Detective awoke from the sound of a door slamming. He moved quickly and retrieved his ray gun from beside the bed. He heard people talking in the kitchen. 'Was it the police, the home owners, or someone else breaking in?', he thought to himself. He moved out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen, careful to not not be noticed. He peaked around the corner. To his surprise the very people he had been after stood in the kitchen. Sarah, Joey and an unknown robot who he didn't recognize stood there. His headache got worse, and he dropped to the ground in pain.

Micheal pulled up outside his exwifes home. Normally she is waiting outside her home for the lift to work. He tooted twice. No response. 'What could she be doing', he thought. It was very strange of her not to let him know if she wasn't going to work. He turned off the car and climbed out - locking the car after him. He walked up to the front door and knocked twice. No response. He reached for his cellphone and tried the home line. He could hear it ring inside but no response. He tried her cellphone. It range and she answered. 'Hello Micheal', she spoke. 'Hi, Where are you?', he replied. 'I am at your door waiting for you'. There was a pause. 'Are you there?', he asked again. 'Oh yes, I'm waiting outside my place like normal', she answered. Micheal looked around and there was no sign of her. 'Is this a joke', he asked angrily. 'No no, I am here'.

Albumin stood outside waiting for her exhausted Micheal to arrive to pick her up from work. He was running late, it wasn't like him to to run late. She looked down the street to see she could spot his vehchile. No sign. She heard her home phone inside ring and rushed inside to answer it. She was too late, the caller had hanged up. She went back out the front. A minute later her cellphone rang and she answered it. It was Micheal. Apparently he was waiting for her outside her home. Waiting where she was currently standing. She had returned home yesterday afternoon from Uganka and the issue of Detective and Antony. Perhaps those events mucked up time and she was displaced. She hanged the the phone up and decided to return to Uganka to see if he had made any progress on locating Detective or Antony.

Their bodies were still frozen. Detective was holding the time split device. Uganka noticed blood running down the forehead of Detective. 'That cant be good', he thought. Reaching for his cellphone he dialed Albumin. She answered. 'Hey, we have a problem here. Detective seems to be bleeding from the forehead', he told her. 'Yeah, that's really not good', she replied. 'I will be there soon'. Albumin hanged up the call and dialed another number. 'taxi please', she spoke. Outside she noticed the taxi pull up. She made her way out the front door, locking it behind her. 'Where to?', the driver asked. She gave the address where Uganka, Detective, and Antony were. The taxi took off. Shortly later they arrived at the building. She thanked the driver as she exited the vechile. She knocked at the door Uganka let her in and they both walked into the interview room. The bleeding from Detectives forehead had gotten worse. Uganka had been using cloths to wipe the blood. Albumin took the time split device from Detectives hand. She examined the device. 'Do you know how this works', She asked Uganka. 'No idea', Uganka replied. Albumin fiddled with the device. The fiddling caused Albumin and Uganka to freeze.

Uganka heard a knock at the door. He answered it. Standing there was Detective with an unconscious body. 'Help me get him in', spoke Detective. Uganka took one end of the body and they both lifted it into the building. They dragged the body into the interview room. 'Whats his name', asked Uganka. 'Antony', replied Detective. They strapped Antony's body to a chair in the room and exited the room. They both stepped out the door and moved to the watching room. Here they both took a seat in the watching room. This allowed them to monitor Antony for when he awoke. Uganka was tired and began falling off the sleep as they sat there. He switched on the monitor and opened a terminal. The terminal monitored the building and alerted of any activity.

The 6b345 sat up on the bench. 'We are on Mars?', Joey said in amazement. Walking over to the building he knew something wasn't quite right with the planet. 'How am I surviving? The air feel like it does on earth', he asks. 'We have developed the air so it is possible for humans to survive on this planet, after Earth was destroyed Humans needed a new planet to survive on', 6b345 explains. 'Earth is destroyed', Joey gulped. 'Yes, over 1000 years ago there was an event on Earths Moon that caused Earth to be unlivable to humans', 6b345 explained what happened. 'So is there other humans on this planet', Joey asked. 'There should be, by my calculations I have been offline for 5 years, so events may of changed, but last time I checked humans were thriving on Mars', 6b345 replied. How exciting Joey thought to himself. Humans surviving on Mars. 'You must take me to these surviving humans', Joey said. 'Very well, but it will be a long journey from here, we are going to need transport'. 6b345 stood up and started walking out the door. 'How are we going to find transport?', Joey ask. 'I will be your transport', replied 6b345. To Joeys amazement 6b345 transformed into a hovercraft. 'Get on', 6b345 spoke. Joey mounted 6b345 and the two took off into the dusty distance.

