Pepper and Carrot. The Storm. Pepper is flying her broom. Carrot is perched behind Pepper. It is late afternoon and the sun was about to set. The broom travelled towards Peppers home.

"What a nice day we had visiting the girls. I really want to arrive home now and have a relaxing bat", Pepper explains to Carrot. In the distance big, dark clouds form. A flash of lightning blinds the night sky. This is most disturbing for Pepper. Strong wind that caused trees to snap.

Pepper lands in her front yard. Leaves and objects are twisting around. The two rush inside and take refuge. There are a group of other animals that they find and join. Only those that formed groups survived. The place is crowded with animals. Outside the storm gets worse. In the morning when they go outside find the town been destroyed by the storm. Needed to rebuild the witches house. Rebuild it as a conference centre. Hotel on site. Tall building filled with a range of rooms. Self contained. Fibre Ethernet. Bed(optional), Desk (optional), bathroom(optional, custom), kitchen(optional). Custom design the room. Power charge, server room. Encrypted data of everything created. "I know", Pepper yells, "I will make a stone golm as Coriander taught me". The young witch held out her wand. Her hand was shaking. She had never summoned something this difficult before. Carrot had placed the stone and ingredients in place. All Pepper needed to do was wave her wand and say that magic chant. She had practice it millions of times. It was easy. Pepper waved her wand, the words flowing from her mouth. A flash of light and the rocks that Pepper had been pointing at rearranged themselves. They melted and formed a humanoid figure. The golem is commanded by Pepper to remove the tree the is trapping another animal. Badger is free after the golam moves the tree. Pepper decides to the the golem shopping so that the golem lifts the heavy items - cauldron, chair, desk, bed, and the mushrooms. Pepper was able to spend money she had won at potions contest on the new gear.

The group of travellers passed through a villa. It was certainly luxurious. In a the front a maze of a garden leading to the front door. In the centre of the maze is a fountain and a pond. It is very popular for swimmers. The group walk past the front door. The golem is staring intensively at something. The close up shows a winab nade if stone. She was beautiful. She had a Greek resemblance about her. Pepper notices the golem looking at the motionless statue.

"Do you like her?", Pepper asks. "OK, I will turn her into a golem also. Then you can both help me carry this shopping home". Pepper waves her wand and speaks those magical words.

The two golems held hands and carried Peppers shopping down the streets. A man in expensive clothing approached the travelling group. He was angry because they had stolen the golem from his garden. Now when he looked out his window the golem is gone, and he liked to look at the golem very much. Now he had tracked down and found the golem here on the streets of the city. The man is rich and has bribed the city guards to arrest the travelling group. He ordered the city guards and the guards rush forward towards the travelling party. The group splits and rushes off, fighting off the guards. Pepper stands on a hilltop over looking the battle. "Beware", She begins to yell, "For he is fearless, and therefore powerful". Her wand points towards the enemy. Bright flash of light travels forward, disabling an enemies in the path. The sun is setting. The two golems still holding hands starng into anothers eyes. Their movements are jerky and slow. They are turning to stone again and are lifeless. The man stops yelling and realised that the golems were in love. A fountain appeared around the two golems with water running through it. Pepper is sad because it is dark and she has shopping that she needs to take home but both her golems had turned to stone. The rich man helps carrot and orders a taxi to take her and the shopping home.

The land was covered by snow. Two figure walk through the snowy weather - their identities hidden in the snow. Above the two figures is a bat. flying above. The taller of the group has a barrier tied to their back. They are walking with the wind and snow spraying into their face. Holding an arm up to block the weather. The travellers walk towards a wooden house. Smoke is emerging from the chimney. Light glowed out the windows. Inside of house. The snow covered figures step through the front door. The room turns and watch as the figures shake snow from their clothes. The bartender greets them with a large smile, "Welcome to the Prancing Unicorn", he greets them. "Are you here for the challenge of the wise of the Mountain?", the man asks the group. The tall figure finally reveals - it is Pepper. The bartender asks them if the need a room for the night. Pepper agrees and requests a cauldron for the room. She is offered a jug of beer but declines and asks for hot chocolate instead.

In the main dining hall the travelling group take a seat. The waitress delivers three hot chocolates to the group. Pepper, Carrot, and Cumin thank the waitress and begin to drink their chocolate. The barrel that Pepper was carrying is sitting on the table. Around the room people are looking at the group and whispering. Pepper over hears some of the remarks the room is speaking. "Impossible... This little girl? She will never make it. None have climbed the mountain in eight years". The chatter was upsetting for Pepper. She was worried. "Do you think we can make it?", Pepper asks Carrot. She is worried that Cayenne is going too far with 'do not use magic'. Doubt spreads through Peppers mind. Cumin examples to Pepper that it would of been best to leave the broom at home so there is no chance of cheating. "The Mountain of the perpetual snow is a test that anyone considering herself worth of respect accomplishes at least once in her life", Cumin tells Pepper. A tall mountain with a thin path leading to the top. Clouds grow thick in the upper area. Above the clouds, the peak of the mountain stands. It has been known as the home of a wise man, a hermit that lives on the top of the mountain. He receives visitors only once a year. An elderly man sits on a tall stone throne covered in snow. The man stares at the warrior bowing before him. A barrel similar to Peppers barrel is sitting beside him. It is said the first to reach the throne on the final day of February with a barrel filled at 'Prancing Unicorn', will reclieve a gift from the man upon the throne.

