one of the oldest tricks in the book too place. Death had slowed the Witch down but she was still making a grab for her wand. He thought she had lost. But for the second time that day Death was wrong. The Witch was able to reach for her wand and yell off several words that Death didn't understand. This caused him to be become stunned. The slowing spell Death had cast on the witch was reserved.

The eye continued to follow Pepper under the ocean. The young witch had summoned three of her demons that she commanded to attach the practice dummy. Her Demons had morphed since Pepper had learnt these new sets of summon spells. No longer were they land based Demons who liked cupcakes and drinking tea, they were water and wind warrior elements. The three Demons themselves were proud of their new powers. They were better equipped to defend Pepper - like they had defended her parents and grandparents before. In the end they had failed their masters - both Peppers grandparents and parents were killed under their protection. The three Demons swore that the devastation would never happen again and have focused on protecting Pepper.

The neighbour peeked out his lounge windows at the Witches house. A tall dark figure swept across the Witches property. Beside the figure was a small Witch. She had a concerned expression. The neighbour knew something was wrong. The older Witches were not home. He had seen the Three leave the house on their brooms in the early morning. He had to do something. Contact somebody. Stop this figure. His best hope was to take his flying car and find the Witches. They would go gone to the markets in Korama. Using the old rusted blue car he was able to travel to the City to warn the Three Witches.

The Witches had just finished their shopping and flying past the branches of The Great Tree. In the distance ahead of them a madman was driving a blue flying car towards then. The Witches dashed out the way as the car came near, slamming on the breaks. The vehicle slowed down, the man inside yelling and waving, one arm clutching the steering wheel.The Witches look around in wonder. The driver was clearly trying to communicate with them. A man opened the door of the halted vechile, it was floating there with three Witches at a cautions distance observing. He yelled about something happened at their home and they needed to return. Created a summoning portal that teleported the three witches to their home. They rushed inside the building to find Pepper. They found the girl at her desk drawing up plans for her next spell. Nothing was wrong. Beside her slept Carrot, the ginger coloured Cat. A large smile appeared on Peppers face as she noticed her three godmothers in the room. The shortest and oldest on the left. The leader of the group. A skinny, tall, young spell tutor and an older plump rounded potions master. The three had been training the Pepper everything they knew about being a Witch. Pepper was to become a true witch of chaos. The three had promised the girls parents and grandparents that they would train the girl. The majority of children Peppers age became orphans due to the war between two of the magic houses. Other houses were caught in the middle of the convicts. Lands were destroyed and inhabits slaughtered.

Peppers new demons took on new forms. Instead of the texture of slime on their bodies they had a water and transparent wind type forms. They were able to switch back to their previous forms. One Demon was pure water based. Another was pure wind based. The final was a mixture of the water and wind. The water based demon was shaped like a mixture of dolphin and octopus. Shaped like a dolphin for quick and efficient movement in the water. Long octopus-like arms and legs coming off the body. When the demon was on land it used these octopus legs to walk, it was certainly not faster than travelling under the water, but it was OK. The other side of the schools spells - wind. This demon was filled with fast moving modules that caused the appearance of things to be blurred and mixed up. Transparent at essence. The final demon was a hybrid of the wind and water spells. The appearance was a blurred effect with water being crashed around the figure. Waves hitting the shoreline. Lightning cracks. Thunder booms. Pepper had successfully summoned the three demons in their water and wind forms. Her previous attempts were failures and the demons were twisted, deformed, and powerless. She was excited for herself that this was a success. She knew her parents would be proud of her. If they were still alive. She had joined this house of magic as she wanted to take revenge for her parents and houses peoples deaths. Saffron was her largest threat. Pepper had recently discovered she was following Pepper. The girl won't be able to follow her to the underwater city but she was able to summon a eye that followed Pepper and Carrot under the water and to the city. Pepper couldn't allow Saffron to discover where the city was as she would unleash her army onto the city. Pepper instead cast a spell of her own that replaced the footage that the eye recorded with fake images, leading the army into a trap and death. He had told Pepper that judgement day was coming and she needed to train for it, War was near between some of the worlds most powerful Witches and creatures. The water elements attacked the cities walls coming in from the north east side off the ocean. The city had attempted to setup boulders to stop the water and break up the flow. The wind elements swept in and lifted these obscures. The path was clear for the water to crash upon the cities walls. After the wind elements had cleared a path, the focused on attacking the city walls in an attempt to collapse. The walls were tough and they stood strong. The water elements changed tactics and the sky started to pour with rain and hail above the city. Wind elements stopped attacking the city walls and started to lift up the ground - causing mud to spread over the city. The mixture of mud and rain caused people to move slow and become inaccurate with their weapons. The elements still needed to breach the city. Their defences were low. The Water elements searched the city for an weak spots. They discovered a door which had started to leak under the pressure of water and rain. The elements were able to focus the door - causing a series of tidal waves to hit the door. Wind elements assisted the water in creation of the tidal waves. The door burst down after the third tidal wave hit it. Water smashed it's way over the guard building and towards the market square. The elements had gained entry to the city. The towns people were helpless when the waves came. They were knee deep in mud and unable to move. The rain had stopped now that water was focused on tidal waves throughout the city. A bright sun shone down - causing the mud to harden - trapping the guards on the spot. They were able to fight the elements but were unable to move and dodge the attacks. The elements were winning. Under the ocean in the city an army of Witches controlled these elements - commanding them to attack the city. They were after one thing - the seed of flight. It is told that these seeds will grow a magical tree that has the power of growth and flight - and spreads it to others. The Aquaq Witches wanted the seed for themselves. Amongst the army of Witches was Peppers parents and grandparents. Six witches. All commanding the attack on the city of Komora. The city was in a panic.