The President of the United States addresses the nation and the world. His announcement of successfully sending 80,000 human souls to Mars in order to preserve mankind. If the events happen as they have been foreseen in the next one thousand years then mankind will be wiped out on Earth and have to start a new on Mars. The alien metal discovered helps humans breath successfully on Mars. It also helps technology go beyond what we have today. The time travel possibilities are endless. We are currently looking at sending the metal back further in time - so that we can have the technology earlier in mankind's existence. Mission launching later today will launch 80,000 human souls into space - destination Mars. It is unlikely that many of these people will ever return to Earth - instead creating a home on Mars. Those that return to Earth will be researching into the history of mankind.

Sarah sat on the couch watching the television as the President gave his speech. Clutched in her arms was her teddy - Cuddles. He Mother sat by her side. Sarah was fascinated with the speech. He was standing on a high bench looking down at thousands of people. During the speech the television cut off to scenes of unconscious people being loaded onto the ships. These people were lucky to be going to a new planet Sarah thought. Those left on Earth would not survive. Sarah at her age didn't fully understand what would happen to mankind. As she grew older she would learn. She squeezed her teddy as the first ship launched off.

Joey watched the Presidents speech from the crowd. He had just had his 12th birthday and as a birthday present his parents had brought him here to watch live the Presidents speech. He knew it was an important day for mankind. Sending 80,000 human souls to Mars in order to survive the events that would take place. He watched the president as he held up the piece of alien metal that had been discovered several years ago. It was found inside a man named Detective who had traces of the metal in his brain. Scientists were able to extract the metal from the brain and create copies. This metal was able to be used to keep humans alive on earth. It also helped our technology development.

Detective stood behind the President. He had a smile on his face as the President mentioned his name and the developments of mankind. His knowledge of future events allowed humans to prepare to survive. Without Detective being spent back to the past humankind would be wiped out when the event known as 'explosion on Moon' occurs. The President asks Detective to make a few words. Detective steps forward towards the mic. 'Hello. Some of you may have heard of me, many of you haven't. I was sent back to this time in order to save mankind. The events that are taking place today will result in Humankind living on past the end of this world and into others. I am privileged to have a hand in making this happen'. The crowd erupted with clapping. The president moved forward and gave his closing remarks.

Joey clapped along with the crowd. His Mother and Father side by side. He watched as Detective and the President exited the stage and got into their vechile, driving off. People chased the car down the road waving and screaming in excitement.

Inside the car Detective and the President sat opposite each other. One of the Presidents men were driving. The president had two decutiry guards beside him. It was unlikely that anyone would dare attach the car. They had Detective with them. His strength and recovery time was far supurial than any normal human being. The metal that was found in his brain was inserted into all 80,000 humans being sent to Mars in order to help them live on the planet.

Ahead on the road was a road block. The men wore orange shirts in order to be seen by traffic. It seemed like a normal road work. One of the Presidents guards mentioned that there was not spouse to be any road works along the path. Planners of the route had made sure that there would be no interruptions to slow down the presidents car. An explosion ahead of the presidents car sent one of the presidents cars flying. Two van pulled up on either side of the presidents car. 6 men jumped out of the van. This was a planned attack. The presidents car took off at high speed - attempting to avoid the debree that the explosion had caused. The six men opened fire with automatic weapons onto the presidents car. The car was built with a metal that could sustain the bullets but still inside the car the president was worried. The car made it through the area that the explosion happens. Two of the men had jumped into the car and were hanging on as it speed down the road. One of the security guards wound down the window and started firing shot - only to receive shots back. Detective had been sitting there calmly but maybe it was time to show these attackers what he was capable of. He undid his seat-belt and climbed out of the open window - pushing aside the dead bodies of the security guard and attacker. The terrorist was on the roof and opened fire on Detective. His body absorbed the bullets. He laughed as he walked closed to the man, disarming him and using the weapon - throwing him off the car. The two van were still chasing the car - with men inside firing automatic weapons at detective. Detective jumped onto a van and fired inside the van. This caused the van to flip and roll. Detective went flying to the side of the road. He had experienced some bad luck with traffic accidents. The presidents car kept traveling ahead. Detective lay and watched as the car traveled into the distance. He couldn't move. His body would need time to recover. The presidents car reached an intersection when a car pulled out in front of it - letting off an explosion that caused the presidents car to go flying.

Sarahs Mother returned to the lounge with dinner for her and Sarah. The food was roast duck, potatoes, carrots, and green peas. A blueberry gravy was squirted over the meat. She sat down next to Sarah and handed Sarah her food. The two sat and ate their dinner as they watched the President finish his speech and enter his car. An helicopter followed the car as the President traveled to the space launch. The two watched in horror was the presidents car was attacked. Detective or 'the man from the future', as many called him saved the president from the attacked. They were saddened to see Detective being knocked to the ground after the first van exploded. The helicopter camera followed the presidents car. When the car entered an interception there was another explosion - this time causing the presidents car to roll. 'This isn't a good day for him', spoke Sarahs Mother. Sarah said nothing, she had been ignoring most of what was on television - focused instead on her food. She loved Duck.

Joey heard an explosion in the distance. People were panicking. He looked around for his parents but they were gone. 'MUM. DAD', he yelled. He was frightened. Why would they take off like this he thought to himself. A mans hand grabbed him. He looked similar to the man that had just spoken on stage. 'Come with me if you want to live', the man spoke. 'MUM', he yelled again as this man dragged him towards the exit. Joey goes with the man. 'He cant be a bad man if he helps the President', he thinks to himself. The mean leads him out of the area. Shortly after he hears an explosion behind him. The blast had came from the area he was just standing in. If it wasn't for the man leading him out of the area, he might of been hurt, or worse - killed' Joey thinks to himself. He can no longer feel the mans hand grasping his arm. He looks around but the man is gone. Then he remembers about his parents. He begins to head back to where the explosion came from. Police have cornered off the area and he is unable to get back through the barricades. A second later he hears another explosion - this time further up.

Prep the space crafts. Load the passengers. Genders and Races are split evenly between crafts. 50% gender split. Range of professions and ages. People are picked randomly and put through a screen tester. Time Split device is tested on individuals and anyone immune is refused travel.

The police dragged Vanessa outside and placed her into the back of a patrol car. Students watched as they took off towards to the police station. Once at the station they grabbed her out of the police car and took her inside the police building for processing. She refused to speak until her Mother arrived. One of the officers phoned her Mother to get her to collect her. The police had received a tip off that she was planning an attack on the school, therefore they intervened early and arrested her. No evidence was found for this so they decided to release her to her Mother. It made the police force look bad when incidents like this happens.

Albumin pulled up outside the police station. Her daughter was being held there on suspected terrorism charges. Albumin knew the chargers were false and that it was just Antony messing with their lives. She walked inside and went up to the counter. 'I am here to collect my daughter, Vanessa May', she spoke. The woman behind the counter looked up. 'Can I have your full name, date of birth and address', the woman asks. Albumin gives her the details. A police officer walks out of the door and asks Albumin to follow him. They walk back through the door her just entered and down a hallway. The two enter a room where Vanessa is being held. 'No charges were laid but we have to act on information when we receive it', the police officer apologized. Albumin gave him a dirty look and took Vanessa's hand and marched her out of the building. Once in the car Vanessa spoke. 'This is your fault Mum', she said. 'If it wasn't for you banning these people we wouldn't have all these issues'. Albumin sighed. 'I am sorry love', she replied. 'We are working on repairing the problems'. The two then took off in the car.