Pepper and Carrot and Copyright

For sometime he had been searching for web comics that could be remixed. The copyright works of Jem was remixed into new artworks but none of her comics were taken into a written form. Maybe something to explore?

Through the site DeviantArt the web comic Pepper&Carrot was discovered. This was instant inspiration. Upfront he knew he could remix this as permission had been granted in advance. If the works hadn't been under a Creative Commons licence then the remix wouldn't of happened. There is no way the artist who's work is under copyright will be contacted and permission seeked to use the work.

This is a novel about witches, technology, and copyright. It's a children novel with fantasy, science fiction, and historic fiction influence. The fantasy comes from the witches world of hevena, science fiction for the copyright licences and tech, historic fiction for creating a medieval world.

Attempts have been made to keep true to the Pepper and Carrot universe. Excising characters and stories developed instead of fresh. This helps with linking the web comic with the novel. Influences have also been taken from Fan Fiction writing of Pepper&Carrot.

A co-author would be fun to work work. Maybe someone that will give a basic plot or senerial and I can expand from there. This is why web comic is an excellent trigger. Able to write about images - colours, objects, characters, environments - everything that is displayed in the web comic can be transferred to text.

Pepper had transformed her home. No longer was it empty with modem technology but now devices were scatted around her home. Her main reason to use the tech was to improve her productivity of magic.

The spiders had decided of a one orb per orphan. It was a goal to get old orbs refurnished and given to the orphans around Hevena that had nothing. The spiders adjusted his glasses with a twitch of a nose. Out of the corner of their eye they saw two figures enter the room. In the zone they didn't want to be distracted by intruders. Smashing the keys the bugs in the software were removed.

How people access information has radically changed. Until recently most of archival items were largely unknown. Rich resource that includes photos, newspapers, oral histories and maps. Requests for resources that took up valuable staff time and "put people off using the images". Someone that leans towards openness. Material coming in digital form only. Digitise the material and let the donors keep the original. Building material with this system. "Our focus has been on accessibility, rather than reuse. Releasing images of the collection for download is now a core part of the work flow of copyright assessment. Providing the highest-resolution image file means wider scope for reuse. "Let's iterate!". Start with what you do now, at the bottom of the mountain. Don't worry at what's at the top. It might be solved on the trip, if it doesn't concentrate better on solving at the top. Internal efficiency savings. New clearer copyright and open licensing statements mean less confusion, less worry about inadvertently doing something illegal, and less time taken up processing rights requests and queries. Cut through the copyright bureaucracy.

Pepper wanted to become a IP and copyright witch. She would fight for justice in the courts and side with witches that shared their creations. For too long laws had sweep over them that didn't give them permission to share the resources they were creating. There had been several reports of copyright infringement at the school. The outcome was the death of several witches - all by burning. As they are being burnt the Hevena Copyright Law is read aloud to them. Not only are their last moments on the planet painful, they are also filled with lawyers preaching. After the final burning screams of the witches fade the final passage is read. "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".

Pepper had defensive security in place in case the ip and copyright police raided her. She had been receiving death threats over her latest potions. A large company was accusing Pepper of breaking patents. Pepper argued back that like software spell and potion patents were wrong. She had been working on getting spell and potion patents banned.

It was copyright that first started the war between the two houses. One Earth based and the other water. They accessed each other of copyright infringement. The whole case went over the top. Billions of tax payers money was spent on fighting, countless lives on both sides were lost. The documents contained in the parel being shipped was trademark and bonds shares of the world. Everything that a copyright logo could be attached to was in this file. It contained the meta data to all of pepper&carrot.

The black and white C logo glowed brightly on the opening screen. It always appeared at this moment, much to Peppers frustration. It started it fade. At last it was time for Pepper and Carrot to enter the scene. Those with the logo Pepper and Carrot below their portrait. Both Pepper and Carrot had large gleaming their smiles. Both had shining white teeth - with Carrots being extra sharp. The two held their pose at the scene contained. Next a range of stages would be setup. There were several choices. Peppers home. inside. bedroom. cauldron. kormoda city. markets. shops. orphanage. contest stadium. heIt was random what scene was going to happen. It could be any of the choices - it depended on the scene. The whole show was improve. Live actors with rough scripts - or guidelines. Nothing was truly planned and the actors were encouraged to develop new story. The actress that played Pepper was recently replaced. There had been a terrible accident and the actress had died. Whenever a actor dies they need to be replaced. Sometimes it can be hard to find a new actor. this time it was easy. The company advertised the job on various actor message replied - and got dozens of replies from young ladies (and a few men) that believed they would make a perfect Pepper actor. The interviews took time. Those that had a high and low chance of the job were moved into the next process with all the middle thrown out.

She had travelled with her Mother to the audition. They wanted to do it for the experience, nothing else. It was a nice Mother and daughter activity to do. Audition for a television show. The company had thought about using lookalikes for the actors but the detail wasn't precise enough. They needed exact clones. The company had been experimenting with cloning but it had been a failure. The funded was keeping the research alive. Scientists were able to study the process and release the results under a open licensed document. In the entrance foyer to the school a TV glared with sports playing. The sports were muted with light background music being played in the background. It wasn't too loud and allowed people to hear each other and not boring as silence. There were options. Music pauses when someone speaker. This was popular amongst many. "GET OUT OF THE WAY", being yelled would be heard as the elevator jazz would be paused and the booming voice would injected. There was a global channel that people were in - off this were various alternative channels. The system was built on the music genooue project. The engine and data was open sourced and received a boost of contributes. At first they thought the project was going to fail but it was boosted to full health when the transition to open source occurred.

