It's over. Complete. The mission was a success. Who knows what will happen now? The vision had gotten worse for Detective. He wasn't able to move the past as fast as he use to be able to. He knew he would be waking up on the ship soon. He knew he didn't have long left. Detective had one last mission that he needed to finish before he awoke agin. He had gained great acrieciy when the event was going to happen. He was preped for returning to the ship. There were several seniours that he went over in his head. The first was that he awoke and Antony was sitting in front of him, likely drinking a cup of coffee. Another is he awakes and no body is there, and no body ever shows up for him. He awakes strapped to an empty ship with no help on the way. With luck help would be on the way. A woman called Vanessa should find the ship and get Detective out of there - taking him back to Mars. This was the plan and what he had worked so hard to make sure that it came true. It was a new city and a new place to check. After about twenty or so files they had found that they were finding some of the documents to be corrupt. Detective didn't know how they could of happened but it happened. They found the files had been scanned with a code that had caused to them to mofify the virus. Well let's check who could of modified them and why. Although after about twelve or so more steps the files had some of their ids back. It was going to take the robots a long time to modify the files so that they are fully working. The robots designed a file system that allowed them to decode it quicker. It would take the file and fun hushes through it. When a correct hash worked they would move it aside. After billions of hashes had passed and filted then the file was able to be viewed. They were not sure if the file was completely pure and that changes may of corrupted the file. They attempted to run the new file hashes against the old corrupted file. Corruption that didn't seem right. It was a test to see if the bots could decrupt it. Once they successfully decrypted the file they were able to send it back to the original traveler that send them the file. The aliens believed that this would of been Detective. They believed that it was him that was collecting the files for the collection. After the files were gathered the robots were wiped of the data in the files. They couldn't have the robots knowings what was happening with the files. Woop bang. Why not tell the robots what research they are doing? Because they wiped the robots minds in order to control them lead to the robots later releazing that the files were corrupt. This lead to more issues with the file types.

Sarahs space training missions were over she had successfully completed the cource and she was a winner. After she knew she would be sent on the real mission into space. This is what she always wanted to do. It was after two or three curruption issues that they decided to no longer wipe the robots brains. They would wipe on reboot. Every morning when the robots were started up in the classrooms their memories were wiped. This meant that they could be fresh everyday. Students and teachers had to be carefuly that they didn't leave files on the machines as they would be wiped on reboot. Teachers and students often learnt the hardway when they left files on it not backed up. The schools decided to create a script that would backup and changes the bots had done at the end of the day and give the ability for them to be rebooted. After Sarah had finished her mission she was able to take a break. She spent the majority of this time cooking and baking - something she enjoyed. She knew that she would never be contacted again.

Vanessa had reviewed all the footage and research that was created. She had found that some had corrupted and that they were unable to launch the ships. Someone had gone back and changed the files so that the files were working again.

Where do we last see Antony? He is last spotted on the ship that he escaped Mars with. There is no evidence to show that he was around afterwards.

