viewed the image, running a finger along the photograph. His mission was almost complete and he would be reunited with his Father. He was annoyed with Sarah for not letting him stay around for when his Fathers ship arrived. She made him rush off and miss out on seeing him. They had brought Detective into the room so that Loth'Rak and Detective could meet. Sarah told Antony that it was too dangerous for him to hang around and they needed to get out of there. Antony had a feed of the rooms video footage. He watched the footage of him and Sarah straping down Detectives body and exiting the room. Fast Forward the footage showed a figure in the room with Detective. Zooming closer to the footage he could tell that it was Loth'Rak. He looked the same as he did in the photo. Loth'Rak wouldn't even know Antony exsited. As far as Loth'Rak was concerned - Antony wasn't even created in this timeline. Antony was here though. He was real in the timeline. He's not sure if he is missing in another - or this is just a copy. Whatever it is - it's incredivle that Antony is there. The monitor flickered with static. He had lost the signal to the feed. Antony couldn't see what what happening with Loth'Rak and Detective. He started to panic, typing in commands to make it work. It was no use. The feed was gone. Could events be changing already? He thought that Detective may of already handed Antony the timesplit device and it would of changed events. Everything had became confusing for Antony. He didn't know what he was doing was helping or not. In many ways he wanted to give up and let someone else take off this tasks. He was wanted to retire. To live on the beach. To not worry every day about what was going to happen next. It made him neverous just thinking about it. He neeeded a holiday at least. That was the minimal that could happen. Antony liked the full documents. The uncensored version. The version where he is including. Blocking him out and avoiding it doesn't change the past. It just stops people from learning from his actions. Killing Sarah was the action that most upset. The documents said that Sarah died from natural causes, which was false. Antony had shot her in the head. Another timeline of Sarah knew this was the case and accepted it. Sarah would live on through her reseach.

The Robots had developed special diving gear that allowed them to be under water for long periods of time. When the humans had created them the material that was used would rust if exposed to water for a long period of time. This lead to problems when Earth is attacked - leading to many of the robots being exposed to water and rusting. To prep for this the robots designed a special suit that they could wear in order to not rust in the water. This allowed them to live under the ocean for a long periods of time. They enjoyed exploring the hidden human cities under the sea. The majority of the land had been flooded when the polar caps had melted. Only the very tallest of areas were above ground. The robots swam through these underwater cities. Cities once inhabited by humans. The Robots photographed and documentated the events. They knew their timeline was special and it may be erased. They put the research into special files that allowed other timelines to access what happened. This is how they learnt knowledge to counter the effects. The robots put the research into a file along with other timelines data - It Will Not Be Mine. They didn't quite understand how it worked but basically what it was running was an information grab to all the different timelines that were happening and collecting information about what is happening. It was rumured by the robots that it might be a traveler that had developed the data grab idea. They thought it was an excellent idea and were partaking fully in the oberation. It was of great benifit to the robots as well. They were able to learn of events that were occuring in order to prepare it for it. Another thing the robots had to prep for was the extreme temp changes. The planet would likely increase in temp and the robots armor would need to have suits that could withstand the temps. They tested these suits in simulated extreme temp. At first the tests were unsuccessful and they found the armor to melt. After some modificaions they armor was successfully withstanding the temps. When the extreme temps did hit the robots were ready for it.

There was much protest to do with the outcome ideas for Antony. Some wanted his actions wiped from history. Others argued this was a form of censorship and the humans could learn something from his actions - even though they didn't agree with them. Two versions of the research was produced, one being the full and complete record and the other being the censored version that removed all mention of Antony. The majority of people believe the full and complete version is the only true copy of the document. The text was licensed under a Creative Commons Attubuation licence with the data under Creative Commons Zero licence. Being in a open licence meant that people could take the documents and use, remix and adopt the work to their own liking.

Antony put the pen down. 'Is that all,' he asked Sarah. She nodded. The information that Sarah had shared would be kept in a archieve in case other time lines needed the information. She had agreed to all these terms. Sarah knew she was doing a deal with the devil dealing with Antony in this moment. She had no choice, no idea where else to go with the information. At least now that Antony has it would be able to be shared. Sarah knew the world was over but there was a chance these people could save it.