This is the final day of mankind. It happened the day as predicted. The President would give his speech. Joey would be killed in the explosion. The events that happen when Joey is killed are worse for mankind than it keeping him alive. Detective is sent back again to save Joey. He is in that time zone 3 times. Different versions of him have different tasks to complete.

Sarah received the artcontrol machine at school. They already were on Mars. The escape from Earth was just a simulation. The moon never exploded. Earth was fine. Humans could live on Earth. They were tricked into it by advance AI intelligence. The ability to move time backwards and forward. Sarah goes to space in order to find the metal. Explosion occurs when she is leaving the Moon. Travels to Mars instead of Earth as she loses contact with Earth. Mars was backup plan if anything went wrong. She had instructions to active the 80,000 human souls being stored on the planet.

Detective searched the crowd for Joey. He would be twelve years old and with his parents. Several times he had attempted to save Joey but each time failed. Detective had finally worked out that he needed to used a stun gun on both parents in order to get Joey out of there. The perfect time to reach him in once the first bomb activates. This happens in front of the presidents car. The second explosion hits the crowd. Detective spots Joey. The first explosion. Detective walks towards Joey. He looks down on him and holds out his hand. He tells Joey that he must come with him. Detective grabs the child and pulls him to safety. Shortly after getting Joey to a safe spot Detective is pulled back to where he and Antony are frozen in the room.

Sarah is sent into the future and meets Antony. Humans have successfully returned to Earth. The room is shattered but they use a similar substance as on Mars to stay alive on Earth.

Sarah travels to Moon when the explosion happens. She sends back Detective from Mars to Earth on the day Humankind was wiped out in order to change some events. Future version of Detective attempts to kill Sarah and Joey. It's never sunny and always rains in restored future Earth. The past - Presidents speech is sunny. Moon is gloomy and quiet.

Mars is red/orange. Frozen rivers. Joey looked across the landscape. He had never experienced anything like it. They raced across the land. Breathing was strange. Air thinner than on Earth. The landing site for the 80,000 humans sent from Earth over 1000 years ago were up ahead. '

Joey would explore the area. Had 3b456 to assist him in finding out what happened. Humans may or may not be active.

Antony makes sure that Vanessa and Joey meet. They have a child - Antony. Detective interferes and attempts to stop Antony from completing his task. Antony is captured by Detective and uses the time split. Sends Detective back to before the Presidents speech. Sends Antony into future.

Albumin is searching for both of them. When Detective saves Joey from the explosion he is pulled back into the future where he is in the room with Antony.

Antony is the grandson of Albumin.

Future version of Sarah is on the Moon the day of the Presidents speech. She discovers the alien metal and sends a sample back to the past before the Presidents speech in order to save Joey.

Sarah gets trapped in the future and can't get back. Joey remarries Vanessa.

Future Detective attempts to kill Sarah and Joey with Ray Gun. He is pulled back to future when he is in the abandoned building with Sarah and Joey.

Micheal is killed when Moon explodes by drowning. He is in his office when the tidialwave hits the shore. Everything floods. He watched the sky as the moon shattered. The Earth rocked causing an increase in global temp. Places that were warm - people burnt to death. Polar caps melted causing worldwide flooding.

Joey and the robot reach the landing site. Sure enough the 80,000 humans had landed and were ready to activate.

Sarah and the robot reach Mars and discover that the 80,000 human didn't make it to Mars. Needs to send back Detective to make sure the launch happens.

Uganka is killed by Detective when he is hunting down Joey and Sarah. He is shot in the back with Detectives ray gun.

Detective sneaks around the back of TechFuncMasters he knows of a secret passageway where he can get in. Sneaks up on Uganka as hes about to unlock the door for Joey and Sarah - but times it badly and Sarah and Joey escape. Detective kills Uganka with the ray gun. Detective chases after them but loses them. He discovers them when they enter the building he is staying in. At that point he is pulled into the future where he is in a room with Antony.

ArtControl is in future Mars walking down the road creating artwork on their Raspberry Pi. Breathing in air created from the alien metal. Electronics are being charged from traces of metal in the air. Ultra fast network speed.

