The axe slipped and of off his left leg. The Witch made a new leg out of tin. The leg worked well once the man adjusted. Again the axe slipped and the mans right leg was chopped off. The Witch made another leg out of tin. The echanted axe cut off the mans arms. The witch made the man new arms from tin. The head was the next to be removed by the the enchanted axe. The Witch was able to fix that with a tin head. The man thought he had beaten the council. The axe sliped again and cut the tinman in half. The Witch created a body from tin. The Tinman was missing his heart. His entire body had been replaced by circuit boards. A network of servers talking to each other. The result is a humanold robot automonus. The man lost all his love for the girl.

body shone brightly in the sun. Did not matter now if axe slipped. Could not cut him. Only one danger - that his joints would rust. Kept an oil can in his cottage and took care to oil change him whever needed. A day when he forgot to this. Caught in a rainstorm. Joints rusted rapidy in the wet weather. Stood in the same spot for a year. Until the traveling group had rescured him. The Tinman decided to join the traveling group and seek out a new heart. Perhaps then he will love the girl. What most worried Pepper was that her breaad was nearly gone, and another meal for herself and Carrot would empty the basket. She could not live unless fed. Pepper and her companions had been walking through tick woods. The road was still paved with brick, but these were covered by dried branches and dead leaves. The walking surface was uneven. There were few birds in the area of the forest. The birds loved open country where there is plenty of sunshine. A deep growl was heard from a wild animal hidden among the trees. These sounds made Peppers heart beat fast, for she did not know what they were. Carrot knew, walking close to Pepper. "How long will it be," Pepper asked of the Tin Woodman, "before we are out of Squrrials End?"

"I cannot tell," Tin andwered, "for I have never been to the city of Kormona. But my father went there once, when I was a boy, and he said it was a long journey through a dangerous country, although nearer to the city where he dwells the country is so beautiful. But I am not afraid so long as I have my oil-can, and nothing can hurt the other, while you bear upon your forhead the mark of the The True Witch of Chaosa's kiss, and that will protect you from harm".

"He is my cat, Carrot," answered Pepper.

"Is is made of tin, or stuffed?" the bearded man asked.

"Neither. He's a--a--a meat dog," said Pepper. "Oh! He's a curious animal and seems remarkable small, now that I look at him. No one would think of hurting it, except a corward like me," continued the man

"What makes you a coward"? asked Pepper, looking at the giant man in wonder, for he was as big as a small horse.

"It's a mystery," replied the man. "I suppose I was born that way. All the others in the forest naturally expect me to be brave. If I yelled loudly everythng living would be frightened and move out of the way. Whenever I've met someone and I've been awfully scared. Just a yell and the person runs away. Of course I let them escape".

"But that isn't right. You shouldm't be a coward" said Pepper.

"I know it", returned the man, wiping a tear from his eye with the tip of his tail. "Itis my great sorrow, and makes my life very unhappy".

Pepper had enough writing for the day. She had reached for word count for the day. Her project was part of the copyright paper she was taking. It invoved the task on using material either in public domain or creative commons, remixing the content and sharing the new material created. Pepper decided to write a novel for her project. She merged together a range of materal - beginning with the Pepper&Carrot webcomics by authorname, creative commons resources, the wizard of oz. By using a range of material content would be easy to write. By sampling a range of content the work is already done. It's just about merging it togther.

On the riverbanj a tree full of fine fruit. This pleased Pepper, who had eaten nothing but nuts all day, and she made a hearty meal of the ripe fruit.

Pepper awoke from her long sleep and opened her eyes. She was greatly astonished to find herself lying upon the grass, with thousands of mice standing arpnd and looking at her timily. But the Scarecrow tod her about everything, and turning to the dignified little Mouse, he said: "ermit me to introduce you her Majesty, the Queen."

Pepper nodded gravely and the Queen made a cursty, after which she beame quite friendly with the little girl.

The mice were fasten to the truck. All mice had been harnessed, they were able to pull it eaily. They could sit on it and were drawn swiftly by their horses to where the man lay asleep.

After a great deal of hard work, for the man was heavy they manage to get him up on the truck.

Pepper needed a break. She was 39% through The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It's an excellent written book. It's been fun for her to mix the worlds of Wizard of Oz and Pepper&Carrot together. This was only posible because of public domain and creative commons. As a learning resource go take a book or 2 and remix them into a new, unique novel. Look at joining some online writing group. Even better join a local one then connect with those online. Regular meetups

"If you ever need us again," she said, "come out into the field and call, and we shall hear you and come to your assistance. Good-bye!

