Pepper sat on her bed and steered out the window. Her hands on knees. Carrot looked up. She knows Pepper is upset about her birthday. Carrot jumps up on the bed and trys to comfite Pepper. "It's nearly my birthday and I don't have any friends to celebrate it with..", Pepper cries. Her head lowers and she bursts into tears. Hands cover her face. Carrot strokes Peppers shoulder, it does no use. An idea springs into Carrots head. She springs across to the table. Carrots claw points at a framed photograph. "Oh, invite the other witches we met at the Poition Contest?", Pepper congrats Carrot. A smile apeared on Peppers face. Carrot is pleased with herself. Pepper and Carrot work together and write invitations with Peppers feather pen. The two remember back to the day of the potion contest.

"As Mayor of Komona I declear the potion content... Open!", The mans arms stretched out in excitment. In his right hand he grasped a rolled scroll. The bag of gold behind him sparked in the sunlight. The four Witchs glearing at the prize and each other. The winner would get a large prize. "Our town is delighted to welcome no fewer than four witches for this first edition", the major continued. He turned and faced the four witches, "Please give a HUGE round of applause". The crowd burst with noise. A mixture of nonmagical and magical beings were present in the crowd. Every house of magic was present. This was one of the key events that lead to Hereva to be destoried. Death had succecced finally. Pepper faced Death several times. She set traps for him and hunted him down. For once it wasn't Death that did the hunting. Pepper could feel icey breath on the back of his shoulder. She knew he was present. Twisting her head she looked back. Nothing. The bottom of The Great Tree was visible. It's bark obsorbing the healthy rays of the sun. Tinkle of silver made Pepper focus again. Coriander was introduced first by the speaker, "All the way from the great Technologist's Union, it's an honor to welcome the ravishing and ingenious CORIANDER!". Posing with her chicken in her right arm and holding an orange potion with her left arm. Pepper had traveled back to that moment several times in an attempt to change the future. It was no use, each time she changed events it got worse.

The speaker continues to introduce the witches, "not to forget our local girl, Komona's very own witch SAFFRON!". Tilting her head to the right Saffron smiled holding her right hand on her hip and in the left arm holding the potion, filled with a yellow bubbly liquid.

"... Our third participant come to us from the lands of setting moons, SHICHIMI!", The foxs tail was wrapped around the back of Shichimis neck and the fox perched on the witches left arm. In her other hand she grasped a potion that was green and had no bubble. ".. and finally, our last participant from the forest of Squirels End, Pepper!", Standing with a sour and disapointed look on her face. Carrot held up Peppers potions. It was a pale yellow colour. Death approved of the colour but would rather a pale green.

The problem with time travel is it's easy to get lost and create too many characters.

The Demons of Chaosah Hornük, Eyeük and Spidük had morphed into their Wharrgarblah alternative they were much the same - except water and wind based. Hornük's green fur had grown in length. For the past week they had been summoned daily into Hereva. The Four Horse Man had been unleased on the world and the Demons had been summoned to stop them. Famine had caused the crops in Hereva to die - starting with Squirrel's End. The 2,000 villagers that lived there - the majority of them Farmers and poor lost everything. War causd a war between magic houses. Citizens of Hereva became ill because of the rider Pestilence. Disease spread. Death was present at Komona when the package was being transfered. "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

A package was being transfered from Squirrel's end to Komona. The contents would stop the war. Both Magmah and Aquah wanted to get their hands on it. The interception happened when the package was traveling through the park in centre Komona. Aquah forces had breached the city. The majority of the attack came from the skys. Saffron's grandparents forght for Magmah and Peppers for Aquah. The cities walls were destoried by the attack. A large Aquah army moved through the crumbling walls. The Magmah army retreaded. The magic school of Ah had discovered the seeds. An eldely witch that lived in Squirrels Edge had created them. When Magmah and Aquah had discovered the two armies launched attacks on the farmland in search for the package. It only contained three seeds. When the Ah transporer was intercepted in Komona one of the seeds was dropping - causing The Great Tree to grow - lifting the city of Komona into the sky. The polin of the tree spread to other areas of Hereva. In Squirrels Edge the creatures are morphed and plants trees grow with magical powers. The quality of the food improves dramatically. The crops grow easily. The Great Tree stops the war. The armies lay down their arms go home. The House of Ah force Magmah and Aquah to change their names to Kielbasah and Wharrgarblah.

Only four dudes so hardcore they can wipe out all sentient life on Hereva. Portal opened to Hereva and they entered and attempted to wipe out a fourth of the world each.

The Burger King crown sat upon the statues head. His mouth opening revealing a nice set of white teeth. The brown beard was well groomed and his hair curled. "Where is your God now"?, the Statue spoke.

War had been around for centuies and despite Henevas best effects, some of them are still alive. In his right arm he welded a white staff. It was bluetooth connected. At the top of the staff was a monitor display. Feeds were sent over and procied by War. Approval or Denial was given. His job was mostly automated now. After he was defeated by The Great Tree he lived a relaxed life. Staying in the city of Komona he stayed hidden by hiding in plain daylight.

"Mama were all going to die"

"WHO ELSE WERE YOU EXPECTING?", Death whispered into the slowed Witches ear. Her fingers almost touched her wand. Bursting into laughter Death clapped his hands.

"Let the games begin!", a voice boomed over the statium. "The vote will be by applaud-o-meter". First up Coriander's demostration. The dark skinned Witch stood forward. Holding in left right hand was a dead bird. It's feathers pale. The Bird had meet with Death already. "Ladies and Gentlemen", Coriander greeted the crowd. "Fear death no more, thanks to my...", she poured the liquid from her potion onto the dead animal. "Potion of ZOMBIFICATION!", she yelled towards the crowd. The crowd clapped as the dead animal rose from the dead and marched forward. Death had failed and felt very disapointed. Among the crowd Death steered at the girl and the bright smile on her face, so pleased with herself that she was able to cheat him. "FANTASTIC! Coriander defies death itself with this mi-ra-cu-lous potion!" Because they were mocking him Death felt more angry. Coriander bowed and the applause grew louder. Saffron intrupted the moment, "But please.. save your applause, people of Komana". The crowd was silent. "beacause here is MY potion", Saffron announced holding her poition obove her head. "The real potion you've all been waiting for: the one which will amaze your neighbors...", the young witch had captavated the crowd. "...make them jealous!", Saffrpn poured her potion onto the zombie bird. "... all this is possible with the simple application of a single drop of my ...", a drip of the potion touched the feathers of the bird. "POTION OF POSHNESS", Saffron screamed. The bird grew in size. It gained a curly hairdo and dark gray coloured sunglasses. A brown pokerdot handbag apeared under it's right wing. The crowd burst into applause.

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"Fantastic! Incredible! This potion could make all of Komana rich!". Saffron steered at Coriander with a smerk on her face. Coriander looked back and frowned. "Your applause can't be wrong. Coriander has already been eliminated", a smile flashed accross Saffrons face. Deeper into the abyss Coriander fell. She had been defeated. The voice moved on to the third witch, "That last demostration would now seem difficult to beat for Shichimi".