How did the war between Magmah and Aquah begin?

Houses accused each other of stealing one others spell Aquah unleashed an attack on Magmah. The two houses decided that the winner of the war would decide the name of the other house and release all their spell secrets. Of course like any war there was no winner and in the end on the break of both houses collapsing the High Council of Ah decided that both houses lost and renamed both houses. A peace treaty between the two houses was signed but rivery was still tense between the houses.

The magical land of Hereva was born from the magical forces known as 'Chaos and Evolutions'. Hereva formed when the magic elements of the cosmos evolved from the chaos.

The trainer was waiting for Pepper at the magical underwater city. She had planned the week out of spells that she would be teaching Pepper. The woman tapped her feet as she waited for Pepper. She had no patience for lateness.

Coriander's fiftieth birthday was approaching and she had given a long list of requests to her Father. She wanted to have the best birthday in Hereva and would be highly disappointed if he didn't attend to all her requests. Her Father was meeting with King Acren today. He had been pressuring the city of Komona to implement the tax system.

Saffron steered out her bedroom window to the city of Kormana below. She lived high above the city in a tall castle. Saffron liked to live up so high, it gave her power above all those below her. The city itself was already floating Hereva. Her castle was owned by the King, but one day when he died she would inherit all his worth. She prayed that he wouldn't die anytime soon though, life was good with him around. Only the rich and upper-class lived in Komona, the poor and peasants lived below on Hereva.

Saffron sighed as she brushed her long blonde hair. Looking into the mirror her large blue eyes stared back. She was perfect. Sitting on the dressing table was her purple witches hat. She reached for it and place it upon her head. It matched her suit. It was important she looked good. She wanted to be the best witch so headed out the door to her classes. She knew the only way she was going to be the best was attend classes. Saffron headed down the hallway, past the other children rooms. They would still be sleeping, all orphans like herself but lazy and unmotivated - unlike herself. Reaching the end of the hallway she headed down the flight of steps. It wound around and around, past several stories of sleeping quarters. Finally she reached the bottom where she was greeted by several orphanage working preparing breakfast. She had no time for breakfast and waved them goodbye as she unlocked the front door and headed out into the street. Saffron shrived in the brisk cold morning. She wished she had another layer of clothes. Winter was approaching and the tempture was changing. Saffron looked to her right. A group merchant were pushing their cattle and cargo down the road towards the market. To Saffrons left was a bakery, clothes store, potions shop, and the butcher. She headed towards the bakery. Outside the bakery the smells were too good. The smell of fresh baking made Saffron regret skipping out on breakfast. She skipped into the store. No one was behind the counter. They must have been out the back. Saffron grabbed a cream bun and rushed back outside before anyone spotted her. She walked down the road, eating the cream bun quite pleased with herself. This was better than the breakfast her orphanage offered. Now she needed to get to class.