"Good-bye!" they all answered, and aay the Queen rran, while Pepper held Carrot tightly lest he should run after her and frighten her.

Crow brought Pepper some fruit from a tree near by, which she ate for her dinner.

"I have always though myself very big and terrible; yet as such little things as flowers came near to killing me, and such small animals as micee have saved my life. How strange it all is! But, compades, what shall we do now?

"WWe must journey on until we find the road of brick again," said Pepper, "and then we can keep on to Kormona."

The Warrior being fully refreshe, and feeling quite like himself again, they started upon the journet.

"I want him to give me some brains," said Crow eagerlyl.

"Oh, company could do that easily enough," declared the man. "He has more brains than he needs."

"And I want him to give me a heart," said Tin.

Everyone had they requests for what they wanted. Pepper character wants to return home. Man wants courage. Tin wants heart. Crow wants Pepper just wants to finish highschool. This is just a story of her project. Mix the subjects around. Has to attend a conference and speak. Can be lightning talk. Slides must be used. Recommend 1 slide per minute talk. Q and A is fine, maybe even doing the whole talk in a Q&A setting.

What has been writen in March serves as a prologue. For the month of April the aim is for 50,000 words. The event is Camp NaNoWriMo. This will be 1,667 words per day. There is no planning ahead on the novel. The only planning was a title. It started as peppercarrot then changed to peppercarrotcopyright. I had though of peppercarrotdeath. Then again, it is a trilogy.

Pepper, Carrot, Crow, Tin, Man are the traveling party in the novel that pepper is writing. Pepper, Carrot and Cumin are the characters traveling snow. Each version of Pepper studies something different. Reader is given the info that Pepper learns.

What is the outcome in the end of the first book? 2nd? third? Made to thin it is going to be normal story pace but then novel 'changes'. How does this change happen? Can it be done without being lame?

The protaginst is 14 years old therefore it is a young adult novel. More resolution takes place than a adult novel. Shift the lens.

Orbs. Now only 35 gold. With a built in 3d touch display the new single board quad core computers were selling like hotcakes. Ever child in Hevena and their father wanted one of these devices. It was running a custom build of the Debian Linux ARM system. Loading it with a free operating system meant that it was able to be sold cheaper. The company behind the orb was a non-profit based in the UK. One of the founders noticed a lack of university enterence students with computer skills. The Orb was created as an education tool. A way of getting people intereste in computers and getting them to create stuff rather than just consume. The orb was made to be tinkered with. People were encrourged to build new and exciting creations with it.

Death was interested in the orb. He didn't get time off often but when he did he enjoyed playing video games or watching movies with his orb. He hadn't tinkered with the system and built something unique. Death had always wanted to tinker with systems but the education was poor when he was in school. It wasn't the teachers fault. Technology was moving so quickly they needed indrustyleaders to teach the teachers, then the teachers teach the children. "I'm not sure if this is going to work. It is worth a go" said Death. An orb machine had broken. it had been overclocked and the processer heated up. This didn't matter, you could just buy a new orb and place the SD card into the new orb. Sometimes the SD cards failed. It was easy to keep a backup of them. Post companies also offered services of backup methods. Able to withdraw private and public keys via ATM.

A volunteer from Creative Commons Hevena came to Peppers Orphanage in Squrrials End to speak to all the teachers in the area. The Witches Instrutue of Education had bunddled together teachers from various schools that were interested in licensing and getting Creative Commons policys into schools. Oh that's what this novel will be called. Creative Commons in Schools. It will tell of a journey of copyright infringment to sharing, remixing, and adapting of works. Teachers around Hevena would no longer break copyright by sharing the resources they are creating. The copyright belongs to the board of trustess.

The Witches squeezed into the orphange conference room. It could fit around 800 souls. The place was packed. Several Witches were flying on their broomsticks - unable to decided where to sit. Several decided to stay perched upon their brooms. This made it hard for those in a seat to see. The speaker was introduced and walked out on stage. Their slides appeared. They spoke clearly and confidently about the subject. They were in fact terrified but it didn't show. Never had they spoken in front of this many people. So many well educated and able to sense any fault. The crowd went wild with laughter and aookiuse,

Learning about Creative Commons build digital citizenship. Founded by fellas. that wanted to see an altenative to copyright. It's not even tested. Copyright hasn't been around for long. It was created in a attempt to protect creations that people make. Has big Stop you may not use this sign, People go crazy over it. They love it. They thrive on it.