Pasta -

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Fedelini. A thin spaghetti. Translates to Little faithful ones. A white bowl. Brown sauce with breadcrumbs and green parsley. The long Pasta dish.

“I agree to put the salt in the water and allow it to boil before cooking the Pasta”.

Ribbon-cut Pasta. Rolled flat and then cut. Lasagna. The oldest of Pasta. Originated in Italy from the city of Naples. The first modern recipe created during the middle ages. Interleaving layers of Pasta with layers of sauce between. Hard boiled eggs were chopped into the sauce. Oven-baked.

“I will restrain myself from adding too much chilli in the dinner pot”.

Short-cut extruded pasta. Macaroni. Bent tubes. Translate from Greek as ‘food made from barley’. Cheese and bacon added. Popular in North America.

“I vow to do my best not to micromanage your cooking and let you be the rightful captain of your gully”.

The smallest sized Pasta dish was Alfabeto. Letters of the alphabet. Plain. Nothing added.

“I will assist, offer advice and endeavour not to make discouraging comments about your Pasta cooking techniques.”

Agnolotti. Small pieces of flattened pasta dough folded over beef meat.

“In exchange I ask to put aside your traditional English tastes”

A parrot landed and nibbled on the dish of Macaroni.

“Bring forward the noodle of love.”

May you be touched by his noodly appendage this holiday season!