He watched as the crowd decended onto the morning tea table. The food setout was sweet fresh cream buns and savory muffins. Sccanning the area for an exit, he soitted a doorway which lead to a balconey. There were too many for him to handle. He would have to make his way through several groups of people. He took a deep breath and provided to walk towards the door. One step in front of another. 'excuse me', he mutted as he made his way past the groups. Reaching the door and squeezed through the small opening. Outside on the balcony he felt releaved. No longer was he in a tightly crowded room. The sun was shone brightly. He had to be careful that he wasn't burnt. shinning and Joey was able to find a seat and started to eat his cream bun.

TechFuncMasters was the company hosting the conference. A three day event where people from a range of companies got together and shared and collaborated on ideas. Joey was a contractor and had just started a new project of developing some addons for gimp. The addons that he had to build was to make it possible to give the computer a collection of digital paintings, and the video process of the paintings - and a blank canvas. The computer would then mimic the original painting - creating a new painting with help from a new reference image. Joey wasn't sure who he was creating this software for - but it didn't really matter. The main thing for joey was that he was getting paid well - and that the addons would be open source.

The door slided open and steps walked towards his direction. He was no longer alone. A woman in her early twentys approached and sat near him. She had long wavey red hair, bright large blue eyes and a glemmering smile. She too had came outside to eat the morning tea. He looked over and checked her name tag. Vanessa May, TechFuncMasters, Developer, it read. He gave her a smile.

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"Hi there, I'm Joey", he interduced himself, he finished the mouthful of cream bun.

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"Hi Joey, I'm Vanessa", she replied. "Enjoying the conference? Some great keynotes". Joey shock Vanessa's hand. "Vanessa", she replied.

Antony watched as Joey and Vanessa meet. It was as predicted. History had told that these two would meet this day. October 14th 2065 at 10:50am. Antony knew his job was done and started to walk out of the building. The place was crowded as he started to push his way to the exit. 'sir, wait', he heard a voice behind him. He ignored it. It was important that he got out of the building in the next 5 minutes. He kept moving, at a faster pace. 'STOP', the voice yelled. Antony started to run. The last thing he remembers is a buzzing sound. Then darkness.

'So where do you work', Vanessa asked Joey. His badge read Joey McFurson. The company line was blank. His role was set to Developer. 'Oh i am doing some contract work currently. Mostly image manipulation kind of stuff', Joey replied.

The light flickered as Antony opened his eyes. He was strapped to a chair. His mouth gagged to stop him from yelling. The room was small. A table was in front of him along with a similar chair. The table was covered with medical and electrical devices. 'What the hell', he thought to himself. The door creaked open. In walked a solid built man that looked like he was in his early fortys. His long blue-black straight hair covered his face hiding brown eyes surronged by dark rings. He walked with a slight limp. The man steered at Antony then took a seat.

"Do you know why you are here?', he asked.

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Antony sighed, 'I have no idea'. 'The agency I work for tracks down those that are involved in time alteration events'. Antony realized he was in trouble. How the hell did they find him, he thought to himself. 'I want a lawyer', he replied. 'You do not have a right to a lawyer Antony', Dectecive spoke. 'Just tell us what you know, we can do this the easy way, or the headway'. Antony maintained a puzzled look on his face. 'Antony, Do you know what this device is', Detective picked us a circle electronic device from the table. 'No comment', spoke Antony.

Joey checked his watch, it was 10:58. The crowds of people had finished their morning tea and moved back into the speakers rooms. Joey had been in the tech track but decided to switch the business track. He had found the tech track to be slightly boring, and was dozing off during the session. He stood up from his seat on the balcony and moved towards the door, sliding it open further to get inside. He headed towards the room which had the sign: 'business track'. The room was much smaller than the tech track. He found himself a seat on the side of the room. He sat down and retrieved his pad and pen to take notes. The next talk was from a bank - the first talk of the day from a woman. Vanessa watched as Joey got a pad and pen from his bag. She made her way towards him and took a seat next to him. 'Hi', she spoke. 'Hello', he replied. She reached for her bag and go out a laptop. 'oh wow, you brought a laptop, isn't that kinda dangerous', Joey remarked. 'It's a throwaway machine', I'm going to destroy it after the conference', Vanessa replied. Joey watched as Vanessa's web browser opened. She had several tabs of Jupyter Notebook running. She was using it to take notes in markdown format. 'I just stick with pen and paper, less to worry about', spoke Joey. 'Fair enough', replied Vanessa. Their conversation was interrupted with the announcement of the next speaker.