Joey and Sarah had gotten far away from Detective. There was no way that he would catch them by now. The ray gun that he carried used much more advance tech that what they had in that time. He must have brought it back with him from the future. Sarah was driving well Joey slept. Joey dreamed of the events that had happened that evening. Everything was going as planned. He had received the private key which he loaded a virus onto it so that the ships would fail when the ships attempted to leave Earth. He had walked down the road in the rain with Sarah. They had knocked at the door. Uganka was spouse to answer and let them in. Then they were spouse to experience the time split that sent them into different time periods. Instead Detective killed Uganka and attempted to kill them. They shouldn't be in this time. Both Joey and Sarah should be in separate times. His mind was a fuzz. He couldn't remember where he was spouse to be traveling. This version of him had experienced the correct events, but everything changed when Detective shot Uganka. What was he even doing in this time? His dreams were puzzling and conditioning.

Sarah looked over and saw Joey sleeping. He looked sweet when he slept. He must of been dreaming she thought. He fidged in his sleep. She knew that the events that occurred tonight were not what was planned. That the two shouldn't be in this time. What would be the consequences for staying in this time?

The doctors ran scans on Detectives brain. They had never seen this type of metal before. Nothing like it excised on Earth. They had moved him out of the general hospital and into a govt hospital for special cases. here he would have the best care and scientists and doctors together would find out what the metal was. NASA became involved with the project. They were able to extract some of the metal out of Detectives brain and with the sample create a large abadence. They were unsure about the uses of the metal - but they knew for a fact that it was helpful for keeping humans alive. If it wasn't for the this metal substance Detective would of died when he was hit by the truck.

Even the President became interested in the case. He visited Detective in hospital and told him about the great advances in mankind the world would experience because of Detective nd the metal in his brain. Detective was finally conscious. He awoke cuffed to the bed. The room and bed was white. A large 50 inch TV sat on the bench at the end of his bed. He was connected with wires. He heard a door open and a woman walked in wearing a very old styled nurse outfit. 'Perhaps its a historic dress-up themed party', detective thought to himself. The woman yelled behind her, 'hes awake'. She walked towards him. Two doctors followed. They crowded around the bed where Detective was laying.

One of the Doctors spoke intruding themselves, the other doctor and the nurse. He explained about the truck accident and finding the alien metal in Detectives brain. Detective had no recollection of the events nor the alien metal found in his brain. It must of been something that was inserted into new born babies in the future.

Joey inserted the USB into the computer. Sarah started to make her wait down the stairs and to the door. She would wait for him at the door. Joey browsed the USB file system. launch was the name of the private key. There was a second file launch.public - the public key. The public key was loaded onto the servers on the ships that were bound for Mars. The private key would allow connection to the ships. Joey typed a command into the terminal to corrupt the private key. This would cause the ships to fail. The real key was replaced with the fake virus infected key. This would cause the ships to explode when they take off.

All the effect of sending Detective back to load 80,000 people with the metal will be stopped once and for all. Sarah yelled from downstairs for him to hurry up. He pulled the USB out of the computer and placed it in his left pants pocket. He reset the computer and rushed down the stairs to catch up with Sarah. It was pouring with rain outside.

Vanessa looked over at Joey. He was scribbling notes into his pad. She had enjoyed this talk. It was more entertaining than the technical room. She was enjoying the stories that the business room offered. It was less to concentrate on and just absorb the information. The bank talk finished and moved onto questions. Neither her or Joey asked a question but several others in the crowd did.

The slides were all on the same laptop she it meant that the next talk started 5 minutes after the previous. The next talk was given by the postal service about how they are using drones and robots to deliver mail. They explain how they have replaced the normal postie humans with robots. They use a GPS data that connects letters and parcels with where the delivery happens. They explain how they use machines to scan and sort mail. They have major depots where the mail is sent then from there picked up by ground and aerial drones for delivery.

As soon as Detective knows that Joey is safe he gets heads to the nearest payphone. He was visual and practiced this so many times that it had became a habit. Lead the boy to safely, make the phone call to Albumin that he had captured Antony and to visit us. By this time the current version of himself will be frozen and sent back. If he doesn't contact her, he may never get back to his own time. The phone rings. and again. Albumin finally answers. Detective explains to her that he had captured Antony and for her to come to the building immediately. He is careful not to tell her too much information. He had already experienced these events and if he told her the wrong information everything they had worked towards could be ruined.

