Sarah and Joey watched as Loth'Raks transport pod left Earth. Sarah held in her arms a small child brought to them by Loth'Raks. The had been given instructions to protect him at all costs. They would do just that. Loth'Raks had named him Antony and they had decided to keep the name. Currently Antony was in full human form. They were given a device by Loth'Raks that allowed Antony to switch to half-human, half-alien form. Joey tested the device on Antony. Sarah jumped and almost dropped the child as he suddenly turned blue, and sprouted another two arms. He started making sounds in a language they couldn't understand. Joey activated human form again. Loth'Raks told them that it was important that forms be switched at least once a year. If Antony doesn't switch he could be permanently stuck in either form. Along with the child, and form switch device they were given a metal substance. Loth'Raks told them they could give this to the authorities in exchange for Antony to be kept safe. They walked back inside with their new child. Several miles away a man was out walking his dog when he came across what looked to be a weapon or gun of some sort. He didn't recognize it and handed it into the local police station. The police were thankful for him handing it in - they too were unsure what it was. They would hand it onto the government. Joey and Sarah would have big decisions to make later about telling Antony about his Father and his origins. For now though - he was a baby and didn't understand. They had several years to wait. The three walked in the front door. Sarah had activated 6b345 to clean up the dishes. It was a fully automatic robot that was capable of many tasks - including cooking and dishes. She had activated it to finish off the dinner she started but was distracted with Loth'Raks arrival. For some reason the 6b345 unlike many other editions was mute. It followed the families orders though - which was the main thing. 6b345 watched out of the corner of it's eye the family walk back in the house. They were holding a child. The machine scanned the child - picking up unusual patterns. When situations like this happen the data is sent back to headquarters and an investigation is activated. The govt may become involved. Nobody has any privacy when these machines are in their lives - but they don't know that. Sarah tucks the baby into his cot before sitting down at the dinner table with Joey for dinner. 6b345 brings over dinner. Roast lamb, potatoes, carrots, and peas. Their favorite. 6b345 pours them a wine each and sits down at the table with them.

Years passed and Antony grew just like any other child. He attended Kindergarten and started school. Once he had started school Sarah and Joey decided that it was time for him to learn what he really was. They sat him down and explained about his Father Loth'Raks and how he was the last of his race and dying - that Antony was now the last remaining member of his race - though he was only half. They explained to him about the form switch device and showed him how it worked. That he had to switch forms at least once a year. Sarah and Joey had activated the form switch device for the past 5 years - on the anniversary that Antony was brought to them.

One day at school during break he told some of the other children that he was half alien. They didn't believe him. To prove it he activated the form switch device - switching into his true form. The other children were amazed and rushed off to tell their teacher. She told them to stop making up stories. Antony had switched back to human form - the teacher pointed out that Antony was perfectly normal, just like them. Though the CCTV at the school had captured Antony's transform. Within an hour the media had gotten hold of the footage. Both media and the military surrounded the school and Antony's home. Should he ever be discovered Sarah and Joey had been given a plan. They were to activate a transport pod that would take Antony to Mars - far away from the humans. When Antony saw the military and media heading towards his school he knew something was wrong and that they may be coming for him. He activated his form switch device and headed out the building towards home at a fast pace. Sarah and Joey had told him to go to a field out the back of his home. It was there that a transport pod would be stored and he could use it to escape to Mars. He made it to the field. Military and media surrounded his home. He could see Sarah and Joey being cuffed. He want to go and save them. To bring them with him. He knew he couldn't. He activated the pod and climbed into it. It was already set to Mars. He hit the green button and the pod took off. People noticed the roaring sound of the engines and pointed the television cameras at the scene. The military attempted to shoot down the pod but it failed - taking off and leaving Earth. Antony regretted showing his classmates the form and wondered what was going to happen to Sarah and Joey.

Antony awoke from the freeze. He was still tied to the chair. The room was empty. Detective must of already returned to this time period. He yelled for help. To his surprise - Sarah walked into the door. 'What the hell happened? Did Joey and Vanessa meet?', Antony asks Sarah. 'Yes everything went perfectly', Sarah walks up to Antony and unties him from the chair. 'Do you have your form switch device', She asks him. 'I don't need it', he replies. 'I can control the forms with my mind now'. Once untied Antony activates his true form - the half human and alien. Sarah is impressed. You have learn allot in all these years. 'How long had it been', She asks. 'In Earth years it has been 40 years', Antony tells her. 'wow it feels like longer', Sarah says. 'I remember the day still clearly today - Joey and myself were so frightened when the police showed up at the door looking for you. We didn't tell them anything. They arrested us. I then remember seeing your ship take off. I then knew you would be safe'. Antony nodded and smiled. 'We can talk more later. For now we need to get out of here, Dectecive may return'. Sarah and Antony walked out the door. Antony lead in his alien form. 'We are going to need to move fast', he said. 'I need you to climb onto my back'. Sarah nodded and climbed onto his back. 'Hang on'. Sarah gripped Antony's shoulders. He started to dash forward, knocking out the front-door. Outside it was raining and they raced down the road.

Detective continues to drive down the road. The visions of reality and the dreamworld are turning into a blur. In the dreamworld it's a sunny day, but in relatiery it's dark and raining. It gives a strange effect to the world. The car that he is following in the dreamworld begins to slow down. Three people get out of the car - a man, a woman, and a humanoid robots. He slows down his car and watches their next move. Do you think they could see me? He wonders. He opens the car door and heads towards them. They seem to be moving at a slower pace that relatery. He yells at them, 'hey guys, what are you doing?'. They continue walking away from their car, ignoring him. Maybe they can't see him he realizes. He goes up to get a closer look at them. He hopes he could recognize them. Like the man who was shot with the Ray gun their faces are a blur and he is unable to know who they are.

The three of them walk into a building. It looks like someone had already broken into this building. The front door had been sealed with a wooden plank but it had been removed and the door opened with something. No attempt had been made to secure it again. He stands behind the three characters as they open the door and walk inside. They have no idea he is there. They enter into a foyer area and walk down till they get to a kitchen. In Detectives world the kitchen looks clean, like someone was living here. In the dreamworld it's a mess, someone was living here but during their breakfast they abadanded the building. Old eggs and toast were rotting on the table, Fly's swarming. In the dreamworld he heard a thud on the floor. It came from the bedroom. Everyone noticed it. The dream-characters started to make their way to the bedroom to investigate. Detective wanted to make it first. He rushed in front of the dream characters who were moving slowly. Inside the bedroom he saw a version of himself. It was Detective that was in the room. Was it him that broke into this building? He wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't want the dream characters to find the body. He picked the body up and dragged it towards the closet. He opened it up and pushed the body inside. Just as he closed the closet the dream characters walked into the room. They looked around the room to see what the thud was. 'Perhaps it was a cat', one of them said. 'Don't be silly, a cat wouldn't make a sound that loud'. Detective prayed that would walk out and ignore the closet. His wish was granted. The three of them turned around and walked out of the bedroom - back to the kitchen.