Pepper continued with the recipe. Outside the lightning cracked and a rumble of thunder could be heard. The dry ingredients were ground and added to a boiling cauldron of wet ingredients - bats blood, lemon zest, vanilla essence, and water. The brew bubbled as Pepper danced around the cauldron chanting: 'Witches Brew, Blind Bat, Sour Rabid, Rise Cut, Cauldron Boil and cut this grass'. Pepper repeated this chant three times before there was a loud band and was blown back. 'Did I over do the ingredients', she thought - picking herself up from the ground she approached the cauldron. The previous red mixture had changed to a pale green colour. 'It worked!', Pepper yelled giving Carrot a high five.

Now that the potion was complete Pepper needed a test subject. The recipe recommended kidnapping an unsuspecting human but Pepper felt that was not very nice. Instead she decided to test it on Carrot. Her cat could cut the lawns if the potion worked. Pepper poured the thick green mixture into Carrots water bowl. Carrot proceeded to lap the potion from it's bowl. Peppere observed Carrot as the potions effects started to kick in. The cats teeth grew and changed. They turned from short white like to a large metal like and started to vibrate. The potion was working. Outside the lightning and thunder had stopped and the weather had cleared up. The grass was dry and sun shining. Pepper brought Carrot outside and watched as the cat began to cut the lawns. It was working successfully. Pepper needed to cast a spell on Carrot in order to stop from vomiting up the grass being ingested.

Cumin, Cayenne and Thyme could see their home in the distance as they flew their brooms. The three were returning from a day trip to Qualicity. "What is Pepper up to?", Cayenne asked as they approach the house. Cumin squinted the Pepper and Carrot, the two up to something in the front of the house. "I'm not sure", Cumin replied, "but whatever it is I will find out". The three witches landed at the house. Cayenne and Thyme went inside the house carrying the shopping that they had got from Qualicity. "You're home!', Pepper yelled excited to see Cumin standing over her. "I guess you are wondering what we are up to?", Pepper added. Cumin nodded, with a strange expression on her face. Pepper explained how she created the potion and used it on Carrot and that Carrot was successfully cutting the grass. Cumin was confused to why the grass needed cut. She had lived in this house for years and had never cut it in the past. Pepper explained about meeting the neighbour and wanting to do something to be more normal.

Kielbasash vs Wharrgarblah

Magmah vs Aquah

The two schools are on the verge of war.

The house of Kielbasah is focused on cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying, steaming and toasting. It is the house of alchemy and rare metals.

Wharrgarblah is the house of water, wind, clouds and the abyss. Those that are members live deep under the ocean and rarely interact with those on land. They believe they are super compared to those on the land.

Pepper swollen the underwater breathing potion and dived into the ocean. Carrot followed closely behind. She had been receiving guest training from the house of Wharrgarblah. The house was cauctionst at first with the training but soon after discovering Peppers talents of water spells - they welcomed her.

Saffron floated on her broom with her cat Komona and watched Pepper dive into the water. She had been following her for several weeks - with the suspension that Pepper had became involved with the house Wharrgarblah or Aquah as Saffron believed the house should be refereed as. Saffron despised the house. Because of them she was an orphan. He parents were killed in the war between the two houses. Saffron would do anything in her power to bring down the house and she felt betrayed by Pepper for being involved with the house.

As Pepper swam she looked behind her and saw Carrot following close behind. She had cast a spell on him that allowed him to enter the water without getting wet - an air bubble. This allowed him to breath under water also. This was just one of the spells Pepper had learnt from her new trainer at the school of Wharrgarblah. She knew people would be suspicious of her training with this school. She had learnt that her ancestors were part of the house and that is why she was drawn into the house. Pepper wasn't worried. She believed the houses should be kind and accepting to each other - sharing and open. Today Pepper was going to learn how to summon miniature bigfish. She had first encountered BigFish when she was holidaying on an nearby island. Cumin had taught her how to summon demons so she was able to pickup the spells for summoning water spirits easily.

Saffron had attempted to follow Pepper further. She hoovered above the water. She was too frightened to enter the water herself, there could be traps or she might end up drowning. Instead she had cast a spell that allowed to her send an eye into the ocean to follow Pepper. She was able to stay above the water, but view what the eye was seeing. They eye was following closely behind Pepper and Carrot. Saffron hoped that the eye wouldn't be noticed - for her sake and Peppers.

Peppers broom had transformed and developed organic fins and propellers to allow her to travel quickly under the water. She was able to zip along quickly, with Carrot perched on the front of the broom.