Vanessa looked out over the landscape of Mars. She had returned with Detective. There had been no sign of Antony on board but Detective was safe. Detectives parents would be happy that he was safe. They were worried that he was dead when he collapsed onto the floor. Since after the return to Mars Vanessa had found it that hard to concentrate. Something had changed in the past that meant she was experiencing headaches on Mars. She was having visions of other timelines on Mars. The timeline she was experiencing was the robotic uprising where the robots have expanded their empire further to the Mars. All around Vanessa were massive robotic built buildings to house all the bots. Everyday more robots were created. It was their goal to over load Mars with robots she that they would be a max producitivy. They had found that Earth had grown too crowded with bots and the only way to expand the bots was to find new planeted. They had launched bots from spaceships into space to travel to Mars. On that day 6b345 had given a speech. It was this day that Loth'Rak had shown up on their planet. They had never heard of Loth'Raks race before so they were quite suprised to see him showup. The robots on Mars were contributing towards the research that was being completed by all the timelines. They were quite happy to do it. They knew they were giving back to the historand future of the universe. Antonys wrist crunched as he moved his arm. He had been waiting for Detective to wake. Blood driped from Detectives forehead. The events that Detective was experiencing was changing him. At some points his body would change. Some of the events that Detective was involved with caused his skin to develop red sores. It's halfway there says the files. After a awhile they got better at picking up the errors. They had multiply monitors setup for analizing the information that was coming through and making sure that they were correct. If something was found to be be corrupted then they would set it aside and try to work out what was wrong with it. They had data coming from a range of different timelines, it was hard to keep up with it excatly. On the first and final of the object calls they decided that it would work out better to get some of the robots on board to start the analizing. They found it was quicker to have them look over the requests and report back if the files were ok or corrupted. If it was found to be corrupt a special group of robots would take a look at the file and analize what had happened to it. The files that had been corrupted were massive and couldn't be kept on some of the timelines due to techniqual reasons. They decided to have one timeline that was focused on the data collection and pull the data int from other lines from there. The training had made Sarah thirst and she made herself a large smoothy. It was a simple recipe. Her Mother use to make this and she followed suit. It contained fresh berries and coconut water. Some people tried to make it fancy with adding milks and bananas and ice cream. Sarah always thought this was too much of an over kill - decided instead to keep it simple with her ingredients. She sipped the blended drink. It was very refreshing. Sarah managed to drink the whole glass. She had thought about saving some for later but she decided she would just make another later if she wanted to. She rinsed the empty glass and loaded it into the dishwasher. With the blender she filled it with some warm water and loaded it back into the blender - turning it on to pulse to clean the container. She left it on the bench to dry. Her training had finished and she was waiting to hear what her real mission would be. They had kept even her training very secectrive and were doing the same for the mission. Even her boss didn't really know what she was going to be invloved with. This came from a much higher up place. She was going to be transfered from the training grounds where she had lived for the past 6 months to a new area where the mission would be completed from. It would likely invovlve some space travel. Certainly her training had preped her for space travel. She was told that there was a chance that she wouldn't make it back from the mission and that she should make peace with anyone on Earth before leaving. She was given 3 days to contact people and meet with them about what was going to happen next. There is still another file left to transfer they found. It was causing a major glitch in the system which meant one of the travelers was having problems with getting back to their own time. The robots worked around the clock in order to try to fix the glitch but they were having major issues with getting it to work correctly. Once they finally got the file glitch fixed the traveler was able to get back to their own time. They were not sure about how much was infected with the system. The robots were worried that the traveler would of suffered brain damage if it was human or alien. If it was mechanical they would be able to fix themselves. Oh well it's fixed now but they wish they could check the harm that the files had done. They needed a reporting system that would let them know the details of the traveler. The traveler had a tracking device on them that may of allowed them to test the files. The robots put it down to either Antony or Detective that was the current traveler that they were tracking. System wasn't getting the information back quick enough and it meant it wasn't worked correctly. What would happen if they got all the character in the same room? Sarah died before Vanessa was even born so in that respect it wouldn't be posible to have so many characters in the room. Vanessa is one of the only characters that doesn't experience the traveling. She begins to experience the problems with it, gaining some of the syntons that the travelers experienced. It isn't quit sure why they Vanessa