Detectives body dropped to the ground. He had finished his mission and he had been sent back to his normal time. The room where he awoke was dark. There was a man tied up to the chair in front of him. He had no memory of him and didn't recognize him. The single light bulb in the room flickered. He looked around to try to remember where he was. He had been gone for several years and things might be different in this time line. He was already experiencing issues with attempting to remember who this man was in front of him. He stood up. Suddenly he had a flash. It was of a woman taking something from him in this room. Did it happen in this time-line? He thinks to himself. He walks towards the door. It is a large steel door. It's closed but unlocked. He walks through the door. He enters a long hallway which is dimly lit. He experiences another memory flash. This time of dragging a body down the hallway. He can't recognize the person that is helping him with the body - or the body. Perhaps it's the man tied to the chair? He thinks to himself. Detective decides to turn left. He remembers now that forward would lead him to the building exit.

Turning left leads him to the interview room. It's empty and looks like its been that way for a long time. The computer here is covered in dust. The window viewing shows the man - who Detective still cant remember. He is still tied to the chair. Detective sits on the seat and turns on the computer. Perhaps this will give him the answers he needs. The computer turns on successfully and he opens the camera history. He rewinds the footage and watches footage of him and another man dragging the body of the man tied to the chair into the room. He watches as the man wakes up and Detective enters the room. He is holding in his hand a remote device. The man and Detective talk. The man begins to laugh, and then they both freeze. He fast forwards the footage. Pauses when someone else enters the room. It's the woman from the flash. On camera she looks much older than in the flash. She does a similar action to the flash. She takes the remote device from Detectives hand. Someone else is in the room. Detective notices its the same man that helped him drag the body into the room earlier. He watches the footage further. The woman activates the remote device - causing both her and the man to freeze for several minutes. 'Did she change something then', Detective thinks to himself. He needs more answers about what is going on. He reaches into his pockets to check for anything. Inside his left pocket is a red USB that label reads: For Detective. Detective loads it onto the computer. It has a single video file on it. He opens the video file up with the video and audio player - VLC. It plays security footage of the room where the man in the chair is currently. Detective is in the scene as well. He's frozen along with the man in the chair. The woman walks into the room. She injects a needle into Detectives neck. This footage is different to what was recorded Detective notices. The time-stamps match up. One of the tapes must be a fake or an alternative time-line. Detective watches the footage further. The woman injects the man tied to the chair with another needle. The footage ends with the caption. 'Find and Save Joey'. Joey... Detective thinks. That's a name that can remember. He can't picture an image of him. Maybe Joey is the man tied up? He exits the room and heads towards the exit. He reaches a large steel door. The front entry and exit to the building. The door is locked but he unlocks it and opens the door. Detective experiences another piercing headache pain and a flash of events. It shows him walking down this hallway. Someone is standing at the door inside the building. It's someone new. It's not the man tied up to the chair or the man that helped Detective tie him up. His face is a blur. It's like he doesn't even have a recognizable face. Detective is holding a ray gun. He points it at the man and fires. The flash ends. Detective is brought back to reality. A ray gun, he wonders. Where do I get a ray gun? He opens the door. Outside it's dark and raining. The street is a mess. Detective looks up and down the street. It's empty. Two cars are parked in the car-park. He heads towards them. The he tries the car on the left. It's a Red Honda. Locked. Perhaps he will have better luck with the other car - otherwise he might need to smash a window. The other car is unlocked and Detective climbs into the drivers seat. He starts to take off when he experiences another flash. This time it's outside the building. He's firing his ray gun at the car he is currently driving. One of the ray guns bullets hits a tire. Detective is brought back to reality when he notices the car suddenly flip. A wheel had been blown. He was firing at his own vechile. Detective climbs from the flipped vechile. Luckily he wasn't going fast. He heads back to the other car and smashes the window and unlocks the door. He hot-wires the car and takes off. He really needs to find someone that can help him understand what is happening. It's just too confusing for him. As he drives he sees visions of the other car being driven ahead of him. It's like two worlds mixed together he thinks. He decides to follow this vision car. He doesn't know who could be driving, but it could give him answers.