Two Catholic roaming the country in search of God. They found him. He was in the sky, in Market Street San Francisco, and Dean had God sweating out of forehead all the way. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY OUT FOR THE HOLY MAN: HE MUST SWEAT FOR GOD. And once he has found Him, the Godhood of God is forever Established and really must not be spoken about. Misinterpreted as a tale of companions out looking for kicks.

Pepper and Carrot hid behind an old tree. It's branches had little leaves left. Thyme was nearby. She had just landed with her broom outside the cave. Pepper and Carrot were watching the witch - careful that they were not spotted. Thyme walked into the cave. Pepper and Carrot crept closer to the cave. Inside bright coloured light reflected. Thyme was sitting in front of a magical orb. It was glowing a purple colour. After sometime Thyme switched the orb off with a switch on the side. Pepper and Carrot hid on he entryway to the cave - careful that Thyme didn't spot them on her way out. They watched as Thyme mounted her broomstick and took off into the distance.

Pepper and Carrot went inside the cave. Pepper switched on the orb. A purple light raised from the orb. The image on the orb showed a young wizard wearing nothing but a purple scarf around his waste. He had blonde hair and a well built body. Yellow stars and moons scatted the scarf. Pepper face turned pink in embarrassment of the images. She was quick to close it and open up a endless runner game - involving a unicorn. The light being admitted by the orb was a light blue. The light switched to red as they reached the next level. As they were playing the game crashes - causing a dark blue to be admitted from the monitor. They were worried they had broken it. Looking up a giant spider stood above them. One of the spiders legs was in the air. It was moving towards Pepper and Carrot. The two were frightened of the spider and hided together. The leg was brought down - not on Pepper and Carrot - but on the orb. The orb rebooted and a black screen with green text was displayed. The game that Pepper and Carrot were playing was displayed. This made the two happy. Holding the spiders web Pepper and Carrot followed the spider. It lead them into the server room. Here another spider was installing new systems on broken orbs. Each image displayed text and images.

The spider in room with a long gray beard and large dark rimmed glasses was typing away and his workstation. Six monitors displaying pixels sat in front of the spider. The spider sat on a stone seat. It looked like it had been carved out of the cave. A white web ran from the workstation to the centre back of the room. The web ran down the long cave foyer area. Below a river of water. The connections caused to glow a bright yellow. This contrasted on the dark blue atmosphere the spiders had created. Pepper and Carrot are shown how the system created by the spiders was created. They explained how the technology had been developed by the ants and passed onto them. The ants had moved on with their technology and were exploring other worlds. The spiders were assisting them on their mission. After the ants came into contact with the genius potion their technology rockets. They build ships that send ants and other insects to space. Developed AI system that is used by Hevena. Ants mix together schools of magic with their advance math. What would quick math acceleration look like? What would be the effects.

The Witch had been teaching potions for 15 years at both the community college and K-12 levels. Over the years, she has developed more than 2,600 video tutorials on topics from death to lock picking, and made these videos available on YouTube, originally under a CC BY-NC-SA license. Her website and

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And with that the screen flashed to a dialog box that said they had learnt enough for now and should take a break, maybe thing over and discuss what they have learnt up to this point. Pepper and Carrot looked at each other in fascination at what they had learnt. They had been taught about copyright and how it's there to protect the artist from being ripped off. The licence did more bad than good. Creative Commons as they understood it, was a hack on copyright. It allowed those that held copyright to give people permission in advance.

Experimented with framing and cropping to be more cinematic. Treat light and colour as an actor. Introduces a new 'technology' in the world of Pepper and Carrot. Video, erotism, parental control, video games, bugs, blue screen of death, code, network and the World Wide Web. Challenge to insert these elements in the fantasy world of Hereva.

Pepper home is Squirrels End has been replaced with the orbs that boot an operating system. The ants developed a single board orb based computer. It has an ARM quad core processor with built in wifi and blue tooth. Attached to the orb. Orb is PCB board. This acts as a display for the computer. Possible to boot Microsoft systems but a *nix based operating system recommend. Able to use as home media centres. Kodi media centre. Select the show and media centre will download and play media. The orb was able to be used in all of Peppers classes. She used the software GIMP and produced digital paintings. She licensed under a free and open licence the content she created.

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