experienced the side effects of the traveling when she didn't do any traveling herself. It's thought that because she was there when key moments happened - like on Antonys ship that it may of passed onto her through that. It's not completely clear though. Vanessa was smart in how she brought Detective back to Mars but she didn't expect that Antony had planted a virus in his system so that it would infect the people of mars when they returned to mars. The population of Mars had increased over the years. Antony had actived the 80,000 humans that had been sent to Mars in order to preserve mankind. Scientists on Earth who send the humans to Mars were worried that keeping them preserved might interfear with their ability to have children. This hadn't been the case and children were being born on Mars on a regular basics. They were starting to attend schools and growing up themselves. These are children that have no sense on what it would be like to live on Earth. Detective was amongest these people that were born and grew up on Mars. There were reports that he may of been one of the 80,000 that were sent to Mars but this was later confirumed to be false. There was no evidence to show this. Over time false information in the reports would be fixed and corrected. Detectives parents were part of the 80,000 that were preserved on the Mars. Detective died the day of the takeover of Antonys power. He collabsed on the lounge floor of his bedroom. His body was stone cold dead. Antony showed up though and grabbed his body, taking him onto the ship and sending Detective back in time to change certain events. This is the only time that Detective went back. In Detectives world he was gone for several years but in the past he lived out entire lifetimes. The research only covers some of the events and there is allot that he would of lived through that wasn't covered. He may of died serveral times in the past. This was another area that wasn't sure in what was happening. What happened to Detective when he died in one time? Does he switch to another time or timeline. He is killed at the presidents speech when the presidents car becomes under attack. The humans find the alien substance in his body and attempt to extract it. This extraction greatly improves the humans tech. If Detective doesn't go back and give the humans the tech they are wiped out to begin with. This is one of the main reasons why Detective is sent back - to help make sure that the human race lives on after the Earth is wiped out. Why would Antony want the humans to survive? Antony is part human to start with. Having the humans on Mars gives Antony power over them. If they were all wiped out he would be left on Mars alone. He had created Blitz with some of the supplies that he had taken from the Earth. This was a creature that was part alien, part human, and part cat. It was a strange creature. Antony thought it was a wonderful creation and was proud of his creation. Blitz looked similar to antony as the human and alien genes Antony had used for Blitz where from him. The cat genes were from an unknown cat that Antony had a sample of their dna. It worked though, the original cat dna had mixed successfully with the alien and human dna. Why did Antony choose cat as an animal to mix his genes with? When Antony was first brought to Earth by his Father Loth'Rak his host family had a cat that Antony grew close with. Sadly this cat passed away after a few years. The Family continued to get more cats as each one died. The family certainly were not a dog family. Sometimes the cats would die quite quickly - the road they lived on was busy and cars would speed up and down the road. Often the cars would be crossing the road and be hit by a car. This made the Family sad - especially Antony. This is why Antony decided on cat as the animal to mix genes with. The other reason is that he found the cat to be the most successful mix. He had attempted other mixes such as a bee before the cat but these had been largly unsuccessfuly. After about the last unsussful attempt Antony was almost ready to give up. This had stopped him from comppleteing the mission successfully. h well lets see how this goes. Loth'Rak left Antony on Earth in order to make sure that someone part of his race lived on. This didn't work though. Antony was driven from Earth and became savage on Mars. They needed to find out what drived Antony from Earth and if they could fix it. The research showed that it was an event that happened at his school. He had shown his alien form to another student and that student had told her teacher. The teacher didn't believe the student. Camera footage was reviewed and showed Antony switching to alien form. The media and militery got hold of this - swooping in. Antony managed to escape Earth and hide out in Mars until Sarah arrived. Antony had planned on activing the humans himself but needed the robot 6b345 to do so. They had the private key that would unlock the humans on Mars. It was going to be tough telling the humans that the rest of them had been cleakilled on Earth. It wasn't a fun subject to bring up with the humans of Mars but it was part of their history and something that they should learn about. What happened on Earth was something that was taught in schools to the children on Mars. They learnt how the Antony used the robots to destory Earth. They learnt that it was Antonys fault that everything happened. It was nobody else. Some of the people on Mars believed that Antony hadn't done anything wrong and it was Sarah that was at fault. Sarah should of never agreed to the mission on Earths Moon. There were arguements between the two groups - almost leading towards a war. The only thing that stopped the war was the fact that the research was released that showed all the different senerious that could happened. This helped create peace between the two groups.