Sarah grew up in a small town. It was like any other. Her house was down the block from her primary school. That's where she first discovered her love of computers. There wasn't allot to do in this town. It had a supermarket, a library, and a small skate park. There were only two schools - a primary school and a high school. They were only down the street from each other. The streets were clean and houses neat. At night people stayed inside and the streets were empty. Crime was low. Everyone knew each other. When Sarah was her first year of school the school got its first ArtControl AI robot. They used it in the art class to help students with their drawing and painting skills. It was able to create demos that the students learn by copying the demo. After the success of it in the art classes they purchased more for other subjects - to mimic behaviors. The code running the system was open source so it meant anyone could contribute to the software. Sarah remembers the day that her art class opened the artcontrol machine. It was an exciting day, the whole school wanted to be there. Twelve students, the art teacher and producible gathered around the long plastic wrapped package. The students were allowed together to unwrap. They pulled back the plastic bubble wrap and undid the cords. The ArtControl Machine lay there lifeless. It needed turned over and the reset button pushed in order to start's. Sarah was given the honors of powering on the machine. It's eyes blinks green twice and started to make a whirling sound. The students crowded around as it announced its names and duties. '2g987, art demo and tutor', it spoke. It had the default voice but the voice was able to be changed to a range of different voices. Its hands could hold a pencil, pen, paintbrush, or palette knife in either hand. It was possible to mix and match the art tools. The children were excited to see 2g987 produce its first artwork. They had setup an easel and wooden board for the first painting. 2g987 asks what they would like painted. There are a range of answers - create an original piece from memory reference, draw from life, or a combo of both. The students decided on a original piece from memory reference. The next option was the style of the painting. Again this was a range of choices to choose from. There was a range of artists they could choose from - old masters such as Willem Kalf, Canaletto and Leonardo da Vinci. The range was limitless. 2g987 also had the ability to scan a painting or drawing and produce an original work in a similar style. The students choice Leonardo da Vinci. 2g987 got to work straight away - first sketching in pencil, then applying a gray-scale layer, and finally colour. The students steered and watched in amazement at how quick 2g987 worked. Within a few minutes the painting was finished. 2g987 stood back. It seemed proud of this first painting. The bell rung and the students all ran from the room. Sarah stayed and examined 2b987. She brought her hand up and touched it's fake plastic face. It smiled. It's green eyes blinking 3 times. It was the first of its kind to be used in classrooms. Future versions of it would take over the whole classroom, including the students. Engineering the perfect education resource machine. That's what it was about. Creating the perfect machine to create open resources. It had a Creative Commons logo tattooed to its arm. CC BY 4.0. It read. The meta data that it created was stored online as part of an API. Everything the machine saw and did was documented. It's about creating whatever you consider a education resource.

ArtControl walked down the street. He held in his left hand a Wacom pen and on his right arm a Wacom drawing tablet. Sitting on this tablet was a Raspberry Pi computer. This had a monitor attached to it. It was being powered by a USB. Attached to the Raspberry Pi was a power pack, and the Wacom tablet. When the new oxygen was developed to keep humans alive on mars they used a chemical melted down to allow wireless charging. The Raspberry Pi was being charged with oxygen out of the sky.

The internet connection was everywhere. The speeds were 10gb a second download and 1gb upload. Their was an unlimited amount of usage. The Pi was being developed to include a wireless card. Older version of the Pi didn't have a wireless card.

Antony sipped his cup of herb tea. It was hot so he placed it on the counter to cool down. Sarah sat in the chair. Blitz, Antonys Abyssinian cat entered the room.