"Best holidays ever", the witch shrugged. A group of skeleton warriors charged at the group of witches. Coriander posed battle ready in the centre. Welding a buster sword with two hands.

The day after the party Pepper woke late inn the morning. The sky was a bright blue with a few scatted clouds. At the front door Pepper and Carrot discovered signals of the mountains, the forest, and the clouds? The two wondered why security had been activated. Then Pepper remembered. She had forgotten to disable the security systems and her party guests had been detained. Pepper and Carrot travelled on the broom to each of the trapped guests. First they found Saffron who was lifted into the air with a branch from the ancient tree. The tree laughed as Pepper apologised to Saffron and released her. She was not impressed. The next witch that Pepper and Carrot discovered was Coriander. Her leg was chained to a friendly giant mountain. Along the top soil lay with green grass sprouting out. Pepper asked them if they had a good night, besides the light rain. "Everyone is safe, no harm done, right?", Pepper asks for forgiveness. She tells them she has prepared tea and invite the witches home. They are annoyed with Pepper but follow her home anyway - they are all thirsty after a night of being trapped by the security system. The way the other witches were looking at Pepper was upsetting for her. Pepper heard them whispering nasty remarks - especially Saffron. The witches pets wanted to fix this. Together they decided to make themselves sick, causing Pepper to lead and cure every ones pets. The plan works, the animals get sick, Pepper cures them. Everyone is happy with Pepper. One of the side effects of the cure was fur and feather loss. All the animals are annoyed with Carrot as he didn't tell them this and if he had told them they would of not gone along with the plan.

Carrot had ran off and Pepper couldn't find him. She was beginning to worry about her cats safety. It wasn't like him to run off. Pepper tracked Carrot deep into the forest. She had never been this deep before. Calling Carrots name Pepper found the cat sleeping on the grass under a rocky cliff. As Pepper wakes Carrot a shining blue circle light appeared behind them. Pepper looks around surprised of the magic happening. The light explodes, revealing a tunnel where the rocks use to be. Pepper and Carrot had to follow the tunnel. The tunnel lead to a blue pool of water with several blue flying creatures hovering above. The leader of the group welcomes them to the magical fairy cave. Pepper and Carrot realise that they have discovered fairies. The fairies grant them a single wish promising anything they desire. 'anything... ...I desire', Pepper wonders. The ideas of what she would wish for appear in her head. A new hat and wand, a unicorn, a dress, a doll, gold, wings, or love. These were just a selection of ideas that Pepper thought of. Pepper started to ask for her wish, "I... I'd like to", She stumbled. "uh, what I'd like is that...", Carrot interrupted Pepper with a tired, "Meow". Immediately Carrot collapsed to sleep. Tne fairies announced the wish had been granted and disappeared. Pepper was annoyed with Carrot. The cat had wasted the one wish on asking to go back to sleep. What was the effects of the green potion? Used to summon demons into the world that starts to fight with the flying creature. Need to use potions on the demons in order to beat the flying creatures. Need to control the demons around the city wiping out any invading creatures. Fades between war between houses (water demon invasion), and new war of flying creature vs peppers demons.

The thick green liquid sat wasted at Peppers home. All she had was a glass bottle with Carrots urine in. It was from his latest vet visit. To stop the oversized beast from destroying the city Pepper threatened to pour the potion on the animal. In disgust the flying creature agreed to leave the city. Where did it go? What was the outcome of leaving the city? What if Peppers trick didn't work, instead it took over the city.

The cauldron boiled as Pepper tipped the final ingredients in. It sizzled. "and the last touch", Pepper annouched to Carrot. He wasn't paying any attention. Instead Carrot was sleeping. Pepper tasted the potion. She looked over and asked Carrot if it was strong enough. Carrot was still sleeping. Pepper went ahead and poured the rest of the package into the cauldron. A yellow and green light blasted from the pot. A golden liquid spread up - covering several items in Peppers room, including her broom. In a attempt to stop it - Carrot jumped into the cauldron. The cat was covered in the Golden liquid. Later that night they entered into a witch race. Pepper wore her goggles and had the number '18' tapped to the end of her broom. Carrot floated above the broom attached with a rope. He wore goggles similar to Peppers. Both Carrot and the broom were glowing in the night sky a golden colour.

"That's exactly what I need", Pepper told Carrot. The cat looked up from it's sleeping spot. "CARROT", the witch yelled. Carrot was fully awake now. "Get ready, we'll hunt the ingredients together". Pepper dragged Carrot from its bed.

"First I need a few pearls of mist from those black clouds...", Pepper told Carrot. The two were flying though a storm. The cloud were so dark and thick it was impossible to see. Carrot held the net used to catch the pearls. Pepper needed to travel to the haunted jungle for red berries.

"Egg shells from the Phoenix valley of the volcano's and finally a drop of milk from a young DragonCow.

On the day of the potion contest Pepper was finishing her genius potion at 2.00am in the morning. She knew her potion would beat the other witches - including Saffron. The witch needed to test the potion on someone.

"CARROT", called Pepper. Her ginger cat would be a perfect test subject. Opening the window, Pepper yelled into the night sky, "CARROT".

