Albumin and Detective together watched the camera footage.

Sarah and 6b345 stepped through the steel door at the landing pad. They had made it to Mars successfully. Sarah was now tasked with finding the ships that had launched and landed on Mars and activating them. She was a little uneasy about 6b345. He original mission was to go to the Moon in order to find him as there were suspensions that he had been hacked and was acting as a rogue robot. Could the friendly nature he was putting on just be show? 6b345 scanned Sarah. The readings came up with an unusual high anxiety level. 'Are you feeling OK?', 6b345 asked Sarah as they walked down the hallways. 'Oh I'm fine', replied Sarah. She stopped holding her head. Sarah experienced a flash vision. It was a scene from Earth. She was with a man. Their arms were linked. They were standing outside a building door. Rain poured down. In the vision she knocks on the door twice and another man - someone with a blurred face lets them in. Sarah is brought back to relatey by 6b345. He slaps her across the face which knocks her out of the flash. 'Sarah I don't think you are well', 6b345 tells her. 'That was the strangest thing ever', Sarah explains. 'Come on, the sleeping bunkers are just up ahead', 6b345 tells Sarah. How does he know so much about this facility Sarah thinks to herself. Her head still hurts but she continues down the hallway towards the sleeping bunkers. After everything that had happened, some sleep would be good. The two walked through and sliding door. It was there there were sleeping bunks and power for 6b345 to charge. 6b345 walked up to the charger and plugged itself in. 8 hours of charge would give it months of charge. Sarah dropped her bag and climbed into the bed. She was excused and fell asleep immediately. After her sleep the two would go and search for these 80,000 human souls that need to be activated on Mars.

Vanessa stepped up on the escalator. It had been several months since she had been at a tech conference and it always put her in a good mood when she attended. Being a female meant that she was often gloratized at these events - something she felt a little uneasy about. She had only good experiences when attending these events. She was warned to watch out for sleazes when she started attending these events. So far she had only good experiences. She stood in the line waiting waiting to sign in. The line was around eight people. It was moving quickly. She had printed a bar code out that would be used to sign in. She was finally at the front of the line. 'Hello, I'm Vanessa May', she told the woman behind the counter. The woman smiled and said hello. Her bar code was scanned and she was given a lanyard that had her name attached to it. She made her way to the foyer area where coffee, tea, and juice was being served. The area was full. People were gathered around in their groups chatting among themselves. Vanessa went over to the group

Loth'Raks scanned the Earth. His ship lay idle just outside the Earths atmosphere. He was the last remainder of his race. He had been in search for other intelligence life and had found it. On this distant planet that the locals called Earth. He was uneasy about making himself known to the life. When *his race had done so before thousands of years ago it lead to almost their extinction. Loth'Raks was growing old and needed to pass on knowledge about his race to these humans in the hope that they may be able to save him. He had successfully captured several of the lifeforms which he was keeping alive in a water like substance. Unlike his race the humans needed oxygen to survive. They would never be able to survive on the alien home planet but he had made it possible for the humans to breath on Mars, a planet not far from Earth. He had tested mixing some of his alien DNA with that of the humans, to see the effects it would create. The first couple of tests failed but he had just successfully completed a mix. Loth'Raks lifted the child from the bed. It's skin was a faint blue colour - like his own. It's eyes had a cat like purple and colored blue. It's nose was much more flat than normal humans. It had a normal human mouth. Instead of two human arms it had four. Loth'Raks also had four arms. It had no reproduction system - something that the humans and his race had very different. It was a healthy child though. The humans may never accept him, but they might care for a half breed - someone part human and part alien. He would make the humans promise to care for the child in exchange for the metal that was inside of his race. It flowed through their body in a liquid form - but when exposed to oxygen it would turn to a solid. This meant that Loth'Raks would be unable to survive on Earth, the insides of his body would harden - killing him. He had set foot on Earth - wearing a special suit that stopped his blood metal from hardening. This is how he had captured the humans. He was due to expire and had found two humans that were capable of raising his child - Sarah and Joey McFurson they were called. They lived on a small farm outside of Texas. He had organized to meet them to leave the child. Once the child was safe he would travel back to his home planet to die. Along with the child he would leave behind the metal. He had programmed the metal to malfunction and stop working if any harm would come to his child. The child would be able to switch between two forms - a fully human form and the alien half breed form. He had shown Joey and Sarah how to switch the child between the forms, and later when the child is older they would be able to switch. He named the child Antony. After his grandfather. Loth'Raks stood outside the wooden farm house. He wore his productive suit in order to stop the oxygen from contacting his body. In his arms was the small child - Antony. It was currently in human form. He switched the child to hybrid form, then back again to human form. It seemed to work correctly. He walked forward towards the house. Knocking on the wooden door. Sarah answered and greeted him in. They moved to the lounge area. Joey was sitting in a armchair in the lounge. Sarah had been preparing dinner. Joey stood up when Loth'Raks walked in the door. 'Is this him', Sarah asked. Loth'Raks had problems understanding human speech and had installed a translate device. He got Sarah to hold the device and speak into it. He replied by nodding. He handed the child along with the a small caps of the alien metal to Sarah. He turned and started to walk out the door. He needed to return to his own planet. Much longer on this planet would kill him. Sarah and Joey followed him out the door watching him take off in his small transport pod. Loth'Raks knew he would never see them again, but the child would be safe. Sarah and Joey watched ass the transport pod took off. The aliens main ship was outside of Earths atmosphere, but it was too dangerous for the ship to enter. Loth'Raks made it to his main ship. He docked the transport pod and exited. He moved quickly to the control room and started to enter cords for his home planet. The ship would need to travel through a black hole in order to get home. He looked around the ship one last time. Loth'Raks noticed his ray gun was missing. He had taken it to Earth in case of trouble. He was sure he had brought it back on the pod but it was gone. 'What could have happened to it', he wondered. It was too late though, he didn't have enough time to return to Earth to retrieve it. He just hoped that the gun wouldn't fall into the wrong hands - the power it would offer the user is unknown. He tried to forget about it and started the ships engines. He had located a nearby black hole that the ship was traveling towards. He strapped himself in it was always a bumpy ride through a black hole - something he did not enjoy. He could see the black hole ahead. The ship was moving towards it. He braced himself for impact. Shutting his eyes his ship entered the black hole. A flash of visions happened as the impact happened. He observed a human man shooting another with Loth'Raks ray gun. A second vision appeared this time was of the ray gun being turned into a large weapon. It was launching attacks on his home planet. The humans were the ones that had almost wiped out his race. Was it his fault? Was he to blame for leaving the ray gun on Earth? He couldn't return. He orbited his home planet. The black hole had done as predicted and sent him home. Home to die. The humans must of used the metal he left along with the ray gun to send the missiles back in time - thousands of years to wipe out his race. He was annoyed with himself. Why did he even trust the humans to begin with? He thought of Antony and how he will grow up among a race of traitors. Loth'Raks ship entered his planets atmosphere. It was traveling fast, and he knew impact was going to be bad, though not as bad as the experience of traveling the black hole.

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