This weekend it will volunteer at nzdevmob2015. It's being held in Auckland. Volunteering was the only option. Of course specifically - audio and video. They called it in early to help setup with displays. It plans to be in a room where there are regular speakers. A room where it is focused on quality talks - with slides. It has no idea about the video and audio setup they have. Perhaps in the morning check the internet for previous conference videos. Even if it comes down to it - records audio on iphone. Hopefully place has decent mics and a camera.

This is the first time that it has attended this conference. It's a barcamp. un-conference. Create the sessions yourself. Given rooms, timeslots, freedom to do what you like.

Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand - Ideas for a new website. How to find volunteers and allow them to micromanage. Champion volunteers within volunteers. One of the great things about this conference is the people attending get to run the sessions. I would love to see one that explores volunteers in small organizations and how they can scale and micromanage. Matt replied to my comment on a new ccanz site. I've suggested to move away from php/wordpress and towards either a python powered framework or a static site - maybe a combo of both. See how this weekend plays out but I'll be interested in a session to discuss and brainstorm ccanz site.

I'm going to be staying at Kirsty and Eriks on Thursday and Friday. It's my birthday on Friday. I've been asked to help setup at nzdevmob2015. I'm looking forward to seeing the setup that they have. It should be quite good - they have been doing this for enough years. They are using Slack for coms. It's the first time that I will use Slack but it seems very simple. It's like IRC but you have the option to pay for it, as well as it seems more simple. I'm looking forward to all the free swag. It's been sometime since I've been to a Microsoft sponsored conference - global game jam would of been the last one - and that was a game jam. Before that it might have been Hack Auckland - which was years ago now. Other sponsors include TradeMe,

Last month I wrote a novel. It was called It Will Not Be Mine and was in the Science Fiction genre. The total wordcount was at 53,050 words. Each section of the book is split into daily writing sections. There is no chapters or structure - just what I felt like writing that day. I've certainly kept to a theme and worked on creating a story. I started to edit the novel towards the end of November. The 28th was the final day I wrote anything of substance. On the 29th and 30th of November I wrote: 'hello' and 'world'. When editing I started with day1. It had a high word count for the first day and allot of summery type writing, along with the ideas that others at NaNoWriMo meet up in Waikato had given me.

The meet ups in November in Hamilton were on every Wednesday morning. I got along to several of these. Sadly it was a bad time - 10am in the morning so the majority of people were at school or work. I think if you are going to have meet ups during the week it's best to have them at a bar, bookstore, or library. In Wellington they had weekly NaNoWriMo Wednesday meet ups at a bar. I didn't get a chance to attend one of these but talking to those in Wellington they sounded popular. Waikato also had a meet up on Saturdays. This was hosted by Lisa at her workplace. This was for only 2 hours. Like during the week not many people showed up which was a disappointment. On each of the days of this event we only had three people in total in the weekends. The first weekend was popular - 9 or so people. They found this in Wellington also - lots at the launch party but they drop off quickly.

After writing for a whole month everyday i felt a bit empty and unknown what to do with myself. I had gained a habit of writing the novel everyday. It was basically my life for a whole month. There was not much else that I did or was interested in. From when I woke up in the morning till getting a boost on that days word count before I fell asleep.

I stopped editing the novel. I'm not even going to look at it till Jan 2016. Once Jan hits I'd like to edit it. There are plenty of spelling and grammar errors that need fixed. It's currently a rough draft. Much of the novel I haven't even read.