Food was used to lure Carrot back home. The ginger cat was on the outskirts of the city. Saffrons cat was perched up on a tree. Carrot had been singing to the cat.

Carrot burst through his cat door. Pepper picked the cat up with both arms. 'aww, Carrot', Pepper spoke as she held the cat. "Sweet kitty cat, you've come all by yourself". A wide smile swept over Peppers face. "At the very moment when I need my favourite assistant".

Pepper had remembered that she needed Carrot to test the potion. Carrot sat on a pink pillow chair. In front of the cat the owner, Pepper revealed, "the potion of Genius". Pepper forces Carrot to take a sip of the potion through a strew. "Do please take a sip", Pepper insists, holding the straw in the cats mouth. Carrot swallows and ingests some of the blue liquid. He gains a burst of energy and knowledge then becomes over whelmed and just wants to sleep. Visions of other universes and planets blast through the cats mind. On a chalk board Carrot writes E=Mc2. Pepper is shocked when the cat begins to write. She has no idea of the cats talents. Pepper attempts to guess what Carrot is writing.

"E? Energy? Eternal? Emotion?", Pepper attempted to guess what Carrot was writing. "What else can this mean? Embed? Empty?", Pepper was growing angry that she couldn't guess it. When Carrot had finally finished Carrot didn't understand what the cat had written. Carrots eyes glowed a blue colour and spirals were in replacement of the cats normal eyes. "C'mon Carrot, I'm running out of words and this really doesn't make any sense", Pepper complained. "This really doesn't make any sense". Pepper turned blue. Clutching the potion the witch growled, yelling "Nothing ever works for me".

Carrot had fallen asleep. Pepper decided to throw the potion out the window and start again. The potion smashed through the window and onto the grass outside. The blue liquid oozes out of the cracked bottle. It creates a pool of glowing blue liquid. The liquid effects a group of ants who develop advance intelligence levels. The liquid effects other animals and begins a war between insects. Those ants take the liquid back to their colony, infected the majority of the ants in the area. They advance to high level maths and robotics. Create an army of insect robots that are used in the war.

Steel waiter robot used for household work. Able to print the robots then cast a spell of zombifaction to bring it to life. Config file that allows choice in how the bot works. App to update the robots from device, or cronjobs. Knows to do certain things. Eg: Get car to return children home daily. Car is parked at school daily and used for other uses.

Rea can be loosely thought of as collecting the by-products of a task. By concentrating on making a potion for a loved one the practitioner can harness some of the Rea used in creating the potion. Conversely if there is no attachment, or if the practitioner is careless then the Rea is lost and the Rea must be obtained via other more costly means.

Rea is used for all aspects of live on Hereva. Farmers in the village of Squirrel's End use Rea to grow healthier crops. They use Rea to ward off denizens of the forest. Witches of Hereva find the use of Rea for mere "chores" beneath them, and reserve their Rea use for more important matters.

Training is one of the schools of magic allows for more controlled and focused use of Rea. Without this training Rea becomes more of a "guided intention" rather than a direct command of Rea. By careful study,focus, and desire one can learn to harness Rea to conform to their will. As the Herevans learned how to control Rea they quickly realized this power could cause havoc if not properly taught, and formed the schools of magic to properly teach the various ways of harnessing Rea. Some schools become more secretive about their methods for controlling Rea , while others remained open to all students (mostly from necessity, but some because of the charters of their founding members). Most of the people of Hereva know a little bit of the schools of magic they were exposed to. For example the farmers of Hereva know a diluted form of Hippiah magic passed on from generation to the next. There is a difference in mimicking the magic of a school and knowing all their secret knowledge.

Rea use must be replenished. It can be replenished in various ways - meditation n, focus and dedication of a project. Beware those who claim to have invented a way to regenerate Rea with effort.

The group of genius ants become known as Savant-Ant. There were affected by the potion of Genius.

The flying created that landed on Peppers bed when flying to the potion contest was a Dragon-drake.

Hornuk is a Demon of Chaosah and is male. He lives in Dimension Chaosah but can be summoned for a short time in Hereva's main reality. Hornuk is a midsize hairy green demon. Horns stick out the top of his head and long sharp claws are attached to his fingers. The demons favourite food is cupcakes.

Eyeuk was the next demon to appear from the portal. He was a similar size to the previous demon, Hornuk. Instead of green hair Eyeuk was covered in red. He had an extra two eyes and large muscles. Clutched in his hand was a trident weapon. Eyeuk leads the demons.

The final demon to walk through the portal was Spiduk. The only female in the group of demons. She is a similar size to her male counter-parts but spider shaped with a purple glow to her body. She carried with her a cup of tea, that she was sipping on. In another arm she carried a teapot.

Theorem-the-Golem was a male Golem that in the Mountain behind Squirrel's End. He is part of the security systems created by Pepper. Pigeons live with him.

The Dragonmoose is a male dragon that lives high in the clouds on the top of the mountains behind Squirrel's End. He's a large and hairy dragon with a moose shaped head. A very friendly creature. Female Dragonmooose eggs have a range of colours - from pastel blue to yellow.