Detective held the time split device in his right hand. He watched Antony as he squirmed in his seat. Suddenly Antony stopped squirming and began laughing historirocy. Alarm bells sounded which blocked out the sound of Antony's laughter. 'What is this', shouted Detective. 'You will never find me', yelled back Antony. The alarm stopped. Everything stopped. Both Antony and Dective froze. For a moment in time, the world stopped. Then everything went back to normal except for Antony and Dective. They stayed frozen.

Antony awoke in a dusty hut. He had no memory of how he got here. The last thing he remembers is being tired up to a chair and having Detective talking to him. 'How did I get away', he thought to himself. He looked around the hut to get an idea for where he is. In the corner of the room lay-ed an old artcontrol robot body. It looked like a prototype edition from over 50 years ago. 'I wonder if it will still work', Antony thought. He moved towards the robot to examine it closer. The series number on the machine said 6b345. He turned it over, noticing that the battery was fried. 'Maybe I could repair it'. He dragged the robot outside the hut. Outside it was raining. The view was like nothing he had seen before. Bright purple colour rose from the distance. The waves crashed onto the beach. Antony continued to drag the robot along the beach. In the distance he noticed an old industrial building that may have the tools to repair this robot.

He reached the building. The door was a large steel door. Antony tried the door and it opened up. He dragged the robots body inside the building. He was happy to get out of the rain. The building was large. He could hear the rain on the tin roof. Old tools scatted the ground. Tables and chairs were broken. Antony dragged the robot towards a table and sat down. It was an effort moving the robot. He searched around for anything that he could use to repair the robot. Sure enough he found a battery pack that he was able use use. He used a screwdriver to remove the old fried pack and inserted the new pack. The front light switched on - turning green. The robot began to make a whizzing sound as it powered up. 'Mission Sarah Rescue Complete', he spoke in its robotic voice. Antony smiled with amazement as it started to move. It stood up and started to move forward. It didn't seem to notice Antony. 'Hey You', spoke Antony. 'Command Now', the robot spoke. 'I am 6b345, what is your command'. 'Where are we', Antony spoke. 'You are on planet Mars, it is the year 3532, month June, day 34', 6b345 answered.

Humans fully colonized the planet Mars after a disaster happened on Earth which wiped all living species. Before the disaster hit they had a supply of humans preserved on Mars that were active in order to maintain human existence. The biggest problems they had with life on Mars is the lack of oxygen. They did have problems with supply but have since setup enough of a base on mars to supply without the help from Earth. Plans were made for humans to travel back to Earth in order to retrieve important items. Earth was unlivable but the humans were able to spend a short time on the planet in order to get the items. The time split device had been left on Earth and it was important to retrieve it. Humans would never be able to survive for long on Mars and they needed to change events in order to stop the moon from splitting.

Joey stood and watched as they went over to the

Joey is sent to Mars when the time split happens. What happens to Detective when the time split happens?

Detective awakes in a green grass field. He had never experienced anything so beautiful in life. His whole life the world had been gray and black. The sun was shinning. 'Was this even Earth', he thought. He had heard tales of an ancient earth where the world hadn't been destroyed. Before the ArtControl machines took over. In the distance her saw a building which looked like a shopping complex. Crowds of people were walking in and out of the building. A road ran down the side where people were driving cars. Dective had never seen these kind of cars before, he had seen photos of them when he was a child. The cars had four wheels and required a driver to manually control. Dective headed towards the road. Maybe someone could help him, he thought. He reached the road and started to cross the road. He crossed in front of a truck, which hit him and sent his body flying. The truck sketched to a halt. People crowded around his body. Detective was barely alive but an ambulance sirens were in the distance heading towards the scene. Two ambulance pulled up and jumped from the vechile. The asked everyone to move back from the body before examining it. They moved the body onto a stretcher and took it towards the hospital. There was a chance that the man would survive. The ambulance flashed their lights and sirens as they rushed towards the hospital. They pulled up outside the building hospital and rushed the stretcher and body inside emergency. The mans body was heavy damaged, beyond what a normal human being would need to survive. As the doctors examined the patient they discovered a metal like substance in the patiats brain. It was used to control his actions, and keep him alive. They had never experienced anything like it before. On of the doctors had a contact at NASA that researched alien life forms. The doctor made contact with them in case they were able to shred some light on the issues.

Sarah was chosen along with Joey and 6b345 to go back to Earth in order to find the devices.

Sarah ship circled the Earth. She had lost communication with Earth after the explosion of the Moon. It would of caused a ripple effect that knocked the Earth out of orbit, killing all lifeforms. She had a backup plan of traveling to Mars where she would be able to activate the 80,000 humans that were stored on the planet. On the computer she put in cord's for Mars and her ship took off at light-speed.

