Tonight i am testing my tablet with some writing. This tablet is old but seens to work ok. One problem I have with it is that I have been unable to download. I just ssaved it incase I lose my work. That is not going to happen is it? This november there is going to be a worldwide writing challange - nanowrite. It involves writing 50,000 words in a month. 2014 was the first year that I attempted the challange. I managed 8,000 works or so.

Ideas for the book this year:

Autobio - write about my life so far.

RedditGetsDrawn - write about redditgets drawn. A day in the life of it will be mine. ppo queem of peace always does it berrerc :-)

The Letter

Linus mouth dropped. The patch that he had applied had broken namespace. He threw his monitor to the ground in anger and stormed out the room. 'Zombies steps', Linus spoke as he demostrated his walking desk. To his left was an old desk. Harddrives and wires skattted the desk. 'That's my old desk' - he pointed towards the desk. 'The walking desk is better for my back'. He steared at a sleak 23 inch monitor as he moved his legs. Typing he replied to an email. Matthew has forked the kernal. To add BSD style securename. Linus welcomed the idea. He only care about two things. Technology and the kernal. Cheers erupted from the crowd. Fingers twitched as people updated their social media networks with the news.

The camera man switched the stream to a portrait of Linus. A smug grin covered his face. The claps from the crowd quietened. The hashtag imwithlinus started on the networks. BroBeur had already picked up on the tag and switched the script to start tweeting about it. It sent a tweet every 160 seconds of a subreddit that is found by searching from a list of subreddits. A random subreddit is picked each time. The operating system saves the subreddit post title as a filename plus html file. Nikola is used to build the site. The files are moved from the post folder into output. Files are uneffected.

The bluetooth device had used all its power up and he needed to switch to an onscreen