The most merciful8 is the inability of the mind to correlate all its contents. Living on a placid island of ignorance in the midst's of black seas of infinity. This was not meant to voyage far. Sciences have hitherto harmed little piecing together dissociated knowledge will open up terrifying vistas of reality and frightful position stays. Go or flee to safety of new dark age. Grandeur of the cosmic cycle. where worlds form transient incidents. freeze the blood if not masked by a bland optimism. Titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths. Dripping with green ooze and sinister with latent horror. chaotic sensation attempted to render by the almost unpronounceable jumpily of letters. Hybrid spawn were braying, bellowing, and writhing about a monstrous ring-shaped bonfire. In the centre stood a great granite monolith, of top of that a noxious cavern statuette. flame-grit monolith. Bodies of helpless squatters.

No idea where this is going. Almost April so Camp NanoWriMo begins. Goal is 35,000 rough draft childrens/young adult novel. Idea was to work on Pepper and Carrot themed novel. Warming up with writing about them in March. Take the works written in March and have a goal of 50,000 words - 15,000 words from the month of March. Have activies and plans for helping generate novel. Read webcomic. Write about whats happening in the panels that you believe are most important. Free to test as many different writing styles as posible.

Main character of the story is a 14 year old witch named Pepper. She owns a cat called Carrot. He is a fluffy orange coloured cat. The novel begins when Pepper arrives at the witches orphanage in Squirals End. She is dropped off at the house with a suitcase, a orb, and her cat - Carrot. As she walks to the front door she can see the magic moving around her. This area of Hevena was hit hard by the nector. It changed stuff. Made everything better. stronger. more productive. happier. a pig.

The novel followed Pepper and Carrot through training to become a fully qua;ified witch. One of the subjects that Pepper studies is copyright. She does this through reading about creative commons and applying the licence to some content she makes. This is not a historic fiction. This is not a science fiction. This is not a fantasy novel. Lets make stuff creatives commons. How to do it? Get the words. Get the image. Include this on any work under a creative commons licence. Use a licence generator.

Pepper was the choosen witch of chaorsa. Decides to not fulfill a destiny, but instead is smart and resourceful. She is an orphan. This novel is a trilogy. Write Pepper and Carrot in a range of different genres. Crime, Mystery, Romance, thriller, horror, science fiction, historic fiction. coming-of-age story. Adult reader that have trouble buying into a magic system. Story that explores the character with a little magic in the background. If story straddles between literary and fantasy, capture this audience. Why does the magic system work how it does? How did it come about? These are questions that will be touched on. First book is the first two year of Pepper at the orphange. Second book is third and fourth. Third and final book is her sixth year and life.

This is a story about a girl named Pepper. She had recently become a orphan and had arrived at the orphanage with all the other orphan children. Life was horrible. Food was rare. The water was dirty. People were dying the city. Famine had spread. The crops at the farms in Squrrials End were dead. The animals disease ridden and sick. Infections spread amongst the cities. It couldn't be controled. It spread till life was scarse. It was foretold that a witch would rise and become a True Witch of Chaoseha - cure and purge the evil and sickness. Strike down with holy vengence. Praise the lord. The yell echoed the Church room.

"Talk like that could get you killed", Pepper spoke. The other Witchs mouth quivered. Pepper had shut her up. The troops needed to be kept in place. Otherwise they would have no rules and wont do what is asked of them. Churches had been outlawed by the council. They saw them as a threat. The church that Pepper and Saffron were standing in was one of the last remainding churches. If the council discovered the church they would burn it down. It would make headline news if it did. It had been almost ten years since the last church was burnt down. The footage was always shown with the tunes the tiger lillies start a fire playing. This footage was played on repeat on some channels till today. Other mainstream channels play it during the adbreak. The footage of the church burning is followed by selfie images of Jesus Christ being killed. A selfie stick was placed above him and people could pay to get a photo (or five) with the dying man.

With the advancment of the witches spells and potions crypto had become useless as spells would be able to attack the code. Through reverse engineering the work could be cracked. This caused panic. Packets could be encrupt and private keys forged. It was unspeakable of the harm it could do. That's why the war happened. It was a bunch of witches fighting over zeros and ones. The security of the Hevena people. From those farmers in Squrriels End to those rich merchants and bakery owners. Guilt sank in Saffrons face. Of the floating city of Komarha. The annoucment continued. "ALL WITCHES REPORT TO YOUR CELL LEADER", the announcment voice boome. The quality of the speakers were not high. The prison had forbitt the use of audio packages - giving the excuse that it was a security threat. No one had ever successfully escaped from the prison. Since the uproar the prison had been turned into a camp for witches. Somewhere the council were able to lock them away. Those that attempted to escape where killed, along with anyone that may of assisted them in their escape. When being torched they were asked to name and kill those that helped them escape. The one that attempted to escape was killed in the end- after much pain. Life was not good for the witches. The portal between the magical world of Hevena and Earth had been open - both people and animals from each world entered the others world. On Earth the Witches were treated like the devil and burnt to death. Ther was no nice policy. Those waiting to be burnt lived in the prison camps. Here they were forced to work and create goods that was then sold by the concil at high price with little of the profits given back to the prisoneer. Some considered it slavee labour. Groups around the world were in support of the witches and several humans were caught attempting to enter a witch prison camp. They weere unsuccessful.

The witch conquered the Hevena and tyrannically ruled over the world after the fall of the King. Ebchanced weapons that caused those that used them to cut their own bodies. wolves, crows, black bees, monkey.