Today is the final day of March. Tomorrow will be April. For the final day of March I thought I might write a synopsis of the novel I am planning to write in April as part of CampNaNoWriMo.

Set in the magical world of Hereva. Magic system or "Chaos and Evolutions". Follows the six main magic schools:

Chaosah. The house of time, gravity, nuclear effects and underground divine forces. Chaosah magic flows and controls all of the magic on Hereva. Practitioners ten to work in closed quarters and are loathe to share their magical secrets. Value practical magic over flashy displays. Alter the shape and size of living beings. Open up portals into worlds outside of Hereva. No official schools, preferring instead to use their own recruiting methods.

Kielbasha (previously known as Magmah). Considered a major school of magic. The house of cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying, steaming, toasting. House of alchemy and rare metals. Adepts use a blend of Hippiah and Kielbasha magic to create dishes. Create strong material for other magical schools. Most notable is Zombiah which uses these materials for their animating purposes. Kielbasha is part of daily life on Hereva. Do good by teaching a diluted form of their magic to the people of Hereva. Hold occasional contest for determining who had best mastered the techniques of Kielbasah. Those that pass are considered for deeper studies.


Pepper. Main character and protagonist. Aged 14. Dark brunette hair. Slim figure. Female. Lives in Squirrels End. Studies magic law. Inner paradox between trying to understand the mysteries of Chaosah and accepting whats already there. Particles, galaxies, black-holes, total;-mess, deconstruction, emptiness, fullness, infinity, paradox. She is an orphan. Educated in Squirrels End orphanage

Carrot. Male ginger cat. Always with pepper. curious, looks for fun and entertainment

Saffron. Antagonist. Blonde, female, aged 14. Learning house of magic Kielbashah. Wants to be rich and famous, Urban, metal, gems, forge, glass, mirrors, shining, rocks, caves. Creates a potion of Poshness. Wants to be best witch and restore name of her school to Magmah.

Truffel. Saffrons cat. white angora.

Shichimi. Female aged 14.

Yuzu. Double tailed cat of Shichimi.

Cumin. Witch in her sixties. round figure. witch of chosah. teacher of potions for pepper.

Thyme. Oldest of the witches - in her 100s. Leader of the group. Short and thin.

Caynenne. Tall and skinny. Dark black hair. Spell tutor for Pepper. Yougest - in her 50s.

Mayor of Kormona. Big build eldely man. gray hair, mistage. Wear suits.


War between the magic houses. Seed that grows the great tree and city of komona rises from the ground. counci of ah get peace treaty signed. pepper (baby) is last remaining chaosah witch. Sent to Squirrels End to receive training.

Book follows events of teenager Pepper and cat Carrot. web comic senerials web comic as reference wite what is happening.

Learning digital citizenship is one of the classes Pepper takes. Learns about Copyright and Creative Common licences. As part of the assignment Pepper writes a novel. Part of the NanoWriMo comp. Goal is 50,000 words. Uses social media to motivate herself.

Takes Creative Commons and public domain material and adapts it into her novel. Follows word prompts to help her story progress. She is writing her novel in first person.

Pepper makes genius potion which is then thrown away. Ants are affected by potion and learn advance math.

Peppers first year of witches school. Learn basics of spells and potions. Able to specialise later into areas. Creates her first portal and summons three demons through the portals. Learns about creating portal to Earth world where humans live. Tasked with getting ride of old potions - summons a portal that sucks up the potions. Fails and the potions are returned. Contents are sprayed everywhere. Attends potion contest along the a couple of her witch friends and Saffron. Wins contest. Goes on holiday to sunny island. Gets eaten by giant fish. Carrot claws way out of fish. Attends sleep over at friend witch place. Playing board games where girls are fighting way though indeed cathegeal. Carrot interrupts game by biting end boss, picking toy up in mouth.

Cumin teaches Pepper potions, have her fetch Dragon's Tooth. Pepper attempts to get teeth from hunting down various dragons. Fails and decided to open a dragon dentist - offering free removal of teeth for dragons. Cumin tells Pepper the tooth is a plant.

Potions contest. First potion wakes dead bird. 2nd potion turns bird posh. 3rd potion turns bird giant. Squashes crown. People flee. 4th potion scares giant bird away.

Peppers birthday. Decides to invite witches she met at potions contest. They show up but are caught by Peppers security. Pepper annoyed potion contest witches didn't show. Summons demons and has party with them. Discovers other witches trapped. Releases. They annoyed with Pepper. Animals decide to become sick. Pepper saves them. Hair, fur loss is side effect.

Pepper and Carrot follow Thyme to cave where she uses orb to browse web sites. Looking at questionable content - erotic. Pepper and Carrot switch it to unicorn endless runner video game. Blue screen of death. Spider enters. Gets game working for Pepper again. Pepper and Carrot follow spider to computer room.

Assignment to frighten human. Room Pepper enters Pince sleeping. Falls in love. Attempt to kiss. Prince switches to Thyme. Fail.

Praise the Lord for they have sinned. God strike down on these men today who distise with your teaching.

The monks stood round the girl. Their eyes were fixed. All of these monks had never seen a woman before. When they were born they were taken away from their Mother and trained/served lives in priesthood. They were raised by monks. Only males were allowed in the village. The guards were strick. Any woman entering the town would be killed. None had succeeded till then.

Today they are going to build a church. The last one burnt down. The people need a church.

During the war many people are captured and forced to work in camps

Get high with a little help from my friends.

I am Death, destroyer of worlds.