Several minutes later she found herself circling the red planet of Mars. She had only ever been to Mars when she was little with her family. Humans had been creating a colony for years on the planet and had made a base that was able to sustain human life. It was a rough ride as her ship entered Mars atmosphere. She landed on the docking station. After landing she exited her ship. She was able to take off her spacesuit as the base had oxygen that allowed humans to breath. The air was thinner than what she was use to on earth and it took her several minutes of breathing to adjust. She heard a notice from inside her ship. 'Was someone else on my ship', she thought to herself. She reached for her ray gun and boarded the ship to investigate the problem.

6b345 checked his co-ords. The Lang and long were off. The system searched for the cord's and returned that they were on Mars - not Earth. This could be a problem. He started to move his ways off the ship when they heard the ships door open and Sarah board the ship again. She was equipped with a ray gun. She must of heard something when 6b345 was moving around the ship. There was no where for him to hide. Instead raised hands and stood still waiting for her to enter the supply room.

Sarah peaked around the corner into the supply room. She had spotted what what making the noise. It was a robot with it's hands up. 'How the hell did you get on this ship', Sarah spoke as she moved around the corner - Ray gun pointed at the robot. 'There is nothing to worry about', the Robot spoke. 'I am 6b345 and here to help you. I boarded the ship when you were on the Moon'. Sarah lowered her Ray gun. 'A friendly robot, that's rare', she replied. 'I am Sarah, pleased to meet you', Sarah said as she held out her hand to shake 6b345s hand. They shock and then exited the plane together.

'My calculations estimate that there is enough oxygen to last for the future', 6b345 tells Sarah. They both make their way down the platform. Ahead of them is a large steel door. They move forward. 6b345 hesitates. 'You are not a scary cat', Sarah laughs. 'No, I'm just picking up some unusual readings', replies 6b345. 'Are you sure this place is safe?'.

Uganka stood at the door waiting for the knock. It was important that Sarah and Joey arrived on time. They had gone to retrieve a private key that would allow the time split device to activate. It was very experimental and hadn't been tested before. Uganka was about to give up when he head a knock. 'Who's there', he spoke. 'Sarah and Joey Macfurson', a female voice spoke. It must of been Sarah thought Uganka. He started to unlock the door when behind him he heard footsteps. He turned around to find a solid man pointing a ray gun at him. The man fired the gun knocking Uganka to the ground. Outside Sarah and Joey heard a gun shot. They backed away from the door. 'This cant be right', spoke Sarah. 'Something has changed, he was meant to answer that door and let us in'. 'Lets get out of here', suggested Joey as they turned around and started to run down the road. They found an abandoned car which they were able to hot-wire. Joey was in the drivers seat and Sarah in the passenger. An old artcontrol robot model was lying across the back seat. Joey reversed up and took off. They watched as a man stepped out of the door and started firing on them. Joey slammed on the alzarater and speed down the road - avoiding the burning car parts in the way. 'What the hell happened there', asked Joey. 'We are spouse to be inside that building'. Sarah shrugged. She was just as confused as Joey. The two continued driving down the road. The rain had gotten heavier. Sarah moved to the back of the car to examine the artcontrol robot. 'What kind of condition is he in', asked Joey. Sarah flipped the robot over and checked his battery pack. 'It seems fine, just needs a reset', Sarah replied. She reached for the reset button and pushed it in for 3 seconds. The robot started to power up.

Detective stood over the dead body of Uganka. One ray gun blast to the chest had killed him. He moved towards the door and started to unlock it. He heard a car starting up outside. He stepped outside with armed with his ray gun. He fired three times at the car but missed and the car was too far away now. Detective had stopped Sarah and Joey from entering the building. How this would change the future he was not sure, but having them enter the building would be devastating. He needed to hunt them down and kill them. His head hurt from the headaches. Since the accident his body hadn't been the same. He had some of the best doctors and scientists repair him. His hand reached for his pills in his pockets. He swallowed two down. These pills helped keep him alive. Devtive made his way down the street and found an old car that he was able to hot-wire and start. The car was full of rubbish, old soft-drink bottles and food. He started to drive down the road in the same direction that Sarah and Joey had traveled. He traveled several blocked before giving up. He wasn't going to find them in a city this big. He could sleep in one of these old apartment buildings and in the morning hunt for them. He pulled the car over and made his way over to a building. The building was clearly empty - wooden planks covered the windows and door. He searched for something that would allow him to break the door down. He found a piece of steel nearby that he used to smash the door. He entered. The lights switched on. It looked like the people that lived here left in a hurry. Lunch was served on the table. Fly's swarmed the food. He moved towards the kitchen. The fruit in the fruit painter was still good. He ate a banana and headed towards the master bedroom. The bed was made and had fresh sheets. He climbed into the bed and feel asleep. He was excused.