Albumin receive the call from Detective. They had had found Antony. She made her way from her home office to her front door. Detective had told her that a car would be picking her up in 30seconds to take her to where they were holding him. She had been involved in the search for him in years. Ever since they retrieved information that he was the one that caused a time split that meant Vanessa never meet Sarah. It was important for Albumin that they meet as it leads to the fail of the ArtControl system that everyone had been involved in developing. Rain poured down as Albumin stood in her driveway. She watched as a car came down her street slowly. 'This has to be it', she thought to herself. It stopped outside her home and the backdoor opened. She climbed in. The car was old. A 2015 Honda. It is rare to see these cars around. Majority of people use cars that are self driving. I guess they don't want to use new tech that the govt tracks. These old methods of transport are safer. The car struggled but made its way down the dirt road, turning left. The streets were quiet. People were too scared to come out of their home at night. The crime in the city had increased in the past twenty years. Albumin was partly to blame, she had been issuing orders to police to break down peoples houses in search for Antony. Now they finally had him focus could go into getting information out of him. It wouldn't be easy. The car pulled up outside an old abounded building. TechFuncMasters the old sign read out the front. Albumin stepped out of the car. She stepped forward and the car took off. The rain was calming as she moved toward the front door. She knocked twice. It was a large steel door that read: number 6 TechFuncMasters. Uganka answered the door. They walked down the hallway and turned left. Reaching another steel door. 'How did you find him?', Albumin asked. Uganka was silent. He just unlocked the steel door and pushed Albumin through. The room was dark except for a single light bulb. In one chair a man was strapped, Dective was sitting opposite holding the time split device. A table separated them. They were both frozen in time. 'You must be Antony', Albumin spoke. 'We have been searching for you for a long time'. The two were still frozen. 'UGANKA', yelled Albumin. The steel door opened and Uganka walked in. 'Yes', he spoke. 'What the hell is happening here, can you get them back to normal', she asked. 'I thought you would know how to do that', Uganka replied. 'No I don't' Albumin snapped. 'We finally get this guy and now I cant even interview him. I need to see the security tapes'. 'Yes, follow me', Uganka leads Albumin out of the steel door. He closes it after him. They walk forward and to the left where there is another steel door. Uganka unlocks the door and they both step in. The server room. The brains of the building. In front of them is a desk with a old computer monitor that is displaying live footage of the events the interview room. 'I want to see footage of the past 24 hours from that room', Albumin demands. 'Yes', replies Uganka as he rewinds the footage of the day. The footage shows Detective and Uganka dragging the body of Antony into the room. They both tie him up and leave. Albumin fast forwards the footage. She wants to see the conversation the two have together and what happens after the phone call to her is made. She pauses the footage as Antony wakes up. The buzzer goes off to let Dective know that he is away. A few minutes later Detective walks into the room and the two have a conversation. Sadly the footage wasn't able to catch audio. After a short convoy Dective shows Antony the time split device and they both freeze. 'Hang on', says Albumin. 'Somethings not right. Where is it that Dective places the phone call to me?', Albumin wonders. She reviews the footage again. Puzzled she asks Uganka to show her the interview room again. Antony and Dective are still frozen. Albumin exams the bodies. 'Perhaps it wasn't this Dective that made that phone call', she thinks to herself. 'Maybe something happened with the time split and the call was sent by an alternative Dective'. She had heard of similar things happen but never experienced it herself.